Rules for Babysitter

By Muhammad Speaks Staff – April 1962

Leaving little children home alone is an invitation to tragedy. The black woman should always

give and see that her children are given proper attention.
Parents should never leave children unattended when they go out, even if only for a brief

period. A responsible babysitter should be employed.
These rules should be followed when you have a babysitter:

1. Employ a sitter you know well and are sure has a sense of responsibility.
2. Only employ sitters who like children.
3. If the sitter and children get along amicably, employ the same sitter regularly if possible.

4. Have new sitters visit you in advance to become acquainted with the children.

5. Give the sitter full written instructions as to what she is to do, such as preparing meals, and review instructions orally.

6. The sitter should be given the phone number of the place where the parents will be.

7.The sitter also should be given the phone number of a friend of the family or a neighbor.

8.Show the sitter where all the exits are – the front door, the back door, and the location of the front stairway, also the back stairway, if there is one.

9. Show the sitter where the flashlight is so that she can find it quickly if the lighting fails. 10. Explain to the sitter that in case of fire, she should first get the children out of the house, and then call the fire department. After the children are safely outside, and the fire department has been summoned, then the sitter should notify the parents.

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