I’m not worried about what you believe of Moses. I’m not worried about you wanting to follow Moses.
I’m not worried about what you believe of Jesus and that you want to follow Jesus. I’m not worried
about what you believe of Muhammad of 1400 years ago and if you want to follow him. I’m not worried
about that. I’m only trying to deliver the truth that they prophesied would come to you. Those
prophets did their job and are gone, but we are at the end of a world that they suffered and died in.
Today, we want to do that which they said God told them would be done in this day and time. You have
distain or contempt for what I’m teaching, because my name is Muhammad, a name that God gave me.
You think that I’m trying take the credit of Jesus and Muhammad, no. I’m trying to do the things that
they predicted I would do.

   They have done their work and their work is on the pages of history. It has lived up to today; however,
there is universal change now taking place. They cannot carry you through this. They were not born to
carry you through this. That’s why they came from 4,000 to that of 1400 years ago. The teachings that
they gave their people in those days are not for guiding you today; only the fundamental principles of
their teachings, which is the belief in Allah as One God, believe in His prophets and their scriptures they
brought to you, do righteousness, keep up honor and respect to Allah in prayer, and give to the cause of
the truth. This is what Islam is going to keep forever; however, there is a new Islam breaking on out,
that these prophets prophesied would come.

[Excerpt from My People Are Destroyed…Proper Instructions In The Time of Judgement by Master Elijah Muhammad]

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