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Address at the Millions March in Harlem

[Editor’s note: The following article contains excerpts from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s keynote address delivered on Saturday, August 13, 2011 during the Millions March in Harlem organized by the December 12th Movement in protest of the U.S./NATO bombing of Libya and Western powers’ re-colonization efforts for the African continent.]

The greatest gift that we could have at a time like this is Guidance and Warning. “Guidance” is more precious than money, because if you have money and no guidance, you don’t know what to do with what you have. And if you have guidance and no money, good guidance will help you to get what you need to get through. So the most precious gift to any government and people today is Right Guidance.


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When people are conflicted, where their own personal fears, their personal needs, cause them to mix truth with falsehood, or not speak straight words to those in power, and even to their own people, then those kinds of persons who think more for their own personal security than for the good of a people and a nation and a world: These are enemies masquerading as friends.


It’s going to take strength today, in leadership, to not hide truth; nor mix truth up with falsehood. Don’t seek positions in a government that’s coming down, and then “butter up” truth to advance yourself among a people whose time has come to an end. We must speak truth to power, or die! We must not be afraid to tell the truth, even if it means we lose our lives, because there is nothing more precious in this universe than truth! The Qur’an says Allah (God) created the heavens and the earth with Truth, and the Bible teaches He created the heavens and the earth with Wisdom. So our lives are based in Truth, and if we live for the Truth and die for the Truth, we never “die” because you can never kill the Truth.

If our leaders will not tell us, and guide us properly, then they’re going down, and they’ll take us down with them. This is why the Bible [teaches], “If the blind lead the blind, both fall in the ditch,” and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said “the ditch” represents “hell”; “destruction.” And right now, as a people, we’re in hell, and we are being destroyed; and there are forces that are planning our destruction.

An attack on Gadhafi is an attack on Africa’s development

What is going on from the United Nations and NATO against Muammar Gadhafi and the Libyan people is, really, an attack on Africa. Our Sister Viola Plummer, and the December 12th Movement, and all of the wonderful speakers are here because we see a move to re-colonize Africa. There is a force, or forces, that want to destroy the future of Africa; that our future will also be destroyed in the destruction of the future of Africa.

China is becoming a world power that America and others are fearing. Well, if you’re Chinese in America, the rise of China mainland gives Chinese Americans feelings of strength, feelings of courage and pride. So when Africa rises, when Africa shows the world what she can do and contribute to the onward movement of world civilization; when Africa takes her rightful place, all Africans in the Diaspora—nearly 500 million of us—will rise in every society where we are! So the threat to Africa is a threat to every son and daughter of Africa wherever we may be found on this planet.

Tell me something, brothers and sisters: Why would America want him (Muammar Gadhafi) dead so bad that they would use the power of their military and the military of NATO, and destroy this man’s country? Bombing his infrastructure, destroying his communications, destroying the Man-Made River Project; doing everything they can to destroy the infrastructure of the country, then rob him. America and the West took advantage of their power to strip $30 billion from frozen Libyan assets and offer it to an illegitimate government that they set up, a “puppet regime,” to do the bidding of America and the West and not true service to the Libyan people.

What is it about Gadhafi that they are conspiring to do this to him? Now, he’s a very unusual brother; let me tell you why I believe they want him dead. But, we don’t need to just look over there, because you’ll soon see: If they can’t shut my mouth, which they can’t; and if it appears that you are awakening from the sound of the Truth from our lips, then they will want to silence us as well.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks Aug. 13 at Millions March in Harlem, where crowds assembled for gathering opposed to war on Libya, re-colonization of Africa and mistreatment of Blacks in America. Protesters carried signs calling for changes in U.S. foreign and domestic policy and enthusiastically embraced the Minister’s message.


I say to the government of the United States as the prophets of old said to The Wicked of their day: Come against me with all that you have, and give me no respite! And in the end, I will be standing because I’m standing with Allah, and Allah is standing with me! I’m calling them out! See, if God is Real, and we believe and know He is, then who are they in their wicked planning against The Power and Wisdom of God? But if you don’t believe, or half believe, then you will fear what they have the visible power to do. But I know that they don’t have what you think they have, and what they’ve deceived themselves into thinking that they have.

Allah is sufficient for The Believer. So those of you who want to lead our people: If you say you believe in God, or Christ, then demonstrate that by fearless, uncompromising, unwavering steadfastness in the Pursuit of Justice, Freedom and Equality. Otherwise, you should sit down, and get out of the way for those of us who know God will lead this struggle! And we are the overcomers, believe it, or let it alone!


When they didn’t kill Muammar Gadhafi at first, they put very harsh sanctions on Libya. … And during 10 years of sanctions, he continued to build. He had a Man-Made River Project: $33 billion of Libyan oil money bringing water from the Sahara Desert up to the surface so that the people of Benghazi who are fighting him now, and Tobruk, all of the way to the, near the border of Tunisia, could have water. And you could see green, now, in the desert that was brown and sandy, because Gadhafi wanted his people to be agriculturally free from the domination of Europe and their food products.

He also built houses during that 10-year period of sanctions for all his people. Nobody in Libya is homeless; nobody in Libya is living under bridges. Nobody in Libya has to fight for health insurance. Every Libyan has free medical attention in the hospitals and clinics of Libya that have the finest health care facilities in the third world. All Libyans have automobiles that the government gives them. And the very people that revolted in Benghazi, if you listen to the news it said they were lawyers, they were doctors, they were engineers. Who educated them? It was Muammar Gadhafi who educated his people. They have free education in Libya; and anywhere that they want to study in the world: They go to America, to Europe, they get their courses paid for, and they get a stipend from their government! He educates his people to bring them home, to serve Libya, to serve Africa, and to serve the world. This is the Gadhafi they want to kill.

And this is the reason for their real hatred of this man: He set $70 billion in an African Development Bank, in the city of Sirte, so that Africa would never have to go to the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank to borrow money at high interest rates. Being a Muslim, we do not believe in “usury,” so Muammar Gadhafi had $70 billion set aside for African Development at no interest! This is a leader doing that for his own people and for Africa, while America and The West are sucking the blood of every nation, including your blood!

Gadhafi has championed the idea of building railroads and infrastructure in Africa. He set up a African satellite, where Libya paid $400 million, and the other African nations put up $100 million. Whenever we would call to Africa, we would have to go by Europe to get to Africa; that gave Europe $500 million a year of your money. Now that the satellite is up, we talk direct to Africa, cutting out Europe. Europe lost $500 million last year when our satellite went up.

Gadhafi is dangerous to Western hegemony! He’s dangerous to imperialists! He’s dangerous to monopolists! He’s dangerous to the Western Oligarchy that wants to suck the resources of the world to a small group of International Bankers and Thieves. Let me tell you what else he did: When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was among us, he saw that Africa produced tremendous iron ore. The iron ore would be shipped out of Africa to Europe. Europe would take the iron ore, turn it into steel, and send back products to Africa at exorbitant prices. Now Muammar Gadhafi says: “Africa, you’ve got to stop sending your raw materials to Europe. Take your raw materials and make the product that you desire. Then put your product on the world market, and keep the profit for Africa!” This is a dangerous man! And he’s so dangerous that they feel he must be destroyed. So now the killing his son, his grandchildren; the constant bombing…

Resolution 1973 did not call for “regime change.” It did not call for the “assassination of a leader.” It did not call for “bombings, killing and maiming of men, women and children.” It did not call for the “robbery of the nation’s economy and subsistence.” And it did not call for the “destruction of the infrastructure of Libya.” They set up puppet governments; and they legitimized factions, or groups of rebels that would serve the objectives of the attacking nations under the noble cause of “protecting the people”—all this while bombing and wasting the land and lives of the people that America claims to be so concerned about.

The Enemy only promises to deceive

As I said in my June 15, 2011 Press Conference at the United Nations hotel, “Suppose he survives? What will you do then?” Now he’s surviving, right? They’re going to have to deal with Brother! So if he has to rebuild his own infrastructure with what money he’s got left, that means he will have no money to further The Cause of African productivity.

And if Gadhafi wins, who will bring NATO before the International Criminal Court, and make them pay for the destruction that they have caused in Libya? Now that they’ve lost in killing him, they are sending representatives to African governments, petitioning them to close down Libyan embassies in their country, throw out legitimate representation of Libya, and put into those places some of the rebels who do not have the support of the Libyan people.

Africa: I’ve got to talk to you, because some of you are strong, and some of you are very weak. I thank President Jacob Zuma of South Africa for your strong stand. I thank Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, and others. But the African governments must not accept the false promise of America, that if you put the legitimate ambassadors of the legitimate government of Libya out, that they’ll give you “this,” they’ll give you “that.”

See, this man promises only to deceive—ask us about that! The Black man and woman in America are the deceived. After we built the country, he promised us 40 acres and a mule. We never got the “40 acres.” We never got the “mule.” He promised us “civil rights,” and then moved to take it away. He promised us “voting rights”; and when we put a strong Black man in power, they use skill and deception to destroy strong, Black political leadership!

Africa: What have they promised you, that they delivered on their promise? So if you trust their empty promises, you deserve the hell that you get, because they are liars, and deceivers! As the Holy Qur’an says, “When the matter is decided, the devil will say, ‘Allah promised you a promise of truth, and I promised you, then failed you. And I had no authority over you except that I called you, and you obeyed me. So blame me not, but blame yourselves. I deny your associating me with Allah before.’” When Allah promises, He fulfills His Promise. When The Enemy promises, he promises only to deceive.

So Africa, tell Hillary Clinton, and all her representatives that come to you: “Go to hell!”—and drive them out of Africa! They think you’re the same lackey, the same flunky, the same Uncle Tom that some of your predecessors were. Show them that you found testicular fortitude, and you didn’t find it in the bargain basement at Wal-Mart! Tell them: “Not today!”

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