Mystic Masters and the 7 Ray Light Workers

Conversations Between Master Fard Muhammad and Gary Mahatmas Muhammad November 5, 2017  Music ,Angels and Spiritual Beings As I sat in my living room in deep reflection and calmness of spirit, I decided to play my piano with the hopes of bringing a more expanded sense of receptive awareness. As I played a small tune that I pieced together part by part ,( and I assure you that I’m no maestro) Master Fard Muhammad, the Supreme Ayin began to converse with me on the power of music. He explained to me that the Angels like it when I play my piano. He further exclaimed that when they hear the chords or tones of music it draws them ever close to the source from which it comes. This caused me to ask questions on certain points from the knowledge I had on tones, and modes and how they effect matter. Me: Master Fard Muhammad ? Master Fard : Yes Brother Me: What is it about music that brings them joy or attracts them. How do they know when music is played ?

Master Fard : Oohhhh brother , they can see the luminous colors that are produced from the sounds when instruments are played, These colors or sounds emanate outward into the higher planes producing beautiful colors and upon the Angels seeing this interaction of sound,matter and color they make an investigation into the source from which it comes. (This answer is paraphrased to the best of my memory at this time)

Master Fard Muhammad, family, was saying that divine harmonious ,and heart felt sounds and thoughts bring US an audience with the Angels as this act of making music causes our thoughts and the sounds that accompany them to ascend up the ladder of the planes of creation. May this message find the Mystic Masters and Chelas of the 7 Rays in the best of health and spirits. Gary Mahatmas Muhammad A Small quote from Hazrat Inayat Khan: “All spiritualists who have really sounded the depths of spiritualism have realized that there is no better means of attracting the spirits from their plane of freedom to the outer plane than by music. They make use of different instruments which appeal to certain spirits, and sing songs that have a special effect upon the particular spirit with whom they wish to communicate. There is no magic like music for making an effect upon a human soul.” Mother Tynetta Muhammad “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated that there was a missing note in music. He never explained to me the details of what that missing note might be. It is incredible for the mind to perceive that a man who never studied music or higher education would have knowledge about music and its special relationship to the Kingdom of God. He also stated that music, color, and medicine were the essence of God’s true religion. It is evident that his Master Teacher, W. Fard Muhammad, taught him advanced sciences that would be studied in the life of the Hereafter.” end quote Beloved family the words of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad to Mother Tynetta Muhammad and that of Hazrat Inayat Khan is a bearing of witness to the very words of Master Fard Muhammad to me and my family. I’ve never had any educational discourses on music but for me to post what I share on music ,sound and its effect on the Angels should cause all to deeply reflect on the imperative possibility that my family’s communication is REAL ! By Gary Mahatmas Muhammad