December 5, 2017 · On placing the Black Woman back in Nature to restore her to her Natural Self Bro Gary why do I feel so much more peaceful and elevated when I immerse myself back into Nature ? Answer : Dearly beloved We have grossly under estimated the effect that the concrete jungle, the city life and or the prison life has had on the Black Woman. By the act of creation the woman is nature manifest so an attempt to remove her from nature is to remove apart of herself from herself. This causes intense turbulence on the Psyche of the woman and her ability to feel serene ,balanced and peaceful.Nature is constantly in communication with the Woman who is apart of itself and the Black Woman is constantly reaching out to nature for guidance and understanding of the current movement of energy and the direction of life that’s governed by the Supreme Intelligence of the planet called the Logos The black man will have to fight to re-establsih and environment that is favorable to the restoration of the Black Woman and the black woman will have to do her part in helping by severing her desire for electronics and the entertainment of this world