[Editor’s note: The following is the second installment of excerpts from Part III of the “One Nation Under God” lecture series delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on Mar. 18 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago Ill.]


In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaking at Mosque Maryam, Mar. 18. Photos: Kenneth Muhammad

Well, the Bible then says, in the days of Lot when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, the poor man’s wife didn’t get out; two of his daughters got out. The rest of the people perished. Was God a failure? See, God didn’t fail the people. The people failed themselves. The only reason, in the time of Moses, that the Children of Israel was set free is because God helped Moses—He didn’t help Noah. He let Noah preach as a condemnation of his people. Lot preached, but the preaching was the yardstick by which God killed them. But with Moses, He sent 10 plagues. The Holy Qur’an says nine.


But the help of God beat Pharaoh; beat the Children of Israel, because all the rebellious Israelites—He caused them to be bitten by fiery serpents. If a fiery serpent gets after your backside, then you might say, “I believe.” So the Son of Man now has real life and form, though in the time of Noah and Lot, He was yet to come.

In Matthew, the 24th chapter, He’s present. For the scripture says, “As lightning shines from the East”—not from the sky, but from the East to the West—“so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. For wheresoever the carcass is, there shall the eagles be gathered together.”

Well, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the carcass is you and me; and the eagles are the oppressors. The symbol of America is an eagle. You are the remains of a once great people. Look at you now. Ezekiel called us “the dry bones in the valley.”

Just look at yourself. Each one of you sitting in seats close to each other, but you don’t know you’re sitting next to your Brother. You think, ‘That’s a stranger over there. This was the only seat available, so I sat next to this Negro.’ Even you Muslims, you are no better at all. In fact, some of you are worse because you have knowledge and you’re disconnected from one another, when the knowledge should have made you flesh of each other’s flesh; blood of each other’s blood; and bone of each other’s bone.

The enemy within

I just want everybody to look at your selves. See how quick it is to call each other a n—-r? I’m not talking to you that have never heard the Teachings. I’m talking of those of you who say you’ve been in it awhile, but when you refer to your people, you say ‘Them n—-rs.’ That’s not the language of Master Fard Muhammad. That’s not the language of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. How could you call each other what God never called our people?

So the minute somebody offends you, that foul spirit manifests. That’s to show you that you are not alive; you are still a carcass in need of resurrection. So you’ve become material in the darkness that has no aim and no purpose. You’re not on time in a state of death. So, it is the Power of the Son of Man that has to resurrect the dead material and give it form and expression that it may help in bringing in a new world—The World of God.

But when you decide that this world is not the world, and you want to help God bring in a new and better world, then Satan is upset with you. Any of you that buck this world, you’ve got to have an enemy that starts eating away at you to break you down. Sometimes, the enemy is sitting right up inside yourself; sometimes, the enemy is your wife or your husband. You say you believe, but your wife doesn’t believe. When you bow down to pray, she may come and kick you; or, she comes to the mosque and wants to clean up her life.

Becoming a woman of the World

Martin Bashir on Nightline asked me, “Are you against inter-marriage; inter-racial marriage?” I said, “Yes, I am against that.” Ever since we were in slavery, we lusted after the Caucasian woman. The White man has always had access to the Black woman all the time that we were in slavery, all the time that we were sharecropping, and even now. So, I told Martin Bashir, “If two people are in love, love transcends.”

My question is, do you really love, or is it lust that brought you there? Nobody can answer that but you. But here’s a suffering Black woman; she’s in college getting a degree in engineering and you are engineering your way in the ’hood, to make a dollar, selling drugs, gang banging, hustling. She comes out of college—60 to 70 percent of the colleges are filled with women. So their pool of decent men is shrinking. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that these with bow ties and straight ties, that we’re the good men that you’re looking for. It could be, but it ain’t necessarily so.

See, when you come into this [the mosque], don’t bother with this [the Brothers], cause they may not yet be ready. They look nice, but you’ve got to look beyond the veil here.

‘What am I getting myself into?’ That’s why the Lessons in Islam teach us, “Where there are no decent women, there are no decent men.” It’s her decency that keeps you straight, keeps us straight. That’s why when she puts on something to cover herself, you don’t know what you’re getting. I’m talking about this world as opposed to their world. See, you are the woman of this world, but if you were the woman of the world, a man couldn’t get to you that easy.

The Son of Man

How did this Son of Man become a son? The Holy Qur’an says no, God does not have a son, in the literal sense of that word. Well then, how did He become a son? I want you to pay attention. Did you know that in nature there is a law that whatever the human being is deprived of, the human being longs for what is rightfully his? The longer the deprivation, the more intense the longing, and then a woman will give birth to a child that is born to satisfy that longing. Ever since the fall of man, he has been longing to get his position with God back. If you look at who you are and who you were, you would want to get back what you lost.

Even if you are not conscious of that law, you dream about greatness. Each of you sees yourself, not wrongly, but rightly; as somebody great. Then you wake up and reality hits you in the face that you’re a long way from what you dreamt. So, you long to get back to your original position with God.

So that longing came down through the generations since the fall of man, until a woman gave birth to a Man who was to answer that longing. That man was Jesus—Jesus the Christ; the Son of Man; the Son of the Original Man. So, look at how the scripture puts it so beautifully. The Son of Man comes out of the East; He has to come among the carcass; the dead. The Bible said, “He raised one from the dead.”

The Son of Man is going to beget a “son of man.” Now, follow me, follow me. That’s all I want you to do, and think. Look at the scripture, “the Holy Ghost came up on Mary.” No baby can come unless a man comes upon a woman, but this is a holy ghost. ‘Now wait a minute Farrakhan, break that down.’ I’d be glad to. Holy Ghost means a Holy One coming under the cover of darkness and He spreads Himself over the carcass, that is, a female type. In other words, you are typed in the scripture as a female because you have never met a man that could make a man from you that could withstand the Caucasian and break his world apart. You produce leaders, but never the man that will stand and break up the White man’s world and his power to rule over you. Follow me.

We’ve had some great leaders, but in order to deal with the Caucasian, you need the anointing of the Spirit of God. In order to deal with this world, successfully, you need the Anointing of God. So, this Holy One comes under the cover of darkness and inseminates one from among us with truth and the power of that truth, and raises him from the dead. Then he becomes the begotten son of man. He takes some material out of the darkness, forms it and gives it expression.

All of you sitting under the sound of my voice, why do you come out to hear Farrakhan? What is it about my word that differs from the word you get from the finest preachers, and we’ve got some of the best in the world? The difference is that this preacher challenges; not only the Satan that rules the world, but I challenge the Satan that’s sitting up inside of you, and I, if you listen to me, will bring the demons up out of you and make you into what you once were, with your permission.

I want to unpack what I said in a sentence on Saviours’ Day, so you can begin to see where the Minister’s coming from. Isaiah the Prophet says, “For unto us, a child is born and unto us a son is given and a government shall be upon his shoulders and he shall be called wonderful, counselor, the mighty”—not the Almighty—“the mighty god, the Prince”—not the King—“the Prince of Peace, the everlasting father and of the increase of his government of peace, there shall be no end.”

Now, if you meet a man like that and you decide, ‘I don’t like what this world is doing to me; what it’s doing to my sons and my daughters, my grandchildren, but I don’t have the power to change this.’ Wrong. You do have the power, but the power is in making a decision for Christ or The Mahdi. Once you make a decision for Christ, let me tell you what really happens. He knocks on the door of your mind and your heart and He says, ‘If you let Me in, I’ll stay awhile and sup with you.’

What is God saying? ‘Let Me in, man. I’m traveling in the Power of My Word. Open your ears, open your heart, and I’ll come into you. And as I come into you, your demons will come out of you, until you are full of Me.’ Then, you become the church of God in Christ! You become that.

A soldier for Christ

Now, now, now Muslims, I’ve got to tell you this, because we have decided to help God by believing in His begotten son. We have decided we don’t like this world. We know this is the world of Satan. I’ll prove to you that this is Satan’s world and you don’t need to be in love with this. You need to fall in love with the Christ; fall in love with the world that he wants to bring in and you come help him.

Look, when you say, ‘I want to help Jesus The Christ, or Muhammad The Mahdi to bring in a better world,’ what you are saying is, ‘I’m challenging Satan and his legion of devils.’ We are few in number, and Satan and his legion of devils is many, and you start looking at the numbers and get frightened. The Holy Qur’an says you are to meet overwhelming numbers, but you will not be overwhelmed by those numbers because if you are 10 people, you can put to flight 100, if you have the faith. God didn’t come that we should be unsuccessful.

Allah says, ‘Well, if you come this way, don’t expect that the road is going to be easy.’ Jesus says the same thing in the scripture. They hated him without a cause, and if you stand up for him, like you sing the song, “Stand up, stand up for Jesus, you soldiers.” See, the minute you come to Jesus, you become a soldier. If you’re not ready to soldier, then you leave Jesus alone. Don’t bother with him, because he’s marching on Satan. Satan’s got everything under his control now, except The True Christ and those who are willing to follow him.

To be continued.