God’s Plan for Our Salvation


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

[Editor’s note: The following article is based on a keynote address delivered by Minister Farrakhan on July 3, 2006 during the concluding empowerment seminar of the three-day Essence Music Festival in Houston, Texas. ]



In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.


To my dear Sister Susan Taylor, words are inadequate to express my deep personal gratitude for you and the Essence family and the sponsors of this Essence Music Festival and all of those who backed your ideas that you could bring all of us together, so many leaders, teachers and scholars, that we may share with our people those thoughts and ideas that will raise and make our people better, and help us, with the help of God, save ourselves and our children.

I brought two books with me to the podium, the Bible and the Holy Qur’an. Most of you may not have a Holy Qur’an in your home, but most of you have a Bible. The Bible is not a book to have in your house and read, put it on a shelf and not pay attention to. To all of our great scholars and teachers, the Bible definitely has a plan for human salvation. There is no reason to talk about saving and rescuing our children without understanding that there is a plan in the Bible to do just that and then some. The Bible came before the Holy Qur’an, but the Qur’an, in our understanding of it, is a protector of the truths in the Bible.

Nothing that we desire to do can be accomplished without the help of Almighty God. So I want to hear His Name mentioned more and see more respect for the Creator. I listened to the rappers say that they want to be sexy, but you cannot love yourself if you do not know yourself. One of the things that the slave-master purposefully did was rob us of the knowledge of self, so that it would be next to impossible for us to truly love ourselves.


Essence Festival attendees respond enthusiastically to Min. Farrakhan’s inspirational message of comfort and healing. Photos: Kenneth Muhammad

There is no circumstance in your life that is negative if you have a positive attitude towards what is deemed negative. A young man came to me one day and said, “Minister, my father molested me and I want to know why God would permit my father to molest me.” I told him that I do not know that I can speak for why God permits what He permits, but I would like him to look at his abuse in this manner. Many in this audience, particularly our Sisters, have been abused by fathers, uncles, cousins and so-called friends of the family that come into the house and scope a beautiful girl and deprive her of herself before she is able to understand herself. Why does God permit such things?


If the person who suffers can understand how many tens of thousands and even millions have suffered what you have suffered, with the help of God, if He brings you out of that, then He may use you as an instrument to bring others out of their pain of what they suffer. It is how you look at the circumstances of your life. There is no negative circumstance that remains negative if you have a positive attitude toward what is negative.


I want you to get away from the negative thinking of the negative circumstances that surround your personal life, that your negative circumstance was permitted by an awesome God, that He could bring you out of that circumstance and make you a saviour of those who suffer from that circumstance. You are destined to be world saviours. I will say it again. You are destined to be world saviours.

A wise God permitted us to come into slavery. I told a Jewish rabbi some time ago that Jewish people talk too much about Hitler and Black people talk too much about White people. I told the rabbi, “Sir, you have a covenant relationship with God. You should not worry about Hitler; you should think about why did God permit Hitler to do what he did if you are the people of God.” He said, “That is a highly theological question and we don’t discuss that.”

Black people talk too much about what White folks did, but God is the ultimate cause of all things either by His active or permissive Will. We must ask, Why God, did You permit our African Brothers to sell us into slavery? Why did You God, permit Arabs, Jews, Europeans and Africans to profit from the venture of the trans-Atlantic slave trade? Why God, did You permit the slave-maker to break us and take away our names, language, culture, history and religion? The White man reared us, so our women never saw our own mothers’ dressing room, for if they did, our women would be appalled today at the way they dress.

If our women knew our mothers’ dressing room, they would dress like our mother. But the White man deprived us of our mothers. If we knew our mothers, we would speak our mothers’ tongue, but we do not know one word of our mothers’ tongue because the slave-masters killed our mothers. Many Muslims were brought into slavery; the children were separated from their parents and reared to be slaves. Fathers would pray in the original language of Arabic, but when one of the children would speak in the mother tongue, the slave-master would kill that child. So as a hymn says, I could not hear anybody pray.

We grew up in America without the knowledge of ourselves, with the slave-master breaking the Black man because he did not want any Black woman to honor, cherish, respect Black males. He wanted the Black woman for himself so that he could, as Jill Scott said, dirty the water. The White man wanted to poison the stream that brings life to the nation. There is no hope for us if our women are destroyed. Women are the water of life of the nation. If the water is corrupted and poisoned, and women bring forth the children that are the future of the nation, then the children are corrupted even at birth.


The White man reared us to fear him and not God. Since the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God, he wanted to stand in God’s place so that we would fear him, that we would not disobey him, so he could then make a n—-r. God does not make n—–s; the White man makes n—–s. If that is what you want to be, then you will remain as you are. That is why the word “n—-r” is objectionable because it is the product of our slave-masters. He made us studs that went into Black women to produce children that we did not support. And unfortunately, that is our lifestyle today. We make babies, but we do not support them. Our women are hurting in great pain because we are not the men that we should be.

Sisters that do not know who they are, I would rather you not say that you are going to be sexy because that puts your beauty, charisma and fantastic self on a level that speaks of sex, which is biological but not on the level of who you really are. We must begin to understand self-knowledge, which will give us self-love. Many people love to say how much they love everybody, but are weak in the love of the Blackness of themselves, so who can trust you to say that you love everybody when you don’t love you. Jesus said the first commandment is to love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. The second commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. Who is your neighbor? You are not in a White community, you live in the ’hood.

The greatest knowledge is the knowledge of self and the knowledge of God, together forming the requisite knowledge that will make all empirical knowledge valuable. If we do not know God or self, then our education will serve the person who gives it to us. We are educated by White people, not to serve our people, but to serve them. That is why many of us cry today, because you are looking for White people to create a job for you.

Nature makes every species look out for itself and its offspring, but the enemy destroyed our natural inclination to live, breathe, fight and die for the preservation of self. What are we doing in Iraq or Germany dying for someone else, when our first effort is to live for ourselves?

Sisters, who are you? Brothers, who are you? In the Bible, Genesis 1:26, God said He made man in His own image and after His own likeness. God is a spirit and so are you. If you are in the image and likeness of God, then God must be like you and you must be like God. The apostles asked, How can you love God whom you have never seen and hate your Brother whom you see every day? There is a kinship between your Brother and God, so you prove your love for God by loving your Brother. When God sees how you love another, He knows you love Him.

What about women? Did God create women in His image? Genesis 5 reads: “Male and female created He them and blessed them and called their name, Adam.” Male and female are Adam; male and female are twin sides of the One God. When men beat women, it is like beating yourself because she is a part of you and you are a part of her—and both are a part of God. When Sisters say that they want to know themselves, they should understand that they are God, which will immediately uplift their feelings and thoughts about themselves.

David the Psalmist said, “Ye are all gods, children of the Most High God.” But Black people have been taught all of our lives that Black people are ugly and cursed children of Ham, doomed to be hewers of wood and drawers of water for other people. It is a lie, Hamitic madness covered in the name of anthropology. Before there was Ham, Shem and Noah, there was Adam. What color was Adam? If Adam was White, Black people could not have been created genetically. According to Mendelian Law, dark skin is dominant and light skin is recessive. You can get the recessive from the dominant, but you cannot get the dominant from the recessive.

So Black children of Almighty God, you are the original life in the universe. That is why White people and others are called mankind—they are a kind of a man from the original. The Bible says from one blood came all nations. That one blood is you. So when you go home, stand in the mirror and take a good look at your Black self. Look at your beautiful bodies before you mess them up.

To the White people that may be in the audience, I am not a racist. I cannot stand racism. I do not believe that any human being should try to make themselves better than another according to the color of their skin. However, since we are your fathers and mothers, then you should honor your fathers and mothers that your days may be long in the land that our God has given you. Since Black people are the first, we are direct descendants from the Lord of creation, the people of God born with the capacity to reflect Him more perfectly—which can be proven from Genesis to Revelation.

One day, I want to make a subject on the great value of the White race. They would be shocked to hear such a subject from me. They have fulfilled a very great purpose. Without White people doing to us what God permitted them to do, we would not be the people that we are becoming. As the Bible teaches, “I did not try you with silver and gold. I tried you in the furnace of affliction.” When God wants to make a people for His glory, He does not make it easy on them. He puts forces around them to try, burn and purify them. Although they enter the affliction like dross, they emerge like fine, pure gold.

Why did God permit the enslavement of our people? In Genesis 15, God said to Abram, “Know of a surety that your seed is going to be a stranger in a land that is not theirs and they shall serve them and afflict them 400 years. And also that nation whom they shall serve, will I judge. And afterwards shall they come out with great substance and thou shall go to your fathers in peace and be buried in old age.”

The Children of Israel were in Egypt for 400 years. God sent them Moses. Was he an integrationist? Was Moses’ mission from God to integrate the Children of Israel into the Egyptians? What did Moses tell Pharaoh? Let my people go. After Moses came to Pharaoh, they were persecuted more. So, they cursed Moses and blamed him for the increase of their hardships. But then God began afflicting Egypt with 10 Plagues. The last plague that God brought was the plague of death. Those who believed in Moses made the sign of an ‘X’ using the blood of a lamb on the post in front of their house so that the death angel would pass over their house. After Passover and the death angel struck, Pharaoh told Moses to take the Children of Israel out of Egypt. But then he changed his mind and sent his army to kill them, and that is when God moved to destroy Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea.


The Children of Israel were in the wilderness for 40 years, grumbling about their conditions of living and having to eat the same food every day. A slave mentality is a dangerous thing because when the enemy makes a slave, he makes the slave to love him more than they love God, Who would deliver them or themselves. So instead of putting their hope in a messenger, they put their hope in Pharaoh. So when the Children of Israel were in the wilderness, they said their lives were better under Pharaoh than after becoming independent. So in the wilderness, the slave mentality took over.

God told Moses to send someone to spy out the land, which he did. The spy came back and reported that the land was ready but that there were giants in the land. God urged the Children of Israel to go forth in the land, assuring them that He was with them. He wanted them to defeat the giants, so their name would be remembered and His Name would be glorified for what they did in His Name. But they were slaves and refused. So God concluded that they were not the people that He wanted. So He said that He would let them wander in the wilderness until they died out, but allow their children to inhabit the Promised Land.

How does this scripture relate to events in 2006? In Deuteronomy 18:18, God tells Moses about a future people: “I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren like unto thee, Moses, and I will put My words in his mouth and he will speak unto them all that I shall command him and it shall come to pass that whosoever will not hearken unto My words which he shall speak in My Name I will require of him.” You do not need a man like Moses unless you have a wicked king like Pharaoh and a nation like Egypt that would enslave a people who belong to God for 400 years.

Black people have been in America for a little over 400 years. Is it our land or a strange land? Strange customs are carried out in this land but Black people have adopted all the strange customs of the stranger. This is not the way that we lived in Africa or the Holy Land. We have adopted all of the ways of the stranger and have become estranged from ourselves.

The scripture says that the “nation they shall serve will I judge.” America is under divine judgment as we speak. This nation is falling, not because you put it down, but because the hand of God is against America for her evil done to Black people and others, but mainly Black people. The enemy is very smart and knows the identity of Black people according to scriptural prophecy. He knows our destiny and he knows that God is after us.

“My God he calls me, he calls me by the thunder, I hear him call within my soul. I ain’t got long to stay here.” We used to sing those kinds of songs in the church. You don’t have long to hang out in the bar room, crack house or whorehouse. You don’t have long to party, shaking your behind and being the low-life creature that the enemy has made. Those days have come to an end. Within the next year or two, whether I am living or dead, you will face every word that I am about to tell you. I am not here for your entertainment. The government of America and wise theologians know the scriptural identity and destiny of Black people. That is the reason the scriptures say, “We war not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places.”

The White man mistreated Black people in the church because racism and White supremacy are embedded in the church. So we were forced to form our own churches, such as the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Holiness and the Pentecostal. We are deeply religious and make more sense out of religion than all of the White preachers put together. Black preachers are some of the best preachers that ever stood up to preach. There is no one like Bishop T.D. Jakes. There is no one like Reverend Thurston of the National Baptist Convention. There is no one like the Pentecostal Bishop Patterson. You are anointed by God because you are the people of God, but you are following your slave-master to his doom and he is taking you down with him.


Pharaoh saw the Children of Israel multiplying and he hatched a conspiracy to kill all the male children and spare the female. What is happening to the Black male today? The Black male is being destroyed in front of our eyes. In colleges and universities, as high as 60 percent of the student population is female and 30 to 40 percent male. The Brothers are on the corners, selling drugs, stealing, making whores out of children and imprisoned. They are not bad people—it is circumstances. The enemy has crafted social engineering to kill and crush the Black male from rising into the Promise of God.

Some say young Black men just need education; yes, but not the kind that you have received because the White man has made you a doctor that heals nothing. We may have a doctorate in Economics, but the economic condition, not only of your people, but America, cannot be healed with your doctorate degree. There are medical doctors and psychiatrists, yet the country is full of sick people. The White man gave us education to serve his interests and only the interference with those of consciousness in that education can cause that education to work for us. Michael Eric Dyson is one of the most brilliant Black men that we have today, but he is in a White university.

I heard that my Sister Mo’Nique said that Reverend Jesse Jackson was pimping. We are negative on each other but God does not judge like we judge. We may judge a present circumstance and its negative impact, but God judges by putting the positive on the scale with the negative so that good outweighs evil. You may not think Jesse will be in paradise, but wouldn’t you be surprised. How much have we benefited from this Brother? We might have a problem with this or that aspect of Jesse Jackson but, from my heart, I say to you that he has served Black people immeasurably when he stood up to become president of the United States and beat the best of White people in debates. He gave every little Black child hope that we could rule this country. There would not have been a Governor Douglas Wilder, New York Mayor David Dinkins, entering corporate America.

So be careful when you talk about Jesse Jackson. Respect him for what he gave us all and leave his judgment to God, for the scripture says, “Judge not, lest you be in danger of being judged.” I would respectfully say to my Sister, Mo’Nique, whom I love, if you got in trouble with the police tomorrow, you would be happy to see Rev. Jackson show up on the scene. I do not care what you think of Reverend Al Sharpton and Marc Morial. You can take us all apart if you want, because we are standing in front of you so our mistakes and errors are evident. But we destroy our leaders by focusing on the negative but do not balance it. The slave-master taught us to destroy each other and that is why we kill our leaders.


I am not compromising with this world. I hate this world and I want to act with God to wipe this world off the map so that the Kingdom of God can be established on this earth, so that everyone in the Kingdom—Black, Brown, Red and White—can live in freedom, justice, equality and peace. I will be damned if corporate America is going to make me a punk because it can use money to influence people. It is time for every man who is going to be a man to stand up like a man, so that our people can go free. But your hope is in your enemy.

The plagues of God’s Judgment are on America. There is unusual drought and fire in the west and water in the east. The White man is worried about terrorists, but no one terrorizes like God. When God brings down His wrath, He is no respecter of person and He kills men, women and children. America is under Divine Judgment. If you keep your head in the slop trough, like the proverbial pig looking for something filthy to eat, then you will not see the storm clouds and lightning or hear the thunder pealing. America is not going to win the war in Iraq or any other war—tell President Bush I said it. America is going to have to reap what it has sown. Do you believe that scripture? You may not like what I am saying, but you will wake up in the morning and see disaster. God will destroy all the coastlines in America, which is written in the Holy Qur’an and Bible.

Our people must know that Judgment is here and not to come. We have to repent and clean up, or the chastisement of God is going to overtake us. You have been playing with God. Our rappers call our Sisters b—–s and whores, but when they get their awards for degrading our people, they say, “I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” The White man will give you an Academy Award for calling your women out of their name and glorifying the pimp life, so you become a millionaire on degradation and you think it is alright. You glorify your low-down life, but that is where the enemy wants to keep you in order to make you unworthy of the Promise of God.

What is the Promise of God? That He will search the earth for that sheep that was lost and bring him again and settle him on the mountains of Israel. He will choose a foolish people to be His people—that is Black people. He will choose a people that is not, to bring to naught the things that are. He will vex you with a foolish people.

As I said to my dear Brother Tavis Smiley, you cannot make a covenant with Black people until they break their covenant with the enemy. The enemy has already let you go, but God has to strike America for you to know that it is time to go.

What are you going to do in the next few years, when the dollar—for which you sold your Brother out, turned tricks, betrayed each other, killed and robbed the elderly, sacrifice your life—when it is worth nothing. It is falling as we speak. America is angry with Iran because it intends to set up an oil bourse, where every dollar that buys oil is bought with the euro, instead of the U.S. dollar. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says he is going to make the ruble strong again. He has enough oil for Russian self-sufficiency and he wants to sell the oil for rubles, instead of U.S. dollars. While these countries begin detaching oil from the dollar, Asian countries have an abundance of U.S. dollars and America is borrowing money to keep her front up. She is $8.4 trillion in debt and has mortgaged the future of 10 generations for a dollar that will soon become worthless.

Pharaoh has let you go. It is time for you to let him go. You have to leave out of the mentality of a slave and get out of the mind that you need them to secure a future for you. The problem is that you hope in them and not in God and not in yourself.

This is the reason the scriptures say, “If my people, which are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.” America needs a healing. We need a healing. The world needs a healing. The conditions are plain. You must do something to make God know you are serious about your liberation. You must stand up and recognize God. You must humble yourself and recognize that there is nothing that you can do for your liberation without the Presence, Help and Backing of God. You must pray and seek his Face—meaning seek His pleasure—and turn from your wicked ways. I hope that you heard the soberness of this message. After the party is over, we must face the serious business of saving our lives and children, and possibly the nation, because America is falling and the president is taking it down.

May God shine the light of His countenance upon us and make us again the great people that we once were. Let go of Pharaoh and let us go with God and build a mighty, strong and righteous people for His Glory.

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