Minister Louis Farrakhan

[Editor’s note: The following excerpt is taken from the Saviours’ Day 2004 address delivered by Minister Farrakhan on February 29 at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, Illinois. The first excerpt appeared in The Final Call Volume 23, Number 23.]


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.


Do you think the prophets saw the trans-Atlantic slave trade? Do you think the prophets of God saw the 400 years of slavery that historians say is the worst and most cruel slavery ever put on a human being in the annals of history? Do you think the prophets saw our slavery?

We would have to conclude that, if they wrote of the end of time, they had to see the horror of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and they must have written about it somewhere in the Holy Writ. They must have seen the sons and daughters of Africa ripped away from her shores. They must have seen Africa brought to ruin and the condition that Africa is in today, in spite of the fact that Africa is the birthplace of civilization. Did the prophets see it? I believe they saw it. I believe they wrote about it.

Have you ever listened to televised religious programs by various scholars and teachers of religion? Have you ever heard any scholar of Christianity, Judaism or Islam talk about the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the suffering of Black people in America? If we have never heard any scholar talk about it, then shouldn’t we ask why? If it was that horrible, why didn’t Jewish scholars talk about it? Why didn’t Christian scholars talk about it? Why didn’t Muslim scholars talk about it?

Is it that we do not exist in their hearts and minds? Or do they think that other nations whose condition is not as serious as ours can receive warning and guidance from Allah (God), but we, the Blacks in the Diaspora and Africa, have no place in the heart of God?

When you look at the condition of Black people in America, the Caribbean, Brazil, Central and South America, Africa, and the Isles of the Pacific, have you ever asked yourself, “Does God grieve for us?”

Who needs a God that does not think about us? Who needs a God that does not care for the suffering of an entire people? Although scholars of religion may not have considered Black people at all, we have joined churches, mosques and synagogues. Although Black people have become members of the Communist and Socialist Parties, they have not talked about our condition nor do they have the power to heal it, and oftentimes they do not care.

I want Jews, Christians and Muslims to think over my words. I want the world to know that Farrakhan is not now nor have I ever been a hater of the Jewish people. I say that without a tongue in cheek, because I am unafraid of what the enemy can do to me. The enemy can only do to me what my God allows, and whatever He allows, I’m prepared to receive it, by His Grace.

I am a Muslim and I love the Muslim world, but I must ask some hard questions today. I grew up in the church, so I love Jesus. Not only do I love him, but I believe that I am walking in his footsteps. We know that the horror of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and our sojourn in slavery are written of in scripture, but where? How was it written and what should we expect from the knowledge of what is written? I want every person, Black or White, rich or poor, wise or foolish, government or non-government, receiving this message to know that I am not filled with hatred or bitterness, because our suffering that is undeserved is redemptive.

We must deal with our suffering, so I want you to follow my words, because God has given all of us the power to reason. I do not want to be emotional; I want to be very rational. I am deeply concerned because what’s in my heart, I must say it today. If I never live another moment, I have to say it today.

I am taking the time to set a framework for discussion because many people who are nationalist, Communist or Socialist do not have any respect for the Bible or Qur’an. While that’s understandable because of the negative way those religious books have been used, I want to set this lecture on “Reparations: What does America and Europe owe and what does Allah (God) promise” in a spiritual context, because reparations is a political term, but justice is spiritual and political.

In order to gain reparations, one must appeal to a government that may or may not listen. But the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that, when we lie down, justice lies down with us, and when we get up, justice gets up with us. Justice is not concerned with the World Court or the International Criminal Court or the local judge or the local court.

The justice with which God has set the balance in the universe caused Jesus to say: “He who lives by the sword will die by the sword.” “He who has led into captivity will go into captivity.” “A man shall reap what he sows.” The Prophet Obadiah says, “As thou has done, so shall it be done unto you.” These laws of justice have nothing to do with man’s courts; they have everything to do with the highest Court, the Universal Court of the Divine Supreme Being.

I would like to set the framework for repair. Both the Bible and the Qur’an begin with the story of the creation of a human being made in the image and the likeness of God. That is very significant from a Biblical standpoint because, if you and I, regardless of color, race or ethnic roots, are made in the image and the likeness of God, then all of us are born with the potential to rise above any reality to create a new one. The potential is within you.

The Qur’an says it differently. The Qur’an says that Allah (God) made the human being to be caliphate, God’s vicegerent or the successor of God, who rules God’s creation in His Name by His Permission. That’s as high as you can get, but the Qur’an and the Bible say Satan caused Adam’s foot to slip and he fell from his lofty position. The Qur’an bears witness to Adam’s fall in the same language. In fact, the Qur’an is a verifier of the Truth of the Torah and the Gospel. That’s why every one of you should have a Qur’an and you should read it because it verifies exactly what God revealed through the mouths of His prophets in the Bible.


This Adam that slipped had a wife, Eve, and they had children. Because they fell, they produced the first dysfunctional family. They had two children, Cain and Abel, but envy was between the two children. If I am a creature created in the image of God to be God’s caliphate, my destiny is to rule God’s creation in His stead. Satan caused Adam’s foot to slip and he fell from his original position and condition. So, you cannot repair the human being that has fallen unless you restore him to his original condition.

It is similar to when we take our cars to mechanic shops, the assessor tells us what damage has been done. If after we pay the mechanic his fee and drive off and the car stops down the block, either the assessor was a crook or he was a bad mechanic, because what we wanted was our car brought back to its original condition.

Through envy, hatred and murder, two brothers grew up. According to the Qur’an and the Bible, from one man, God made humanity into tribes and families, but those tribes and families show the same characteristics of Cain and Abel. When Cain was about to kill his brother, God asked him: “Why are you angry? Why has your countenance fallen?” Sin lies at the door, with anger. Cain was angry, because he felt God favored his brother. That anger and envy produced hatred. Hatred produced murder and Cain slew his brother. From that day to the present, murder, hatred, envy, revolution, war and anger can be found completely throughout the human family, all because of our fall from our original position. So, the entire human family is in need of repair, but there’s a segment of that family that has fallen even further than all of the rest. That is why I have taken this subject: What does America and Europe owe and what does Allah (God) promise?

In my brother, Randall Robinson’s book, entitled, “The Debt,” he said that unless White people are willing to look at slavery and the impact that slavery has on Black people’s present mental, moral, spiritual, social and economic condition, we will never heal the racial divide in this country.

This is why I was begging Allah (God) to please guide my words during this message because it is not my intention to make Black people sad over slavery or make White people mad over slavery. However, some White people do not know what happened to Black people in slavery, or why they are in the privileged position that they are in today based on what happened to us—this is what I am hoping that Black and White will consider. For if America is unwilling to look at the horror of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and what happened to us as a people, there will never be a chance for good relations between Black and White people.

The current relationship is not a good one—it’s a “go along to get along” relationship. I do not want to get along if I just have to go along with the terrible treatment that’s being handed to me and our people in American life. I will never encourage Black people to submit to the madness of this society in order to have a White man smile and pat us on the back and treat us like dogs that they have called out of the backyard. I do not mind a smile. I do not mind a pat on the back, but what I want is for America to consider what was done to Black people in slavery.


I know the present generation of White people had nothing to do with what happened to us. Therefore, their argument is: “We didn’t do it. I don’t know what y’all crying about. I ain’t never lynched no Niggra, I mean Negro, I mean colored person, I mean African American. I have never lynched any of you people. So why don’t y’all stop whining. If you don’t like America, then leave it. Go back to Africa where you belong.”

If the government of the United States first, Congress, the Supreme Court, state legislatures and governors, are willing to look at the problem, they will discover something that will give them a different thought about what is justice and why Black people continue to cry out for justice. If they look at it and gain the true knowledge of what happened to us, yet Black people don’t know either, then we may continue to walk around laughing, joking, playing, dancing, popping our fingers and shaking our backsides. We don’t know what happened to us, but anybody that tries to teach us, they call them a hate teacher.

But there’s not a Jewish person in America who is unaware of the Jewish Holocaust. You can’t turn on your radio or your television without somebody telling you about the horror of what happened in Nazi Germany to Jewish people. The Jewish people are taught to remember so that they can stand up and say, “Never, never, ever again.” I want Black people to become so filled with the knowledge of what happened to us and our rich, historic past that we will rise as a people and say with meaning, “Never, ever, ever again.”

(To be continued, next issue, Allah (God) willing.)