A Good teacher don’t just answer every question that is presented by the students in the class room nor does he engage in every conversation that is desired by those who come to them seeking an answer.

I’ve learned from studying Master Elijah Muhammad at his dinner table talks and how many of the people who sat before him, wanted to get answers to question that was beyond their threshold of understanding and belief center. He often played coy or rerouted the inquirer back to the safe area where he can teach them things they over looked that showed us we were not ready to ask the questions that were being asked. He warned us not to take people beyond their own qualifications for learning, less we spoil the apple and cause all to come tumbling out of the cart. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has also exhibited a similar manner of dealing and warning to his followers by relaying to us the things Master Elijah said to him in his younger years, being a muslim. I’m now learning the 3rd phase of this demonstration , dealing directly with Master Fard Muhammad, and how he handles me. He and the Angels, it seems, ALWAYS force me to prove myself capable and worthy of any information that I seek from them by being able to properly formulate my thoughts and questions and sometimes explanation on why I desire to know such things and for what purpose will I use such information for the betterment of the people and my OWN SOUL.

I’ve learned to make this the law for how I deal with the followers of my Father.

Qualify yourself for the things you desire to know by gathering enough information to get a solid understanding of the terms you desire to use to present your question. This shows the teacher that you have done some homework that helps to qualify you to receive your answer.

By Gary Mahatmas Muhammad 

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