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Scripture, an important subject to study

“And those who believe and do good, We shall certainly do away with their afflictions (and/or evils) and reward them for the best of what they did.” (Holy Qur’an 29:7)

“That Allah may ward off from them the worst of what they did, and give them their reward for the best of what they did.” (Holy Qur’an 39:35)

It’s been two months and eight days (as this is November the 19th) since the impact of that event, which is so huge that most know what you mean if you simply say “9-11.”

I’ve looked at the views of “experts” on the significance and the ramifications of the world situation, since “9-11,” through such media outlets as National Public Radio, C-SPAN, and The History Channel.

These “experts” are university professors, persons in government, media persons (both domestic and abroad) and persons in America’s prestigious “Think Tanks.”

What I have not seen in these discussions, however, are “experts” on the Bible and the Holy Qur’an. Why?

The more one knows of world history, generally, and of the “Western” world’s history, in particular, the more understandable is the omission of scriptural scholars in the current public debates and discussions of “9-11.”

One of the main themes of many of my articles is to make clear why it is as unreasonable (and even ridiculous) to consider the scriptures as unimportant to significant discussions as it is to pretend that the Mother of Planes is likewise irrelevant to the world’s situation.

Of course, I don’t expect to see/hear these extended and commercially uninterrupted public discussions on the ramifications of “9-11” to include the Bible, the Holy Qur’an and the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on, for example, that wheel-like-plane in the sky. Not at this time, anyway.

These “experts” present themselves as having grasped all of the pertinent facts, in order to give an enlightened view on each of the issues, stemming from “9-11.”

There is, nevertheless, deep within these “experts” the profoundest kind of denial. We must learn from this.

God’s words are seemingly not important enough to be included in these public discussions. Those engaged in these public discussions, are in the deepest kind of denial about His reality and His words.

Denial, in this instance, is not only profoundly unhealthy, but it’s definitely spiritually and mentally deadening and can prove to be ultimately fatal.

There are many of us who, prior to entering the Nation of Islam, grew up in such a way that we thought certain areas of knowledge to be unimportant, at least for ourselves. So we didn’t pursue such information.

Then we entered Islam. Only if we are truly open to the full range of what Master Fard Muhammad revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad—which Minister Farrakhan has spread throughout America and the earth—can we be helped to develop a view of the correct order of the importance of the subjects we should study. Without this view, we lose valuable time and more—especially since we are all going to have a final examination.

Like his teacher, Minister Farrakhan has emphasized our need to be thoroughly reeducated—in every area of life. This includes a reordering of all of our priorities, including the most important subjects to study. That’s one of the great duties he has been performing for us, night and day, for decades.

His work also prepares and conditions us for God’s future use of us. Restudy his study guide, number eleven, about our need to recognize Allah is the center of everything.

How many of us can truthfully say, or would have the boldness to say, that our knowledge is so thorough that we, not just can, but actually express it mathematically? How many of us can say that our grasp of the solar system is so thorough and mathematical, that we know its measurements, distances, etc., and can state publicly what follows?

“All of these are absolute facts and they stand true, figure for figure, by the Study of the Son of Man and not a Spook. (‘W. D. Fard.’)”

Then how many of us know how to apply such astronomical truths to serve the higher spiritual needs of the people?

There is a growing interest, in a very fascinating phenomena, ofttimes stated as the “Bible codes.” The ad, appearing in the November 5th edition of USA Today, titled “Sir Isaac Newton and The Bible Code,” illustrates this growing interest.

The fourth paragraph in this ad reads “Newton was unable fully to decode the bible, not because he lacked the necessary mental agility, and neither was it because he lacked the necessary faith.” But these things were to be revealed in the “time of the end,” according to the Bible book Daniel. And evidently Newton did not live in that time. We live in that time.

Minister Farrakhan gave divine advice to President Bush on September the 16th. His advice was/is superior to the advice of those who carefully selected certain words from the scriptures, to speak to the President, in public, which only seems to be appropriate for this hour, but is not.

The hour is ever growing darker. And their carefully selected or “safe” scriptural passages, coupled with their superficial explanations of them, contain no guiding power, for the President nor anyone else.

Not so with the words of Minister Farrakhan, which, like those of his teacher’s, contain life, light and power.

Allah foresaw a need among the people during the time He knew Moses would have to come to Him for his next lesson. So Aaron was provided to serve God, Moses and the people.

The same has occurred today. Minister Farrakhan’s teacher had to go to his Teacher for his next lesson. Meanwhile, we need, America needs, the world needs.

So take another look at and listen to Minister Farrakhan.

You cannot effectively work with Black people in America without affecting America. This work will inevitably get the world’s attention as to what affects America also affects the world.

The Wise Scientists thoroughly understood our miserable state of condition, and wrote of it in the scriptures, and Master Fard Muhammad wrote of it (in one of our Lessons) in a mathematical way. He also diagnosed our condition mathematically, as it was written of Him in the scriptures.

The unique nature of our suffering was a large factor in the divine production of both the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan. Both were perfectly designed to perfectly serve as both are, even now.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “design” to mean “to form or conceive in the mind; to intend for a definite purpose; to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully; to plan and fashion the form and structure of an object, work of art, decorative scheme; adaptation of means to a preconceived end.”

Minister Farrakhan was uniquely designed to fulfill an assignment, which serves the special needs of the people of America—Black, Red, Brown, White and Jews and others (who now live here and elsewhere). This was written thousands of years ago, in the scriptures, incorrectly considered irrelevant by the powers that be of this world.

We have much to cover on Minister Farrakhan, and a short time in which to do it.

More next issue, Allah willing.

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