WEB POSTED 07-02-2002

Although, I’m no expert on the history of sports, I don’t recall a weekend so filled with major sporting events such as this one (June 7th through the 9th). As I write this article, upcoming is the Lewis-Tyson heavyweight championship fight; the finals of the National Basketball Association and the finals of the National Hockey League; a chance for a horse to become the first triple crown winner in 24 years; a tennis grand Slam; and of course the World Cup games.

I read in one newspaper that about 600 reporters from all over the earth are to attend the Lewis-Tyson fight.

The most basic purpose in these sporting events is not so much to be competitive. That’s almost never the real purpose in such events. It’s to beat, defeat, win against, even to crush, blast, devastate, pound or smash the opponent, the adversary, or the other. It’s about gaining or winning at the expense of the other. The winners will be glad. The losers will be sad.

This is not to say that there is no value in sports. But, how do these sporting events fit into the purpose of man’s creation and the events constantly taking place throughout the vastness of the universe? Many would say, who cares?

We all should care, for we now live in the time of the ultimate contest. It’s called Armageddon. The winner rules throughout all of eternity. The loser will ultimately be extinguished. And, right now, most of us are on the losing side.

The Holy Qur’an emphasizes that Allah (God) created the heavens and the earth for a serious purpose—not for sport and play. What is that purpose? How does the answer relate to the place of the human being in the universe?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad answered these and other such questions. However, the majority rejected his teachings. Now, by the power of Allah, these answers are being given again by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Minister Farrakhan’s spiritual teachings, under the ongoing guidance and backing of Allah (God) and The Messiah, continues to build on the base left by his teacher, for the understanding of how the physical universe works; for as his teacher taught, everything outside of us came from within us—including, of course, the forces which govern that which is outside of ourselves.

The smallest known objects known to the scientists of this world in the universe are called protons, neutrons and electrons and there are others even smaller. Then there are the forces that hold them together or make them come apart. These scientists teach that there are four forces that “contain” all of the other forces, without which nothing happens. The understanding of these forces accounts for or “explains” the actions of everything.

These particles and these forces are inseparable and make up these tiny particles that make up this newspaper, as well as yourself, all of the people who have ever lived, who are alive now, or ever will live; all of the plants, insects, and animal life; all of the rocks and, in short, everything that makes up the earth, other planets, everything in the solar system and everything beyond it—the stars, etc.

The scientists teach that four forces govern everything and are called: gravity; the strong force; the electromagnetic force and the weak force. It is not a waste of time to look into this. For example, the strong force holds the nucleus of every atom together. The scientist states that it’s the strongest force in the universe. Is it?

The scientists have and are now striving to get to the ultimate source of these forces. Many of them believe that if they go to this source, they would be in the position to understand and therefore control and rule the universe.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and now Minister Farrakhan, have humbly, but with total conviction, presented the truth of this ultimate source, which is what the scientists of this world seek to understand. Everyone will come to see that this is true.

The Author of the Holy Qur’an clearly states that it contains the explanation of all things. Millions and even billions of people have studied that beautiful book. But how many have the explanation of all things from studying it?

Nevertheless, I quoted the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s words to me from This Is The One, page 127, wherein he stated: “The Holy Qur’an is filled with roots of our testimony.” He proved it.

Hopefully, we’ll see in Minister Farrakhan’s wisdom that which can enable us to do better than we have by Allah’s (God’s) truths.


College catalogues provide very brief sketches of the courses that these schools offer. They also contain the name of the instructor and the times when the classes are to be attended. With this in mind, consider these words of Minister Farrakhan’s teacher:

“Master Fard Muhammad aims to raise the Lost-Found (so-called Negro) into the knowledge and wisdom—the very ideas—of the Gods of the past.”

(We’ve been introduced to and are being raised by the intelligent use of His wisdom, by His guidance of the two men, through whom His wisdom has and is being taught—the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan.)

“He also aims, presently, to raise His people into His own ideas, in Himself, that the scriptures may be fulfilled: that those to whom He reveals Himself become the sons (and the daughters) of God … sons and daughters in the wisdom of God.”

(As was his teacher before him, Minister Farrakhan was introduced to this; and so are those who follow Minister Farrakhan.)

“He aims not only to reveal His ideas for the present creation of the universe, but also to give to man the nature and the creative wisdom to produce creative ideas as The Father of Civilization.

“This is what was prophesied: that God would make man like Himself. He aims to make The Nation of Righteousness, who will rule in the Hereafter, with the potential knowledge of producing and bringing into action, or existence, that which He has been able to produce. We call this “ideas.” He aims to make each one into a God.”

This wisdom is soon to come, although the Honorable Elijah Muhammad once told me that in this present teaching one could all but become a god/goddess. In fact, his exact words to me were, “In fact about it Brother, you can all but become a god yourself in this teaching.” Of course, he was speaking of those who would seriously study and practice his teachings, under divine guidance.

Hopefully, it will become clearer, as we study Minister Farrakhan’s upcoming words, the deeper reasons whyhe works so hard to clear us from toxic, poisonous, disease-producing thinking and emotions. He does this 24/7, that we may graduate from the kindergarten of Allah’s (God’s) wisdom and get into the next stage, if we are to fulfill our destiny.

Furthermore, I believe we’ll better appreciate the above quoted words, of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which appears on page 128 of This Is The One, Third Edition, after we conclude the May 1st interview of Minister Farrakhan, which begins next article, Allah willing.