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Ashram Products

The .’.M.M.A, offers wonderful products to help each inquirer,seeker or aspirant to gain a greater understanding of the various metaphysical and occult topics one may desire to know of our planet and universe. We also offer new world aiding tools that may assist us in achieving specific objectives that we often find difficult to achieve otherwise.

Crystal Tablets 

The M.M.A Tablets are selected lectures published by Mahatmas Muhammad as booklets of additional information that is made available to the public to help the aspirant and the seeker in their journey through the institute courses which puts you on the path to Mastering the Science of Being . These tablets contain otherwise, vital information that helps to abreast the seeker of unknown subjects and truths that fortify the mind to properly receive the more intensive topics they will encounter on the path of self illumination.

Ashram charts

The .’.M.M.A has produced over 12 metaphysical home study charts and 3 student only charts of various kinds for purchase. Such charts gives the seeker needed occulted information and understanding of various secrets of the Cosmos,ufo’s, the human body,brain, nervous system, mind, alchemical symbols and skeletal system that will lay a sure foundation to grow the seeker to more advanced topics that will be covered on a more intensive level in the home study lessons or institute courses. Some of the charts are as follows

1. Ufo/ Cosmic ship types

2. Solar System chart and occult secrets

3. Inters- confederation Star map

4. Kabbalistic Tree of Life and occult secrets

5. Meditation Chart for the Chelas of the 7 Rays

6. Mayan Star Map

7. Iridology

8. Teeth Reflexology

9. Atomic Element

10. Reflexology

and others

Here are a few of the charts we have made available to the public for purchase!

Custom vibrational infused Dhikr/Mantra Beads

( Beads can be calibrated to induce a greater vibration for peace, faith, forgiveness, humility, clairvoyance, justice gentleness, protection, charity, steadfastness, power, urgency, righteousness, kindness, mastery, equity, light, patience, love, compassion, courage, sympathy, intellect, manifestation, protection, attraction, repelling, or any other peculiar vibrations of your choice for good. We will customize your beads for you once your order has been placed. )

Coming Soon !

Ceremonial Incense

 The M.M.A has a unique selection of ceremonial incense via a theurgic process developed by Mahatmas Muhammad, from a careful study of the wisdom left by the magus and high priest of ancient time that used secret methods of incantation for the most sacred ceremonial procedures. These carefully prepared incense are a keep sake for every mystic and seeker who wishes to sanctify their personal sanctum with the highest vibrations and notable fragrances  designed specifically from our SECRET theurgic process to induce an environment of stillness for transcendency of the 3rd dimensional reality  !

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