My People Are Destroyed – “NEW ISLAM AND A NEW BOOK” Part 2

   This book [Holy Qur’an] teaches us of what prophets had to endure with disbelieving people of this world, how Allah appointed them as a sign for this world, today. This book teaches us how disbelieving, hypocrite people treats a prophet in order to give the Muhammad of today a good knowledge of what happened to God’s Warner, God’s Messenger before him. This is what it is.

   This is a book that is given to a Last Messenger with history of other messengers, to acquaint him more into the knowledge of the people with whom he has to deal with. This is what the Holy Qur’an is. The Bible is the same. These two books stop at the resurrection of the dead and the dead are the lost member of the Black Nation whose enemies have killed to the knowledge of self and others. This book opens his eyes. A Messenger is raised who has been given the knowledge of the book. The Messenger that’s raised in the last days must have a knowledge from God of His written word given by the prophets before him. These two books, the Bible and Qur’an are made clear. The understanding or
interpretation is given to that last man and given to him at a glance. He doesn’t have to read the whole book. Just show him something in it that you found. Quickly God has already given him the understanding of it. He doesn’t have to study. The same goes for the translated Qur’an. You don’t have to read this book to me; just tell me what you don’t understand about it.

   This is an answer to Abraham’s and his son Ishmael’s prayer, “Oh Allah, raise up from among them a messenger or an Apostle from among themselves and teach him the wisdom and the book.” The book there refers to the Bible. “…for they only use conjecture…, guessing and that you know. Thousands of preachers all over the country are guessing at the Bible’s meaning; therefore, they don’t understand it and they’re still out there too proud to come and get it from one that God has given it to.

[Excerpt from My People Are Destroyed…Proper Instructions In The Time of Judgement by Master Elijah Muhammad]

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