Min. Farrakhan delivers powerful message Dec. 7 at Apostolic Faith Church in a tribute to the late Rev. Dr. Clay Evans.

(Below is a slightly edited transcript of words delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan during the Dec. 7 homegoing service for the late Rev. Dr. Clay Evans, a stalwart for Christ and beloved religious, community leader and gospel legend. Rev. Evans, who departed this life on Nov. 27, was pastor of the Fellowship Baptist Church on Chicago’s South Side for 50 years. His homegoing was held at Apostolic Faith Church.)



We thank Him for His prophets and their scriptures. We thank Him for Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. But of all of the prophets, there’s only one that the Qur’an says will return and that is Jesus, the Messiah.

To the beloved family of the reverend, doctor, father of many sons, pastor to many pastors, the Rev. Dr. Clay Evans, to all of you who are present and to all who spoke and to all who sang, I rejoiced in your praise of God and in your praise of one whom God sent to minister unto us all.

To Pastor Jenkins, Pastor Sharpe, to Bishop Smith and to my beloved brother Minister James Meeks, to the choir, I want to talk to you and ask of you a question: What does it mean to be a True Disciple and Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ? There are many great characteristics that we could say about Rev. Dr. Evans. I want to thank the Rev. Jesse Louis Jackson for introducing me to his pastor, Rev. Clay Evans, and again for introducing me to the exquisite beauty of the Black church. Thank you, Rev. Jackson.

What does it mean to be a True Disciple? Because no man can be true, except he’s been tried; and Satan’s job is to try those who claim God and claim Jesus as Lord.

What does it mean to be a “True Disciple?”

It means to be baptized in the word of God, the Gospel.

What does it mean to be baptized, to be washed and cleansed in the blood of the lamb? What does it mean to be a true servant, who though our sins be like scarlet, but in the blood of the lamb, they’re washed white as snow?

Min. Farrakhan speaks at Dec. 7 homegoing service for the Rev. Dr. Clay Evans.

That’s what I met when Rev. Jackson introduced me to his pastor, a spiritual father to me and he recognized me as one of his sons. When you meet a man that has gone through the trials that he has gone through to be to us what he has become to all of us, then each of us at his home going need to re-declare ourselves. Don’t just talk about Jesus, many can talk about it. But what we need today are those who live Jesus Christ. Pastor Evans didn’t just talk Jesus. When you met him, you met a reflection of Jesus. And if all of us though we talk the great talk, if we would walk the great walk, then at his home going, there’ll be a revival of that Black church that can give salvation and redemption to our people.


Jesus, the Redeemer. Jesus, the Saviour. Jesus, who paid a price for redemption of all, all sinful souls. So, when the scripture asks the question: Is there a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole? Yes, there is a balm in Gilead to save a sin-sick soul.

So, our pastor, our father, our brother was a balm among us. He was always there to comfort us in the trials of our ministry, the trials of our trying to pastor the flock of God. And, if you know anything about the flock of God, you know how difficult it is to be a good shepherd to a stiff necked, hard hearted and rebellious people. But in him we had a perfect example of how to be true to our discipleship.

He, Dr. Clay Evans, walked among us. He made himself of no reputation, like the Master. But he made me to know that it’s not difficult to be Christ-like. He made me to know you can live this life. You can walk this path. You can face Satan with courage and beat him down in the name of him who gives us power to overcome. So, all of you great pastors, all of you great bishops, all of you great ministers, all of you great ones, and that’s all of you: Let’s come from this place today renewed with the spirit of our teacher. Let’s come from this place today saying we’re going home to our church and revive it in his name.

He’ll show you how to do it if you didn’t know how to do it because he did it in all his life, he renewed people. He took away from you the stain of sin, and he never judged us for our shortcomings. He made me a son, though I’m hated, though I’m misunderstood, though I’m evil spoken of. Nobody wants to sit with me because I have a disease of courage. I have a disease of long and love for my people that I will not shrink in the face of the enemy. So he embraced me and let me know: “Minister, it is well with our Lord.” So, to God and to God alone be the Glory. … Rev. Jackson brought me to the gospel. Yes. Rev. Jackson brought me into the Black church; and don’t be surprised that I found Him. I’m talking about the Master. I’m talking about the Messiah. I’m talking about a man baptized in the holy spirit of God.

Thank you, Rev. Clay Evans. Thank you for allowing me this privilege. Peace be unto you all: As-Salaam Alaikum.

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