WEB POSTED 01-01-2002

Scientists, scholars of the scriptures should meet

From time to time, since 1957, I have thought on a conference that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad briefly mentioned in part of a sentence of an article he wrote that year. He mentioned that the scientists and scholars of the Bible and the Holy Qur’an should meet, confer and agree on what he called the most important part of the scriptures. He said the most important parts concerned the Messiah.

The thought of this conference forcibly came back to my mind, as I listened to the unusual and remarkable speech delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on September the 16th on the significance and ramifications of “9-11.”

It is presently and generally agreed to, by the scholars and scientists of the scriptures, that when the Messiah arrives, he will exercise greater power on earth than the combined powers of the nations of the earth, to bring into reality the kingdom of God.

If the Messiah, who is the focus of prophecy and is the attention of serious Jews, Christians and Muslims, is now in this world, the profound turmoil the world is experiencing signifies that we have already entered the greatest paradigm shift—in every sphere of existence—since life began in space.

There are specific persons, signs, events and conditions that are predicted to occur, in a specific time period, that collectively will announce that the Messiah has arrived. Is this that time?

The study of the subject of whether the Messiah is either in this world or is on the verge of appearing in this world is of the highest order. It’s the most practical subject that the leaders of religion, of the nations, of global corporations, of finance, of whatever, could consider.

The current world crisis, caused by “9-11,” should force serious consideration by the world’s scriptural scientists from around the earth, to consider the kind of conference the Honorable Elijah Muhammad mentioned in 1957.

Who might convene such a conference? Who might be invited to attend such a conference? How would it be financed? How should the media be handled?

There are many conferences, small and large, either already held or planned, involving scriptural scholars, that have been spawned by “9-11.” They speak of the need for peace and point out ways in which this might be brought about.

Those in power generally, but not always, ignore them as impractical wishful thinkers, who are not worthy of serious attention. They think this way, partly, because they have money and guns.

Are these extremely rich and powerful persons—publicly, at least—avoiding this most relevant question? Is this the time when the Messiah, who was so much written and spoken of, should appear?

What ought to be the qualifications of the men and women who should be invited to attend such a conference? One qualification ought to be this: notwithstanding the academic achievements, or scholarship, of a given individual, such person should already have demonstrated the ability to listen, even to views which are diametrically opposed to their own.

One of the greatest institutions (which the wicked work to destroy) that Minister Farrakhan has established, among his following, throughout America, and elsewhere, are weekly study sessions. One of the primary abilities to be developed by and in the participants is the ability to see, not just their views of others, but how the other person(s) arrived at those views.

Such study sessions, when properly run, develop an empathetic understanding of the views of others, even when disagreeing with them. Without this acute ability, to empathetically see, we really can’t be peacemakers. Inherent in Minister Farrakhan is this ability.

Minister Farrakhan is such a preeminent teacher because he was and is a preeminent student. Minister Farrakhan is such an eminently qualified leader because he was and is an eminently qualified follower.

You might ask, “Who is he following?” A partial and brief answer is: the Mahdi and the Messiah. You may say, “Rubbish!” But could he do what he has and is now doing, without Their wise and powerful backing? You may say, “What are you talking about?”

I’m only bearing witness of that which was to take place, at this time in history, that is the fulfillment of the prophecies of the scriptures.

Would this matter come up before the scriptural scientists in a conference? Would Minister Farrakhan be invited to such a conference? Of course! Such a conference would become immediately invalid and a farce, if he were not present! 

Fifteen days from now, the Christian world will celebrate the birth of a baby boy, known the world over as “Jesus.” They teach that this boy became a man who fulfilled what was written in the Old Testament of what Christians call the first advent of the Messiah. They teach that this man was the promised Messiah and he is soon to return. Some say he already has returned.

Jews reject this. They say the Messiah was yet to be born. Many think that time is near. Some say he is already here.

Muslims, basically, teach that Jesus was born 2,000 years ago. They also say he is due here soon. They also say he is to accompany the One, Who is expected to appear under the title of the Mahdi. Some of them also think both men have arrived.               

Have both arrived? What is Minister Farrakhan’s relationship to the Mahdi and to the Messiah? Can the answers to these questions be scientifically resolved?

Much will be written, sung and spoken about Jesus. Broadly speaking, very little of this activity will come under the category of the scholarly or the scientific.

  The scientifically oriented person won’t criticize the majority who will, no doubt, include in their thinking and talk about Jesus, such terms as “miraculous.” They use such terms, as “miraculous,” with reference to that which they can’t explain.

The scientific mind thinks everything can be explained, if not now, then later, with the increase of knowledge. The unscientific mind usually thinks uncritically, and tends to accept, or be persuaded by, that which the scientific mind usually rejects.

 Minister Farrakhan represents the Mahdi and the Messiah. How would this be reacted to by a truly scientific mind versus an unscientific mind?

Minister Farrakhan is a divine miracle in our midst. Again, how would this be reacted to by a truly scientific mind versus an unscientific mind?

Whether or not you are a follower of Minister Farrakhan, what were your first thoughts, and/or questions, as and after, you read the two previous paragraphs?

If you are disturbed, angry or pleased, ask yourself: Why?

Over the years, I’ve spoken, much more than I have written, of the motives out of which Minister Farrakhan teaches and acts, as he fulfills his assignment. You may find articles on his heart and motives, in my e-book, titled, A Written Testimony from my website, address: www.writtentestimony.com.

I intend to give my fuller testimony of his motives, on a scientific basis, as this series continues, which began with Vol. 20; No. 40. The whole series may also be obtained from my website.

Could such a conference, with Minister Farrakhan’s presence, produce that which will help avert the War of Armageddon?

More next issue, Allah willing.