[During a March 8, 2013 address at the Bird’s Isle in Belize City, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan shared these words with the audience on the late President of Venezuela Hugo Chávez, who made his transition on March 5.]

“I am honored to be back in Belize, and I wanted to start tonight by offering some words of thanksgiving for the life of Hugo Chávez: The late president of Venezuela.



Hugo Chávez was a great, great patriarch, and a great servant of the masses of the people. He was so strong in his desire for the masses of the people of Venezuela, to partake of the wealth of Venezuela, that he earned the wrath of the oligarchs who ruled Venezuela, and the government of the United States of America, and others, who seem to be negative whenever somebody rises for the mass poor of the nations.

Hugo Chávez is a man that comes once, maybe, in a 100 years. But I would like to say to the people of Venezuela, and to all of those who benefitted from the charitable behavior of President Hugo Chávez, there’s a verse in The Qur’an that goes like this:

“Speak not of those who die or are slain in the way of God as ‘dead’.
They are alive, but you perceive not.”

Those who work, who attempt what The Qur’an calls “the uphill road” to free a slave, to raise a man who is languishing in the dust: That’s the “uphill road”—and Hugo Chávez traveled that road, and lifted the poor of his nation; sharing the oil wealth of that nation with the poor, with those who were locked out, with those who were the servant class for the rich.

The Poor in Belize need to be raised. The Poor of Central America need to be raised. The Poor of The Caribbean, The Poor of America, The Poor of Africa—The Poor of The World need to be raised—for it is on the backs of The Poor that The Rich have become so powerful.

So whenever God raises somebody that speaks to The Poor, and raises the consciousness of The Poor: The governments that have sucked The Life-Blood of The Poor hate such a man! And unfortunately, sometimes they are so powerful, they control the media, and they use the media to demonize a strong, Black and Brown people who work for the mass poor.

But I thank Allah for Belize…”

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