Editor’s Note: The following Problem and its answer as shown here, was given to the MGT & GCC Class along with the Warning to the MGT & GCC by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1967.

REMEMBER: Problem #2. That Our Saviour, wrote for your admonishment. Anyone of you who have read and understands the Problem should show an example to the others by reforming yourselves. My opinion of Problem #2, is given here in the following. These Problems should be read and studied every time the Class meets. And any one of you not trying to live up to the Law laid down by Our Saviour for our improvement, must be stricken from the roll at once. No more time to waste on rebels, and fault finders of Islam. Come right or not at all. Our Saviour helps us who try to do His will and punishes the hypocrites.


The wife of Mr. W.D. Fard’s uncle in the wilderness of North America weighs other than herself; therefore she has rheumatism, headaches, pain in all joints, and can not walk up to the store. She has troubled frequently with high blood pressure, and registers more than thirty-two; her pulse is nearly eighty times per minute and she died at the age of forty-seven. How many times did her pulse beat in forty-seven years?

The physical part of this Problem is answered. So I do not profess to solving that part, but what is needed to be solved out and understood in this Problem is the spiritual aspects. So as to give Our Lost Found Nation in the Wilderness of North America, clear knowledge of the cause of their unwanted and denied presence in the better moral and more cultured society; which causes us to suffer much embarrassment.

Which does, not only, effect our beautiful facial expression, but throws the mental power into confusion and from this comes the welcome words: I do not care how I look; or what I do is nobody’s business but my own. Another unfit mother to suckle and train our on coming generation. Gone to the dogs of humanity. (The wife of Mr. W.D. Fard’s uncle is one’s father’s or mother’s brother.) By using this name (UNCLE) Our Saviour wishes to show us not to reject Him or Chide Him as a stranger.

Because He is one of our many brothers of Asiatic blood. Our fathers and mothers are His fathers and mothers and sisters, and brothers. The only great misfortune is we did not know ourselves, and most likely if a person does not know himself, how can he know his brother?

Therefore, the Uncle’s wife is his sister, and is completely robbed of herself. She weighs other than herself. The devil taught her to eat the wrong food, and to eat it three times per day, and all between meals, and drink strong beverages, and make herself fat like a poison animal. So she would be shapeless and ugly, kinked hair, ignorant degraded and abased, that no one with high morals would want such a woman or girl.

The over weight causes her to suffer from rheumatism, headaches, pain in all joints, and soon becomes lazy and careless, hopeless, using snuff and tobacco. Wearing filthy clothes, sitting in her filthy room or house, sleeping all during the day and night.

She quarrels at all times with her family, and uses the most ugly dirty language at home or in public. If chastised by the better society, she accuses them of not being better than she or not as good; she hates the intelligent sisters of her neighborhood; she sits in her door or at her window, and watches for men,

to offer her body. She enjoys all men but hates her own husband. She helps to uphold her own sons and daughters in committing acts of adultery.

If her husband’s friends visit him, she stops all her housework to sit in their presence, or in a adjoining room where she can watch the eye of her husband’s friend. If he is not effected by her alluring acts, she does not like him. She is full of lies and is always working to deceive her husband. She hates to take baths, only one per week. Then she takes a total ablution. She carries a very foul odor, and fears the bath tub when in menstruation period that she takes water to cause the flow to stop. She always buys her shoes too small and with high corked heel. This causes corns on her toes and she goes hopping in the streets. And many a time has to pull off her shoes in the presence of company.

She moves real slow, and watches everybody; to see if she is being noticed. She buys all the rubbing medicine and headache pills, laxatives the devil manufactures. Now she sits down overweight, with fat aching limbs, high blood pressure and waits for death. A sad miserable condition this devil has this once the Earth’s most beautiful woman in.

One half of her children are sometimes bastard children. They marry, and if not pregnant by their husbands as soon as expected, he is labeled as no good; and then she slips out and get children by another man, and accuses them of being her husband’s children, to cover her adulterous acts. A sad picture of the wife of Mr. W.D. Fard’s uncle in the wilderness of North America. So unclean. A recent survey by several Asiatic Nurses show only one (1) girl out of every 700 is a virgin. This is proved by Harlem Hospital in New York City.

There the records show this number is taken from school girls and that girls are caught giving birth to babies in school toilets, and school teachers are many times the fathers and mothers of these indecent acts of adultery. Awake: You mothers in the Wilderness of North America; separate your daughters from the schools of this adulterous generation. Put them in the University of Islam. Their own school and do not let girls and boys sit together in the same school. Nor go there together in the same school. WHO WILL HELP ME REMOVE THIS WIFE AND HER DAUGHTERS OF MR. W.D. FARD’S UNCLE THAT WE BE RESPECTED?

Let us take a peep at the spiritual side of this Problem #2. (She had rheumatism). This gives her pains in all joints, and at the time a headache and cannot walk up to the store. The store mentioned with the highest civilized society of Nations. And especially our Asiatic brothers and sisters of the East, whom we’ve been lost from for near 400 years. Our sisters living such life have pains of rejection at the door of every intelligent society, they try to join themselves to the intelligent Asiatic young men and even the devils bar them in matrimony. They’re recognized only at the back door in the dark, as prostitutes. Denied high paying positions in society given by moral societies. No well refined and perfect form woman or girl will class with such overweight. Underdeveloped, indecent, lazy, careless, ugly, and over average breather. Our sick homes are destroyed by home breakers, children destroyers, unscrupled, sick diseased, unbridled tongue, husband deceiver, lover of strange men, is rejected and their company shunned. (Pains in all joints) Where ever there is a joint connection. The headaches under the strain of excess weight and so the head of those people, Our Saviour and His Apostle, aching mentally, trying to reform our women of this low and outcaste condition, so they can join their Asiatic Sisters.

She is troubled frequently with high blood pressure. Blood is the fluid of life. She is always disappointed, thus she becomes troubled very often, her life is depressed, and becomes enraged; her feelings run high, and is no more moral. She goes insane and loses all hopes of moral respect from intelligent society.

Destroying her life to co-habit or mix two man’s blood in her womb at the same time. Eating poison food, going unclean, ignorant of how to be a healthy pregnant mother. Thus, the mother dies in the change of life at the age of 47. No children hardly are born to the Lost Found mother after this age.

Being overweight, burdened physically and mentally, this causes the pulse to beat fast. Because the brain and heart is over-taxed with the pulse beating at the rate of nearly eighty times per minute. This is about six times above normal for adults.

Again: We know that none of our people in the wilderness hardly live to see over eighty or ninety years. A minute is one sixth of an hour, and contains sixty four seconds. The unit of the time measurement is one eight hundred, thousands 1/86400. The time is (one eight hundred), repeat, means everything to us. Not one second should we allow to go by and leave us idle. The time is mentioned very often in the Problems. There are 3600 seconds in one hour. Often the hour mentioned in our Problem (there are 3600 seconds in one hour) repeat, means the Hour of Doom to the enemies of Islam. And meeting out of rewards to the both classes, unbelievers and believers. The square inch so often spoken of means: We must be square in righteousness before leaving this wilderness. 12 inches equals one foot. 12 tribes equals the Earth’s inhabitants of Nations. A square foot equals 144 inches, which is 12 x 12. Then if it takes 12 x 12 inches to make only one square foot or 144 inches then this teaches us to be able to stand on the square of Righteousness.

One must pass the test of the 12 tribes. The same as 12 x 12 equals 144. Then we are square 144,000 Righteous People, ready to become a cube. A cube is a solid of six equal sides or faces, this is known as equal, equality. Let us now study the cubic inches. Then the Lost Found Nation will be just one complete cubic of Righteousness. Because their number is in accord with the cubic inches in the cubic foot. Seventeen million and a little over or about 17,028,000 Originals.

Our Saviour is all wise and knows all things. Praise be to His Name. For He has brought us light, that we may see our way. Now let us who believe try to become one of the stars. The lost Found Brother or Uncle of Mr. W.D. Fard, cannot rise from this state of filth and ignorance – unless the mothers who shape the destiny of our Nation in the cradle reform themselves. Where there are no decent women, there are no decent men. The M.G.T. & G.C.C must help, and strive hard to destroy this evil that is taking every drop of virtue and intelligence out of our poor lost found Nation of Islam. A general civilization is the name of this work. Therefore; we must make our reformation correspond with the name in which we go by, or is classed by. As we well know, mere belief counts as nothing unless carried into practice.

HOW TO ATTAIN THE HIGHEST MORAL RESPECT: FIRST: OBEDIENCE TO ALL AND HIS APOSTLE. SECOND: Separate thy self from those who hate intelligence and work in opposition to those who try to live a clean life, and always got some excuse for not doing the right thing; fault finders, these you keep away. Know that this world (Devil’s Civilization) is only sport and play. Lying in the multiplication of wealth and children.


And whoever of you is obedient to Allah, and His Apostle and does good, He will give her, her reward double, and He has prepared for her an Honorable sustenance.

“O Wives of the Muslim and the Apostle, you are not like other of the women; if you will be on your guard. Then be not soft in your speech to mean least he who has a seed of adultery in his heart for you; but speak a good word, and leave not an opening for diseased heart men.

And stay in your houses, and do not display your finery like the displaying of the ignorant Christians of yore. And keep up prayer, and spend in the way of Allah, and obey Allah, and His Apostle; Allah only desires to take away the uncleanness from you to purify you a thorough purifying.

Surely the men who submit and the women who submit and believing men and believing women, and the obeying men and the obeying women and the truthful men, and the truthful women, and the men who guard their private parts and the women who guard their private parts, and the men who remember Allah, and the women who remember Allah, much Allah has prepared for them, forgiveness and mighty reward.

And it behooves not a believing man, and a believing woman that they should have any choice in their matter when Allah and His Apostle (should have any choice in their) have decided, and whoever disobeys Allah, and His Apostle (have decided) He surely strays off a manifest straying.

Dear Beloved: Our Saviour gave you a wonderful instruction when He was among us, and on leaving us He praised us all for our warnings. He said to you of M.G.T. & G.C.C., that He WOULD STAND ON TOP OF THE EARTH AND PROVE THAT YOU WERE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF THEM ALL: BUT WHAT FOLLOWED THOSE WORDS OF PRAISE WAS THIS: DO NOT LET ME CATCH YOU OTHER THAN YOURSELF. These words is a plenty for us to bear in mind at all times. Though He walked and talked with us, yet He was not such as one as us. Again: He answered what we were in C#1 Lesson. Again: We should remember Problem #2. Three one-hundred per cent of the beauty is lost by being other than ourselves. Which means 380 years living like the devil has destroyed all your Original Beauty. But Problem #31, 32 prove that He has the key to restore that which was lost. So let not lust of evil, cover your heart that you be one of the losers.

May the Help of Our Saviour be with you all As-Salaam-Alaikum