All Praises are due to Allah, who appeared in the Person of

Master W.D. Fard Muhammad

Born February 26, 1877


February 26, 1936

Written and sent to #1 Michigan by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad,

Servant of Allah

This day February 26, 1877, Fifty nine years ago, in Heaven the Holy City Mecca, a Savior was born.From the bearers of Heaven’s throne, a voice raised high and mighty Master W.D. Fard Muhammad, have

been born the mighty King.

Born…to save me, and my people who were lost, Blind, Deaf, and Dumb. Dead to the knowledged of everything.

Born..Hath he, to intercede, for me, and my people in this Judgement Day.Born…to give life to me and my people, that we might live.

Born…to give Freedom to me, and my people, who were slaves to devils in this wicked Hell of North America.

Born…to give Justice, to we lost founds, who never knew what it was before.
Born…to give Equality with the Angels of Paradise.
Born…to save the fallen sons of the Tribe of Shabazz from the wicked grasp of Yakub’s made devil and


Born…to destroy with unquenchless fire, the enemy of we Lost People that the work of Yakub’s made devil will never revive.

Born…to unite the Lost Sheep who went astray in 1555 with the 4,400,000,000 of his Nation.Born…to restore all Black Mankind into one Love together.
Born…The Lord of the Worlds!
Born…to destroy the old world; and bring in the new world.

Born…the Wisest of all, the most Merciful, the most Loving, the Almighty, the knower of what is in man’s heart, the Doer of what he pleases…There is no God but Him, in the Earth, not in the heavens above the

Earth. I shall forever remember this day, the 26th of February, 1877, and my off spring too. To keep a fast of joy with all my poor lost found Nation, whom this, Our Savior the King was born; I shall not eat any food this day until the sun goes down. This I will do, that my heart, and my body be not hindered, from giving praise to my King that was born this day, whose light of Love, Freedom, Justice, and Equality, is greater to me than the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

Now come all you lost founds, and praise the name of our Savior and King, who was bron, and we have reclaimed our own.

He gave to us his Holy Name and calls everyone of us by own. All praise be to Our Savior, the Almighty ALLAH. The Strong, the Giver of Life. Praise him, you who have reclaimed your own, and know him as your Savior and King. Forever and ever, let the Universe Praise Him.

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