Notes of a Mystic :

When the Righteous take our obligatory prayers from being ritualistic (going through the motions) to opportunistic (taking advantage of whats obligated) then this will help us to unravel the greater mysteries of Creation. The True science of Sound(Music),Color, and imagining(imagination) will yield Ancient Lost Truths back to fallen humanity.

In my experiments with Sacred Mantras or Divine Sounds I can see why prayer,silence or stillness has been made obligatory upon the willing servants of God. This ritual allows the forces of mans being to be focused into a singe point at certain moment in time to manifest the unknown power of the mind of man to those whom have fallen asleep to their original purpose in Creation.

That position is to be creators or perfect reflections of the Supreme Creator

Imagine sitting in the stillness of the darkness of your sanctum (a place set aside for you most holy of rites) rendering sincere prayer,chanting sacred sounds and then putting the body at peace ,peace,and then stillness.After a eerie stillness has been achieved the mystery unfolds and the magic begins.

2.revelation /communication
3. reflection and recording of what was revealed.

Master Elijah Muhammad had always told his followers that when you get a high pitch tone(or ringing in the ears) get some where and get quiet and listen.