God has taught me, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad to Whom praise is due forever, that more
than 66 trillion years we’ve been here. We have no birth record. No man has a record of when the first
germ of life had taken place in space, no man. If you can, then you know, you are the God who knows
everything. The One Who is with us has got it in His head, His brain. He knows. He doesn’t profess or
actually teach us that, “here is a man that did so,” but He teaches that here are the people from that
Man! I know you’re ready to argue because of what you have been taught. I’m telling you in advance
that you have never been taught the truth. How can a 6,000 year-old man tell us what was back there
trillions of years ago? The white race doesn’t know anything about their first 2,000 years on this earth.
I repeat, they don’t know nothing about the 2,000 years they lived in the hills and cave sides of Europe.
They weren’t writing any history. They were savages. They give you their history of the cave man, that’s
right. They are the people from the caves, so God has taught me, and who’s better knowing of the
history of this people than God Himself. They fix and fabricate the time so far back until you wonder
were they the first people on the planet. Some of them said that it was 50,000 years ago when they
were in the caves, but I’m here to tell you that they were in the caves when Moses went there to them,
and they had been there for 2,000 years up until that time. We don’t have white people beyond that

   You must know the people. How can you reject following a person until you know him. How can you
accept a person to follow unless you know him. So, here are two Gods: Allah and devil.

  I am raised among you to teach you who they are. I have been teaching you for 35 years and now the
day have arrived. A Saviour is born. Previously, we didn’t go all the way into how He was born or why
we call Him the Son of Man. We didn’t go all the way into that, but it’s not because God has not taught
me all the details to it. I have given it to the scholars and writers of the white people. They are writing
on it. I’ve said these things in Phoenix, Arizona, a couple of years ago [1964]. I gave it to them. They
wanted it to put in a book in the library in New York, and it took me three days to give it to them. They
have it, word for word. If they change it, it is with them. They’re used to that any way.

[Excerpt from My People Are Destroyed…Proper Instructions In The Time of Judgement by Master Elijah Muhammad]

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