Sharing a single mind – The tie that binds Min. Farrakhan and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad

WEB POSTED 1-1-2000

Sharing a single mind – 
The tie that binds Min. Farrakhan and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad

One day, before he went to Master Fard Muhammad, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke these words to his National Representative, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan:

“I want your mind. I want you to line your mind up with my mind, that there will be one mind.”

It’s clear that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was speaking of a future spiritual union between himself and Minister Farrakhan that would be even closer than it was at that time. He was looking forward to a time, in the future, when this process would be complete.

The accomplishment of this process-among other factors-would have to include a series of voluntary acts of the will power of Minister Farrakhan, over a sustained period of time, born of deep love, in order for the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to be fulfilled.

What does it mean to want the mind of another? How do you really get the mind of another? What does it mean for at least two persons to come so close to each other that their minds become one mind?

How was his use of Minister Farrakhan’s mind going to affect others-including you?

Let’s remember, that at the end of telling Minister Farrakhan, for the third time, of his great value to him—that he was worth more to him than all of the wealth that was/is in the earth—he told Minister Farrakhan that it would be through him that he would get all of his people. What kind of value did he see in his people-especially you?

Some are placing an ignorant meaning on his saying that through Minister Farrakhan he would get all of his people. Among their arguments are that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was too weak to do the job of raising Black people himself.

The truth is that he is accomplishing his objective, of getting all of his people through Minister Farrakhan. What he is now accomplishing, through Minister Farrakhan, demonstrates his stupendous wisdom and power, in addition to the heights or depths of his love for us, others, and his compassion for still others. His work through Minister Farrakhan, and otherwise, shows that he has been given power over the nations, as it was written.

To say that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was admitting weakness in saying to Minister Farrakhan that through him he would “get all of his people,” is something like saying that Allah is weak because He has gotten to the people by means of His prophets.

Does the Bible and the Holy Qur’an teach us that Allah gave Aaron to Moses from weakness on either His part or on the part of Moses? No! The proper understanding of the ways of God—especially with us today—shows us His wondrous love for us and his super extraordinary mercy towards us and to others, as well as His planning, which is so exquisite that it introduces us into the wisdom used in the original creation of the universe.

We won’t think of these explanations as so strange if we will recognize that we are now living in the time of the recreation of the heavens and the earth, that is written in your Bible and Holy Qur’an. Look around. There is complete correspondance between what is written and what has recently and is taking place right now.

Allah is now exercising that wisdom which was used by Him in the first creation of the universe, in the process of the present restoration of the original order of things. So there is both restoration and recreation happening now. All things are now being made new, as it was written.

Look again at these words: “I want your mind.”

He recognized Minister Farrakhan as that special helper that he had sought out from among his followers, ever since he began his work. How was he able to see into Minister Farrakhan’s future? Was his Minister’s life and work already written on the pages of the scriptures, which billions and billions on top of billions on billions, have and yet read the world over?

If his future was already known and written of—at least thousands of years ago—how was he able to recognize him from among the many people whom he met before and after he first saw and recognized Minister Farrakhan?

Did you think that he and Master Fard Muhammad ever discussed Minister Farrakhan? Don’t you think that He confirmed for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that, indeed, Minister Farrakhan was that particular man he had been seeking to help him in a very special way?

If Minister Farrakhan was already written of, a long time ago, why was it necessary for him to be tested and tried, oftimes in such ways that were painful to him and those close to him? Why was/is that a necessary part of his preparation? Could not he just go through life and just be what was written of him to be, with no pain or discomfort? Or were these difficult tests and trials also written as essentials to his preparation?

Did his teacher bring him along the same path he was instructed and guided to walk on? Was that absolutely necessary for them to become one in mind and spirit?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad could not have done what he has and is doing with Minister Farrakhan, unless he was constitutionally made by Allah just like his teacher, who was also made just like his Teacher? No, I am not making the three equal.

What made the Honorable Elijah Muhammad so certain, so sure, that he would be able to get all of his people, through this particular Brother-Minister Farrakhan-and what did he mean by the word “get?” Is there a scientific basis for his certainty? Yes.

Generally, our brains contain that which rules the totality of ourselves. If that which is called “mind” chiefly resides in the brain, how is it’s function related to what is called the “heart” of a person, in the non-physical sense of that word?

The physical brain houses much of what is called the mind. Now, even though the physical heart does not house the spiritual heart of a person, does it in any way, let’s say, also work with, or help the spiritual heart do its work? Yes.

We all generate an electromagnetic field from the totality of our selves. There are studies that show that the physical heart generates a particular electromagnetic field, the quality of which, and its effects on others, depends on the quality of the intention and the quality of the emotional state of a person in the process of helping another or others.

Of course, the intentions and the emotional state of a person working to improve the health of the soul and spirit of another is deeply influenced by the quality and the depth of the person’s knowledge, understanding and wisdom, when, or as, he/she seeks to, or is in the process of helping the other(s).

Now Minister Farrakhan is a great lover of human beings. He was that way before he ever heard of Islam as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He was a person of integrity, a conscious man, who tried to be fair with everyone he met.

White people discovered that back in 1984 when he and we were involved in Rev. Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign. They did a monster background check on Minister Farrakhan. The bottom line of their report was that he was clean! There is something about this in one of the prophetic books we may get to.

He certainly was not perfect. But he was well above average in intelligence and in good manners, from a boy on up. Of course, he had an unusual mother.

Although he did not know it, even after he was in the Nation of Islam for some years, he was already chosen by the Divine Supreme Being for a special work. Simply put, he was to be to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as Aaron was to Moses, as given in the Bible and the Holy Qur’an.

I want to make clear where I am also going with this. It is to show us, by means of Minister Farrakhan, something about each one of us who is with Minister Farrakhan, and about those yet to come. It’s about the reality of the specialness of each one of us right now. It’s also to show the collective value of us as the chosen people, now, for the benefit of the nations of the earth.

A little over four decades ago I read certain words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to the effect that the light of Allah was more important, more valuable to him than the light of the sun. I didn’t understand his words, but they induced deeper thinking on my part.

The physical sun generates life, light and power. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has stated that his teachings, from Allah, contains light, life and power. What is the relation between the two? Which came from the other? How? How do the answers to these questions relate to what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad expected to develop in Minister Farrakhan as he became ever closer to him? How do these answers relate to the kind of man Minister Farrakhan is now?

What about you and me? Suppose we made the effort to line our minds up with Minister Farrakhan’s mind?

Minister Farrakhan’s Study Guides will help us all in the process of our becoming truly unified-the final closing of the gap.

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