[Editor’s note: The following article contains excerpts from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s address Sunday, March 25, 2018 at Life Center Church of God In Christ in Chicago, Ill.]

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

To my dear and beloved brother, friend, pastor and co-religion: we who have known each other now for about 43 years. When I first came to Chicago he was one of the first pastors that I met. 

We used to hear him on the radio when I was the minister in New York and I have been blessed to know him, to walk with him and I am deeply honored to be here to celebrate 50 wonderful years of his service.  And none of us as pastors, or preachers or teachers could do what we do without the help of a woman by our side, and a loving family. 

Because whatever he suffers in his ministry for Christ she suffers with him and the children suffer with them. 

Life Center Church of God In Christ


And you as faithful helpers and followers also share that burden.  I want to thank my beloved sister; I’ve known her all these years. She has been a faithful witness of her pastor.  

This morning I asked what am I going to say at my brother’s 50th Anniversary of a great teacher of divine scripture? I want to thank the choir because you gave me my subject today. Two songs and the two men that directed the choir were so stirring. It was well done; full of the anointing of the spirit of God.   

Fifty years is a long time to be bothered with us. You say, “wait a minute it’s not a bother.” … Ask him. You could ask God, He will answer. My people are hard-hearted, stiff-necked and rebellious. But these are the people of God and He raises up among us the right men and women for the time. “Take me back to the place where I first believed. …  I want to go back.”  Why you want to go back?

Because the spirit and the zeal when you first find Him and when He first finds you as one of His own, that’s a joyous time.  “Take me back” … why do you want to go back? Because when you are a true servant of God and His Christ, the journey’s not easy. 

The moment you say, “I’ve found the Lord,” that’s when your trials begin. You would think that after you find the Lord it would get easier as pastor. This has not been an easy journey for my brother. Certainly not an easy journey for me; because when you find the Lord, He wants you to say yes; because you’ve been saying no all your life so when you found Him first you said yes. But then the trials begin.  Satan enters the picture. Nobody who knows Christ is unacquainted with the wiles of Satan.

Satan’s job is to turn the faithful from being faithful saying yes—to start saying, “I wonder. Lord times are getting rougher. I thought I was going to find peace in the house of the Lord and Lord I—people started speaking ill of me. Sometimes I feel rejected. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m loved, even though when my pastor says when you see me I represent love, then show love; but then that love fades.” 


Min. Farrakhan and Pastor T. L. Barrett

Love is the essence of life itself. The scripture says, we can tell that we have passed from death into life because we love the brotherhood. But church life, mosque life, temple life, synagogue life; sometimes it’s difficult to love … isn’t it?  And sometimes when you’re ’buked and scorned, sometimes when you feel rejected, sometimes when you’re evil-spoken of, sometimes when the good that you’ve tried to do Satan tries to make it evil and then people turn that once said yes. Then it became, “Well I don’t know. They said such-and-such and so-in-so about my pastor and I’m not sure.” And then doubt comes in and starts corrupting faith. And then yes sometimes becomes no. And when yes becomes no, you follow the no and you run into something that makes you know that you should have stayed where you were. So take me back to the place where I first believed. Give me that spirit that I had when I found my Lord. 


It’s not easy to follow Christ. It’s easy to say His name. And the scripture says … “this is a people that approached me with their lips but their hearts are far removed from me.” It takes staying power to keep your faith and keep on saying yes to your Lord. There was a parable that Jesus spoke … he was talking about a man going around sowing seeds. He was giving a picture of the different hearts that would receive the seed. Some he said, the seed fell by the wayside; it never took root in the heart. … Sometimes yes means yes as long as you don’t try me.  Sometimes yes means yes for the first few paces of the journey. But when the road gets rough and Satan begins to work on your faith, then your yes gets softer.

But when my brother was leading this choir he said yes—yes, yes, yes. That means I’m convinced now so I’m back where I first found my Lord and I’m not leaving that spirit, that anointing, that feeling when nothing could hurt me, nothing could hinder me, nothing could shake me; that’s the way it was when I first found the Lord. 

There was a seed that fell on stony ground. See there are hearts out there that say yes and they go home after they’ve joined the church; and they’re happy. They’re so fired-up. They say, “honey I was at the Life Center Church and I got the spirit and I joined. What Life Center Church? Who is the pastor there? And somebody throws a little garbage. Wow. The seed was right there and like a bird somebody just came and plucked it. So yes became no and you see that person again in the street looking for a hand-out when God gave them a hand-up when they first believed.  

It is not easy to follow Christ. It is not easy to be the son and the daughter of one who’s trying to follow Christ. All of us have to accept that Christ is not with you just because you say you believe.

In the Qur’an, which is the book of scripture of the Muslims it says, “Do men think you will be left alone on saying, you believe and will not be tried while others were tried before you?” God doesn’t accept I believe; He keeps on testing you until you can say I know. Because belief is the absence of knowledge—God wants you to know Him. Know that He is with you; know that He is present in your life, know that He has your back and your front and your side … know this. Then you will never have to sing “Take me back” because you never left.


You have to understand the blessing of knowing the Lord. Because when you know Him, the enemy can’t make you afraid. Some of those weak disciples they were with Jesus, they said they loved him. But when he went before the court and the false witnesses arose, they started running, even Peter; even though he was the rock now. Yet when it counted most, he weakened. 

Some of us, when we first find the Lord, we do good for six months, we may do good for a year, or two or three; maybe four maybe more but God isn’t through trying you.  So the scripture says … “the race is not to the swift, neither to the strong but to that one who can endure,” endure. How long?  To the end.

Christ is our example. It wasn’t easy. You mean to tell me here’s a little baby now in a manger and Herod is plotting. The man just got here. The wise men knew he needed something. I don’t know any baby that needs gold, frankincense and myrrh.  I’ve never seen no baby cry for gold, their foolish parents do. Not Jesus, not in a manger. But Herod was after him, he wanted to kill him so that he would never be the one that God made him to be. What did God mean for you to be? 

You know my dear beloved sisters when you know you’re pregnant a lot of thoughts go through your brain. Now you’re thinking about the man that got you involved and now you’re pregnant and you’re not sure whether he’s worthy but you opened your knees. That’s a hell of a time to find out. Don’t you think you should have checked that fellow out and kept your knees where they belong? Like my mother said, close your pocketbook because that thief wants to reach in and snatch something like President Trump—it’s some gropers. 

Sisters, when you give yourself, that’s letting a man enter the secret chamber, passageway to His workshop. I know you didn’t hear me so I’m going to say it again. What I’m saying is as a woman you are the most sacred giver from God because without you there’s no future for man. Without you man can’t continue. It all comes through your sacred womb. …

You know that’s right. Somebody is saying yes to the Lord. Beloved, look, the greatest gift that God could give to a man is a woman because through you that line continues. God didn’t make us all to stay around here forever. He promised abundant life and then in another place he promised eternal life. Now you got to know how to get the other one. As long as you’re on this earth, you’re going to wither because time is the winner all the time.

Somebody said … “Oh he found the fountain of youth.” … I appreciate your words. But I know the truth and the truth is all of us have a rendezvous with that destiny.  So while we’re here, this life that we live should be full of yes to God. 

So you go home, talk to your husband, talk to your wife … I don’t like that church.  But I liked it; I loved the singing and I loved the preaching and I gained more knowledge than I had when I got there. I want to go back again and again and again. The man is getting jealous. When it came time to tithe he preached so good you reached in your pocket and you came up with whatever you come up with. … When I went to college in the South my friend took me to Reidsville, North Carolina, which was his home and took me to church.  I didn’t have much money in my pocket but when that preacher got finished, everything that was in my pocket he had it. 

Preachers are not pimps, at least we’re not supposed to be. Because if we believe in the Kingdom work, we have to keep on working until God says come in. Now the person that received that seed and the ground was fertile for that seed, it said it produced fruit ten-fold, sixty-fold. When you go back to the place where you first believed and start saying yes to God, look at what you were able to do to help this church grow. Yes, you had to give. We all do. But if you’re giving and then feel—“I shouldn’t have given that much,” then you’re not a cheerful giver.

Now I want to talk to my brother pastor because he’s been through hell; but he’s still on the path. Fifty years is a long time. Some of you got married last year and in divorce court this year. So you can tell that it’s not easy to say I do and mean it. …

Beloved sisters, this workshop of God is your womb because there isn’t but one life-giver and it isn’t the man. The Holy Qur’an calls what gives you life worthless water. It’s worthless unless you put it in the right place at the right time. But from worthless water comes every prophet, every wise man, every wise woman, every scientist, every leader, every teacher—is from your womb. 

Do you know why we call our mosque, Mosque Maryam? Because in the Holy Qur’an, which is our book of scripture, no woman on this earth was considered greater than the mother of Jesus: Not Abraham’s mother, not Moses’ mother, not Muhammad’s mother. It was Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Well what kind of womb did she have?

Mosque Maryam


You can go in Spookville and say, “well you know the Lord came down.” Let your daughter come home pregnant and tell you how the Lord came down. You would start beating her and never stop until she told you who that man was. No person can have a child without the agency of man. That’s why when you look in the genealogy of Jesus, it tells you all the persons that were involved in his line. He don’t say he came out of space.  …

I’m not blaspheming but you tried to make Jesus something that came from some ghost … stop it. But the ghost was real. It said that the Holy Ghost came upon her. The Holy Qur’an comes at it differently. When Mary was told she was going to bear a child that would be the Messiah, she said, “how can I have a child and no man has touched me?” Look at Mary. She was a virgin girl. We don’t have too many of them in the world today.  … Mary is your example if Jesus is your Lord.  She was no cheap woman. She was a holy woman. And you know how she made him? When she found out she was pregnant, she vowed what was in her womb to His service.

How many of us when we get pregnant offer what’s in your womb—that only He could create—back to God in His service? I’m telling you the children that you’re producing today, they’re unlike anything that’s been in this world in the last six thousand years. They come out of the womb almost like they’ve been here before.  So you have to get back to where you first met the Lord. You felt so clean; you felt so good. You felt untouchable. 

So our yes, like the disciples, became no and they ran away. Then after the crucifixion of our Lord, He met them in the upper room and a disciple became an apostle. There was something that happened to them where they were raised to a higher level of consciousness of the man that they walked with.


I was thinking about you the other day, my dear brother, and when I came to Life Center Church … the church was packed through the week. He was giving people hope by causing them to wisely invest money in themselves. And some reporter came in here and saw the joy that was in this place because of this man wanting to help his people—and then they made evil out of what was intended for good.

Then they interfered with it and then brought my brother before the courts and some of us turned him down. See as long as the White man is with you, you feel secure. People on my Facebook page they say … “why ain’t Farrakhan dead with the way he talks? He must be the Illuminati, he must be the government.” Your fear of the White man is so crazy that you can’t see God all over your brother; that’s why I’m still here. 

So the Christ that I know I ain’t talking about guessing. I’m living proof. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Do you think I fear the White man and the government of America and the Jewish power that’s turning men into women and women into men and making same sex marriage acceptable? Some of you in the church are so weak you want to compromise with Christ, compromise with Satan, compromise with his world. God never made a man to lay down with another man.

Billy Graham’s wife said, if God does not judge America, He got to come back and apologize to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. You say God is the same today as He was yesterday. You can evolve into this new sexuality and feel good? That’s because you said yes to the wrong thing, yes to the wrong man and you started walking away from God and that’s why you have to say, “Take me back to where I was when I first believed.” 

I want to say to all of us who’ve been through hell too—to his wife Cleopatra, to his sons and daughters and grandchildren, they have to live with a stain that the White man put on a good man.  And you walk away from him just like these wicked, weak disciples walked away from Jesus. 

When you say yes to God, He can only try you by what you love. You remember Abraham? Well this man had hell, let me tell you, but he’s called the friend of God. His wife was old; she couldn’t bear children. So he went into the handmaiden; maiden, (young woman) and she bore him a child. Now I don’t know what went on in the house, but the next thing I know she was running in the wilderness with her baby and Sarah was in the house hotter than hell. 

Wait now—see you want to say yes but you have to know that yes to God isn’t some easy thing to do. See you want to judge God’s way by our little silly logic.  When God does something, he does it today for something that maybe thousands of years in the future for its manifestation. So you can’t look at a far-seeing God and judge him by the moment. … Did you know that the first job that God had for man was tending the garden? That’s his first job. You’re not going anywhere without farmers. So the Lord said, and there was no man to till the ground. Then he made Adam and Adam had Cain and Abel. Now the God is so wise; He is going to try both those sons like he tried the father. The father messed up in the garden so let’s see what kind of sons he has. 

Cain you’re the first born. I’m going to make you a farmer. Abel you’re the second born so I want you to bring me a gift. Because after farming there’s animal husbandry; we need sheep, we need cows. We need things that we ride, things that we eat and things that we draw nourishment from. So Cain went to work in the garden. That’s not easy work if any of you been on a farm.  And he brought back fruit from the ground and offered it to God. That was sweat.



Here comes Abel, he brought God a lamb; he didn’t do the work now. He picked up the work of the worker and brought it to the Lord. Now naturally if you were Cain: “I know God is going to accept mine because I worked hard and he came up here with a lamb.” But God accepted the lamb. Cain was messed up. He was there by himself and God started talking to him. He said Cain, why is your countenance fallen? Why are you angry? When you are disappointed after you said yes, and you get disappointed, there’s your big trial. 


“I thought I was going to be the assistant pastor.” No, wait now I’m not into your business.  I don’t know anything. I’m just saying what the Lord would have me to say. So if I touch something, God wants me to say it. You get disappointed. Cain was disappointed in God. So God asked, “Cain why is your countenance fallen? Why are you angry?” He didn’t answer. Because Cain would have to speak about what he thinks about God not about his brother. “Because I brought this to you and you accepted that sheep’s offspring and I brought you my sweat and blood from the earth.” God said, be careful—Cain sin lieth at the door. When you’re upset and disappointed, your countenance drops. You’re mad. You aren’t saying anything but you’re angry as hell. You get disappointed and angry because you expect something and did not get what you expected. That’s your test. 

So right away now “yes” becomes “maybe”—“I just have to find out why God allowed this to happen to me.” But if Cain had answered God, God could have turned back and said, “I never rejected you. I’m proud of the work you did but I accepted a lamb because I saw way down the wheel of time a lamb would come that would take away the sins of the world. So I chose the lamb because one is coming like a lamb.” But since Cain couldn’t see thousands of years to the end and the Messiah coming, he was angry and then instead of saying “I hate you God” he was envious of his brother.

Whenever envy comes into the church; whenever we start envying one another for a gift that you have, or a gift that you received, some position that you have or you got a new car, or you came to church on this Sunday with something green on and it was so fantastic, magnificent and somebody barely got up out of the bed and put something on. … Then inside of a family,  inside of a church or a mosque you start seeing these interruptions, disruptions and you say how could the devil be in the house of God? How did the devil get in the house? You brought him. You didn’t know that you and Satan and God work together? Let Us make man. You have to know that Satan is helping God to make you or show God that you aren’t fit. 


I want you to say yes and mean it. I have said yes to God. When I first heard the teachings, I said yes.  I had a great music career and he wanted to know if my yes was yes. So He said either give up music or give up the mosque; and I said well I can live without music but I can’t live without the truth. So I gave up my music. I was making good money but I had to go find a job and I never worked days. I respect every worker because when you have to go out in this White man’s world and take abuse to work eight hours a day and get that little bit of pay. 

At the end of the week when I looked at the check they gave me … in fact I started making $35 a week with a family,  but I gave it up.  And God raised me. By His power, He saved me.

You’re right when you say I must have found the fountain of youth; I can’t help it.  He taught me how to eat to live. And I don’t put anything foul in my temple. I eat the best of foods. And if I don’t trust how you’re growing it, I have a farm and we’re growing our own food. The enemy is killing you with your teeth. When I came along there were no such thing as McDonald’s; there might have been a White Castle. 

My wife and I used to go down in Haymarket Square in Boston at the end of a Saturday when they throw away what they haven’t sold in the street; and we would pick that food up and put it in our shopping bag and go home and feed my family.  I told my wife I’m not getting in debt. I know you like nice things; I do too. But I’m not going to let no White man take the manhood that I’m getting as a man to come in my house when I miss a payment and tell me he’s taking my furniture.  I’m a man. I never let my wife take care of me. 

And one time I was in such bad shape, my wife learned how to do nails and she worked in a shop.  At that time I didn’t have any money and she would buy the food. But as a man I didn’t feel good. No man should feel good letting a woman take care of him. See if you are really a soldier for Christ, Paul told you how things should be: It’s God first, man second, woman third, children fourth but that’s the line of authority. 

Don’t violate your authority as a man by laying down, letting your woman go to work. I don’t mind any woman helping a man when he needs it. But week in, week out, day in, day out, year in, year out? You’ll never have a woman respect you if you’re her first child. 

So beloved brother, pastor and friend, may God continue to bless you, keep growing you, make you greater tomorrow than you are today; fill your church with believing people, make your ministry touch tens of thousands of people. 

I thank God for your sons who are helping in this ministry because one of these sons he works with the youth; both of them, all of them. And you fill this church up with young people that have the spirit and before you know it when we go down, our children will be going up. 

May God bless you. Thank you for listening.  As-Salaam Alaikum.   

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