[Editor’s note: The following text is excerpted from a message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan titled, “The Relevance of Prophet Muhammad To The Struggle For Justice and World Peace,” delivered June 3, 2001 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois.]


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

We have to admit, as travelers on the planet at this time, that the struggle of humanity for peace and for justice is as elusive, it appears, as finding the “Fountain of Youth.” I would like to be with Allah (God), to live in The Hereafter, to be exposed to the majesty of a life that puts the life plane on which we live today into a state of non-existence, and that time is fast approaching us; but, we will never see that beautiful life if we discard that which is the cornerstone of that life. The Cornerstone of the life of The Hereafter is the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (PBUH), and this Revelation called Holy Qur’an. Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Qur’an are relevant to the struggle of the world for justice and peace.



That which is “relevant” has a bearing upon or is connected with the matter at hand; it is connected to the purpose and it is pertinent to the discussion. That which is “relevant” has bearing on those actions, ideas or programs in which one is personally engaged. That which is “relevant” is that which bears upon the successful outcome of a plan or an idea and its fruition. When you bring something to the table that is relevant, it aids that which is on the table to be successful.


The absence of truth and
justice is the 
absence of peace

What do we as human beings desire in a world as messed up as the world in which we live? Those who are deprived of justice want justice, and know that there cannot be peace until there is justice. And there cannot be justice except justice is based on truth. So, the absence of truth is the absence of justice, and, the absence of justice is the absence of peace.

All of us as human beings need truth to live. The scripture of the Bible teaches: “How can they know except they have a teacher, and how can they have a teacher except he be sent?” If this Book, Qur’an, is a “secret” and the Prophet Muhammad is a “secret,” then, the truth is held in secret.

Why would you hold truth in secrecy? It is because you wish to manipulate the masses, keeping them ignorant so you can live in luxury at the expense of the ignorant and the poor.

Those in power today will allow you to go to college, but, what you get there will not allow you to rule those who rule you. But, if you have this Book, Holy Qur’an, with that which you have been taught, it shines light on what you learn and enables you to use this as a criterion to measure the efficacy or the wisdom of what you have been taught and the utility of what you have been taught. If you do not have this, Holy Qur’an, then you do not have Al-Furqan (“The Criterion,” or “The Standard”) which will allow you to measure people and things. And if you cannot measure because you do not have the standard by which to measure, then, you are at a loss in dealing with anything whose depth you cannot fathom or whose truth you cannot ascertain the veracity or the lack of.

When you believe something to be the truth, you hold onto it. The Holy Qur’an says: “When truth comes, falsehood vanishes. And falsehood is forever a vanishing thing.” Truth cannot vanish truth; truth can only complement truth. Whatever degree of truth you have, the truth of The Qur’an will sustain it, validate it, and improve your understanding of it. But whatever we have in our arsenal that we call “truth” that is false, the Holy Qur’an will condemn it.

Civilization teetering on the brink of collapse

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is a man that the Western world has not been privileged to know, who brought to the world a Revelation from Allah (God). That Revelation that Prophet Muhammad brought cannot be dismissed without dire consequences. To deny a Revelation that Allah (God) has sent down—not to one people, but to the whole of humanity as a preparation for the exit out of a world of sport and play, and, a preparation for the entrance into a world that is called The Hereafter that comes after this world is done with; to reject such a man and such a teaching is sentencing the self to death.

In Eastern religion, you have no discussion of destruction, but all of the prophets that started in the Middle East and their light shone westward talk about a “day of doom,” a “day of destruction,” a “day” when human beings will taste The Wrath of God. That is in the Bible and Holy Qur’an, and, that is in the Words of Jesus, Moses and all the prophets to Israel.

If there is a doom coming, a judgment coming, what does that mean? It means that everything that we believe, Allah (God) will judge it; and, everything that we do will be scrutinized—that is on the individual level. Then governments, nations, kings and rulers are to be judged. How does such a Judgment take place? Judgment comes when Allah (God) sends down His Truth and His Criterion.


The sad thing about the world is that there is a hunger and a thirst in the people of the Western world and in humanity in general for peace, justice and for the solving of human problems. Muhammad The Prophet is not only relevant to the struggle we have for all the good things of life, but he and what Allah (God) gave him are essential.

“Relevance” is one thing, but that which is essential, the dictionary says, “is absolutely necessary; indispensable.” How, then, can you live without Muhammad? How, then, can you live without the Holy Qur’an? The sad thing about the world is we do not know Prophet Muhammad. We have not been permitted to know him and what Allah Gave to him.

Muhammad, peace be upon him, came to make human beings brothers to one another, regardless of our race, tribe or ethnicity. If you go to the masjid, or Mosque Maryam, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Witnesses of Jehovah or the Catholic Church, if you sit and listen long enough, you will hear one brother talking against another, one sister talking against another. It is a human condition that disallows peace.

We are struggling for equality and peace, yet, at the same time, the world is breaking out into revolution and war. Here is a man, Muhammad, whose example and whose words could solve all of the problems of humanity! However, the lack of knowledge of Him, and the rejection of him and the revelation that Allah (God) gave him compounds the condition that humanity is suffering—and even we, as Muslims.

Allah (God) says in the Holy Qur’an that the rulers have taken the Qur’an, which has another name, Al-Nur (“The Light”), and “put it behind their backs.” If The Light is “behind your back,” then what is in front of you? If the leaders of Islam have put the Qur’an behind their backs, how are you following them? Where are they leading you? Is this the reason why our world is upside-down with tribulation, revolution and war: War in Christianity, war in Islam, war in Judaism, war in Buddhism and Hinduism?

Civilization is as it was at the time of the birth of Prophet Muhammad: Teetering on the brink of total collapse into savagery and barbarianism. The world right now looks as though no Prophet has ever entered this world. From the Far East to the far West, savagery and barbarianism is the human condition.

Whose fault is this? Somebody can be blamed for this.

‘Errors in interpretation’ of scripture have
brought about division, strife, revolution and war

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that “hiding the truth” is a terrible sin. Then the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “As the Holy Qur’an teaches, mixing up truth with falsehood is equally as evil as hiding the truth.” When you “hide the truth,” the result is neither “justice” nor “peace.” When you mix truth with falsehood, you bring about division, discord, disharmony, and the result is neither justice nor peace.

The Enemy of Allah (God) has hidden this truth from the Western world, and through mixing truth with falsehood by improperly interpreting the Book.

I once heard on the news that a baby was killed in the hospital because of the misuse of a “decimal” in the prescription of morphine; instead of it being “0.5” it was “5.0”. It was an error in interpretation, and death was the result of a misplaced decimal. Well, what about misplacing the Word of Allah (God) by “adding to” it from our vanity, and not from the Revelation from Almighty God Allah?

We have been deceived by The Arch Deceiver. Muslims, Christians, and Jews have been deceived, and therefore we have wandered off of The Straight Path of Allah (God). The Bible and Qur’an teach that Satan would deceive the whole world; but, a small remnant of people he would not be able to deceive, and from that remnant would come that One that would overturn Satan’s world and his power.

If this, the Holy Qur’an, is the medicine—and it is—the question is: Has the medicine lost its potency? Has the medicine expired? As a Muslim, my answer is, “No. This Book has not lost its potency.” This “medicine” has nothing on the bottom saying, “Do not take after January 2001.” The prescription on this “bottle” says, “Keep on taking it up until The Judgment of the world.” What has expired, however, is our understanding of the use of the medicine. Our interpretations are failing us, and, therefore, our world, Islam, is being torn apart by division, by strife, by revolution and by war.

What about our Christian family? You have the Bible, and I have mine, too. Has it expired? Has it lost its potency? Why would Allah (God) send this Book Qur’an after this Bible? It is because The Enemy that had us in their hands and corrupted us had the Bible also in their hands and corrupted it. This Book, Holy Qur’an, comes as a Criterion to tell us the good of this Book, Bible, and to verify the truth of the Bible. However, both Books need re-interpretation.

This does not mean that our scholars are wrong; it means that some of these great ones have applied their hearts to the study of these Books—and they have brought out magnificent truths—but, not enough to heal the condition of the world.