Dhikr/Mantra Beads – Rudraksha Custom Vibrationally infused





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Each set of beads will be calibrated to the vibration of your choice. Once calibrated they will induce and or amplify a vibration to perform one the following

(  peace, faith, forgiveness, humility, clairvoyance, justice gentleness, protection, charity, steadfastness, power, urgency, righteousness, kindness, mastery, equity, light, patience, love, compassion, courage, sympathy, intellect, manifestation, protection, attraction, repelling, or any other peculiar vibrations of your choice for good.)

The customization process begins once the order has been placed . Please allow 14 to 30 days for delivery. We ask for your patience in this process because of the unique and delicate science that is used to attune the beads to the desired vibration. Once the process has been completed we will send your item out promptly.

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