Muslim Dinner Etiquette instructions


1. Consider your appearance when you come to the table. Personal neatness and cleanliness are important. 2. Be prompt.
3. Stand by your chair until the hostess takes her seat.
4. Sit or rise from the left side of the chair.

5. Lay napkin across your lap, unfolding it only half way. If napkin is to be used again, fold it neatly before the table at the end of the meal. Otherwise, Place it unfolded at the left of your place.

6. Do not begin until all are served.
7. Follow hostess when you are in doubt as to what to do.
8. Offer food to other people before serving yourself.
9. Do not reach for food. Ask someone to pass it to you. Never serve yourself with you own silver.
10. Sit up straight with feet on the floor and elbows away from the table.
11. Eat slowly and quietly. Keep your mouth closed when chewing.
12. Never talk with food in your mouth. Take small bites of food.
13. Break slices of bread. Take small portion at a time before buttering or eating.
14. Do not play with food or dishes at the table.
15. Never touch hair or face while at the table.
16. Use spoons for liquid or semi liquid foods.
17. In filling a spoon, move away from you.
18. Never leave a spoon standing in a cup. Place spoons when not in use on saucer or servic plate.
19. Take hold of drinking glasses near the bottom.
20. Allow food to cool before putting it in the mouth. Never blow on food.
21. Tip soup plates, if necessary, away from you in order to get all the soup.
22. Never separate or tip other dishes in order to obtain the last bit of food.
23. If you are asked your preference in food state it. Otherwise, take what is served to you without comment.

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