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Opponents of truth will try to break unity

Let’s take a brief look at a few of the characteristics of those who have been, are now, or will be susceptible to being by Satan, to foment trouble, in this instance between the followers of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Let’s face it fully. Not everyone loves the genuine love, which was displayed between these two men, who are first and foremost Brothers. Such persons hate this love. The most wicked have weighed the potential power of their unity. They clearly see what such spiritual fusion between these two Brothers could generate in America and throughout the earth.

Don’t doubt for one second that agents of these most wicked demons were not at our Saviours’ Day Convention. Their agents were there, whispering their spiritual poison into the hearts of any they could find open to any degree. They were there, dropping their evil suggestions in firm resolutions. This is what was written that such people would do, as it is written of them in the Qur’an. See Surahs 113 and 114.

They studied all that they could and listened in on us. No doubt they are now getting their preliminary reports together and soon they will be debriefed in detail. (This article is being written on March 1.) So what! Allah already knows what they will report and has factored it all into His own planning. When they meet He will be there too. The plans of the wicked will backfire and miserably fail.

But that does not mean that we ought to go to sleep.

It is written in 1st Peter 5:8, that especially in this time, we must “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour … .”

Meanwhile, the big work of the most wicked continues. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has stated: “The ultimate aim of this world should be known to everyone, especially the righteous.”

He further stated that:

“The strongest and most powerful weapon the arch deceivers have at their disposal is to deceive the world of righteousness (the Nation of Islam). They do not stop at the common, ignorant Muslims, but reach also for the scholars and scientists of Islam, who should be aware of their trickery and deceit.”

Still later he bluntly stated: “Under deceit, the weak minded—who have no understanding or knowledge of the arch deceiver (the devil, Satan)—are made preys in the hands of the arch deceiver. This will bring about a war as a showdown between the god of righteousness and the god of unrighteousness (the devil). It already has begun.”

The ultimate plan of the wicked is to get rid of the Nation of Islam, in particular, and Black people (and others they dislike) in general.

Remember, change of any sort always, transitional states, of any sort, is always a time of unstableness. (More about this in upcoming articles, Allah willing.)

Who are the weak minded? What is the nature of the deceit they are under? How does this process of deception of those the Honorable Elijah Muhammad termed the “prey” work? What is the mind-set of those who exercise this specific deceit, which makes many “prey” in their hands?

How have, how are and how will these whom the Honorable Elijah Muhammad called the “prey” be used against us to produce the ultimate “showdown?”

More exactly, what is a “prey?” What are the chief signs of the weak minded whom the Honorable Elijah Muhammad called the “prey?” What is a “showdown?” Will this be the mother of all showdowns? Will it be decisive? Why? What will make it so? In what ways has this war already begun? Are you on the winning side? How do you know? What’s on the other side of this showdown? What will the future be after this showdown? CAN IT BE AVERTED?

According to the above paragraph of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the primary characteristic of the “weak minded” is their ignorance of what matters most, especially at this time, to both Allah and Satan. Therefore, they really don’t know (see)—so they cannot understand what really is going on in that which matters the most to Allah and Satan.

Briefly, a prey is a person or thing that falls victim to someone or something; a victim. There is more to this meaning. But I’m not going to exhaust it at this time.

Now, what does it mean to be weak minded? According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, the term “weak minded” means (1) not firm of mind; indecisive; unable to refuse or deny (2) mentally retarded; feebleminded (3) showing weakness of resolve or thought; such as a weak-minded decision.

What is a showdown? It’s “any action or confrontation that brings matters to a climax or settles them.”

The manner in which Minister Farrakhan’s press conference, of December 22, was portrayed in the media is an illustration of the kind of deceit used, which can and did—to a certain extent—make many “prey” in the hands of Satan.

At one point Minister Farrakhan stated:

“The horror of what the prophets predicted is in our door. This is not something that we can say is coming, this is something that we can say has come, for, the horror of Divine Judgment is upon us.

“Many prophesies of the Bible and Qur’an, however, are conditional. These prophecies do not necessarily have to be fulfilled if we are wise enough to know how to beat prophecy. However, if we do not do that which will allow us to beat prophecy, and do it in a timely manner, then, unfortunately, we will have to fulfill these horrible prophecies.” [Emphasis mine.]

He then summed up how we may “beat” these frightening divine prophecies. How will the public react, if America does not change, and then that which Minister Farrakhan warned her of comes to pass? If, then, she is thoroughly in the throes of God’s chastisement, when the masses learn that you hid that truth from them that would have prevented their ruin—how will they react?

This past Saviours’ Day Convention was an occasion when we could study love. In this case it was a time when we could study the loving heart of Minister Farrakhan. What is the nature of Minister Farrakhan’s love? How does the quality of his love relate to the showdown and the question raised above: Can it be averted?

Again, what is unconditional love? How is this kind of love going to be understood in this evil hate filled, slanderous wicked civilization, ruled by Satan?

Why does Satan really think he can defeat God? What makes him think so? How does Satan see God? What is it about God, in Satan’s eyes, which makes him think he can win in a final showdown with God?

More next issue, Allah willing.

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