I bear witness that there is but one God, Who is the author and creator of all that we see. He is the giver of life, and the ultimate cause of death. It is He who designed this creation, that every aspect of this creation is our teacher. Book knowledge is fine, but those who write books write to the best of their knowledge—but their knowledge is not absolute. But the Creator of the heavens and the earth:  His knowledge is absolute, so He is ultimately the best of teachers. And when God intervenes in the affairs of a people, He gives them someone to teach them. 


The Bible (Romans 10) teaches, “How can they know except they have a teacher, and how can they have a teacher except he be sent?”  The enemy is not going to send you a teacher to free you from the chains of ignorance that he has bound us and our people in.  And this that he calls “education” is one of the greatest slave-making devices of our enemy. 

It seems like the more “educated” we get, the less concerned we are with the pain and hurt, and suffering, of our people; and the more “education” we get, the more unproductive we are in producing the needs of our people.  So everybody else comes into our community and provides us with our necessities of life, and that’s why the immigrants can live the “American dream” on the African nightmare.  But today, thanks to the Afrikan Black Coalition (ABC), and thanks to Brother Salih Muhammad and those who are with him who helped to organize this magnificent gathering, we are blessed to be here in this space at this time, and I, as your brother and servant, am honored beyond words to be with you this morning.

I greet all of you with the greeting words of peace, we say it in the Arabic language, As-Salaam Alaikum; and that is the language of the prophets.  And those of my Christian family that are here:  Jesus never met his disciples, or left his disciples, without saying, “Peace be with you.”  What better greeting to a people steeped in self-hatred?  What better greeting for a people whose self-hatred has caused us to have a self-destructive lifestyle?  And no matter how much we visit church or mosque or synagogue, no matter how many universities or schools we attend, it has not seemed to penetrate the veil of ignorance that makes us see ourselves as “the enemy,” and are blinded to who the real enemy is.

How do you know, and recognize, a real enemy?   It’s not just the person that calls you out of your name. …   It’s not just the person who will take your wallet when you’re not looking, break into your home and steal your goods.  A real enemy is one who stands between God and the people, to take from the people what God intends for the people.  There is no creature that God created that He did not desire freedom for that creature to develop and be what God created it to be.  So freedom—and the loss of it—is due to an enemy who interferes with that quest.

Audience enjoys Minister Farrakhan’s presentation in Long Beach, Calif.



How can an ‘education’ provided by a
master manipulator teach you
of your power potential?

I loved the dancers this morning; I loved the talk.  Brothers and sisters, you are a generation born for liberation—and that’s why oft times your parents don’t quite understand you.  They mean well, and we wouldn’t be here were it not for our parents and the sacrifices that they have made to make us better.  But, they are Pharaoh’s children: Born slaves (and don’t know it), worshiping the slave master’s god, and thinking that the White man’s god will be a liberating force for us.

How long have you been under such teaching, and what condition are you in right now?  [There is a song that goes] “Mama don’t cry, we’re going to get by,” but not in the “by-and-by.”  The enemy has trained our people to think of life in the “afterlife,” so you can work for him in this life, and end up with nothing in your life.  And what are you going to pass on to your children?  “How can they know except they have a teacher?  How can they have a teacher except he be sent?”  I met a great master teacher. …   I am one of his students.  I came into the Nation of Islam after hearing my teacher, Elijah Muhammad, but I came in under Brother Malcolm.  Malcolm X was my teacher.

How much education did Brother Malcolm have?  Since we all know, nobody debated Malcolm, and won.  I was with him at Harvard, I was with him at Yale, and I was with him at Howard.  I was with him wherever he went; I was his little student, and you will always see me somewhere in the picture, looking up and admiring a great, great teacher.  Brother Malcolm defeated all the college graduates that had the White man’s education and a doctorate degree.  Oh, there were “D.D.s,” and “Ph.D.s,” and all kind of “doctors,” but they couldn’t handle a man that only went to the eighth grade. 

What kind of teacher did Malcolm meet, from a prison cellwhere most of our young men are today: languishing in prisons, or languishing on the street corners, with the bars of ignorance around their head and a heavy veil over their eyes?  And their women are in colleges, learning science and technology, and coming home to their boyfriends who can’t find a job, and the White man will give our sisters a job.  He is a master manipulator of the human condition. 



Min. Farrakhan with conference leaders.

Malcolm taught with an eighth grade education.  But my Master Teacher, Elijah Muhammad:  He only went to the third grade—and he met a Man that taught him for three years and four months, and left, and that man, Elijah Muhammad, taught Brother Malcolm.  Then Muhammad Ali came along, with a high school diploma, and I watched Ali sit White folks down with the mastery that he had.  He was our champ:  They don’t want to talk about how Elijah Muhammad gave him a name. 


Malcolm had an “X,” but all of you know him, right?  I think all you respect him . …  But they haven’t given you the full range, the breadth of knowledge that Malcolm taught from his teacher—they give you a slogan, “By any means necessary,” and leave you alone.  Because if you really understood what Malcolm really taught, you wouldn’t be in the condition that you’re in right now.  Muhammad Ali, (formerly known as Cassius Clay):  What name are you functioning under? 

“Well, I mean, I got my name from my father!”  No you didn’t.  Your father, and your grandfather, got it from the slave master who was the last slave master that had your people under him.  So are you “Mr. Robinson”?  “Mr. Brown”?  “Miss Bland”?  Who are you?  You mean to tell me that every good thing that we do, we do it, giving credit to the name of our former slave master?  What kind of education do you have when you can say “Black liberation” and you’re called “Jackson”?  “Black liberation,” and you have no African name to tie you to that great continent that you danced in honor of today? 

All our great artists and athletes … everything we’re doing gives credit to our former slave master.  And oh, yes, yes.  Barack Obama:  See, you can’t put that on Barack, now; he is “Barack Hussein Obama,” the first Black man in a high office with an African name.  “Well Farra-can, uh, what name did you have?” Well, it’s not worthy to talk about it; a “wall” and a “cot”:  “Mr. Walcott.”  And they loved to call me “Louis Walcott.”  Malcolm refused for the White man to call him by his old slave name; he forced them to call him “Mr. X.”  They say in mathematics, “What is ‘X’?”  That means “unknown,” because you stripped me of my name.  Kunta Kinte, now “Toby”? 

You say, “Well, what difference does it make?”  It makes a lot of difference:  You are not free operating in your slave master’s name.  You are not free bowing to the White man’s god.  You are not free—and you will never be free—with your ignorant knowledge of God, and Jesus, and the prophets.

“How can they know except they have a teacher …”  Jesus wasn’t White.  The Bible describes him: he had hair like lamb’s wool.  Dear brothers, and sisters, Jesus was your brother, from the same God that you are from.  A magnificent human being; he was so righteous, that of all of the prophets, they admire Jesus as the most obedient to God.  Jesus said, “I didn’t come to change the law … .”  Check it out:  God doesn’t change because society wants change; God don’t follow our whims.  This thing, “universe,” has been in existence for trillions of years.  Why should God change now?  How did you get here?  The God Who created every thing gave every thing that He created a Law of Reproduction; so He created everything “in pairs,” so teaches the Holy Qur’an. 

Wow …  That’s why we’re still here:  in every generation there’s more children, more people growing up.  The same beautiful rose that was here last year?  It died, you know, but in springtime it’ll come back again, because of the Law of Reproduction.  You go to the movie, you see horses that are depicting ones in old times.  Well, that horse has been dead, but it reproduced itself.  And wise White people:  If they have a great champion male, his sperm is so valuable that they stud him, bring female horses, so that he can produce what?  Another champion.  But you?  We produce champions on the fly, the backseat of an old truck, a car; an elevator shaft; you know, we don’t care where they put us, you know what I mean? (Smile.) 

Brothers and sisters, you are so great, that’s why the enemy doesn’t want you to know yourself!  Because if you knew yourself, and would try to be yourself rather than being a replica of your enemy.  We could be free overnight.  You’re a special people.  You’re not ordinary!  Look at the giants that have come from your womb, sisters:  Those aren’t any “duds,” they are real giants!  And the enemy is scouting from preschool:  “See that one?  Now, that one is going to be dangerous for us!  Look at him, he’s fidgety: Dope him up, give him some Ritalin …”  They’re trying to kill you so you will never realize the power potential that you have.  They won’t allow the real history of you to be taught.  Oh, they’ll bring someone to teach you a little “Black Studies,” that’s very limited—and I don’t know how that produces a marketable skill. … But Malcolm had it (Black studies) from prison, and became a giant.  People all over the world bowing to the majesty of a man with an eighth grade education, but with the courage to stand up against a system of White supremacy to give you and me some strength to stand.  If there is nobody to stand in front of you, maybe you won’t know how to stand up.  That’s why they kill your leaders that are strong, because they don’t want you to know your strength. 



How do they train a lion and make it look like a pussycat?  They keep it away from an old lion.  It still has a “roar,” but with a light touch.  But when it meets a real lion, it roars like a lion; then it wakes up The Lion in a lion.  They know who you are.  You left a Sign in the desert in Egypt of Who you are.  The Sphinx: The body of a lion with the head of a Black man. …  You can tell he’s Black, now, you know, a nice-sized nose, and lovely lips … You say, “Oh…”  And what do they call him?  Abu Al-Houl: “The Father of Everything.”  Where did they learn mathematics?  They got it from you, from your fathers who built civilization while the White man was crawling around in the hills and cave sides of Europe!  Stand up, Black man and woman, and be yourself, and stop copying this freak of a human.


I know, teachers, this sounds a little raw, you know …  but let me tell you something:  Diplomatic b.s. can’t wake this people up and get them on the right road; speak straight words to them, or shut up. …

The colt and the ass who, with proper
knowledge, can revolutionize our condition

Dear students, you are so, so beautiful.  As an elder, do you know this is the greatest honor of my life:  To be able to come here and talk to those who will be here when I am gone, to continue the struggle on another level.  Do you know who you are?  Let me give you a picture, from Jesus:  Jesus was talking to his disciples one day, and he said, “I want you to go and you’ll find a donkey,” (well, he said a “jackass”), “tied, and a colt is tied with him.”  Now any time something is tied, that means it belongs to somebody.  And Jesus is not a thief—but he told his disciples, “Go and loose them.  And if anybody asks you, tell them: ‘The Master has come, and has need of them’.” 

Wow, he didn’t offer them a nickel; he didn’t offer them a dime.  He just took the ass … (Wait a minute!  I’m not cussin.’).  And he took the colt.  Now, why didn’t he offer them something?  He didn’t offer them nothing.  Do you know why?  Because the one that had them had run out of time.  Jesus was in his time, and he had paid a price, or was about to pay a price for the freedom of all of them, so he had a right to them because he was willing to die for them.

I saw Congressman John Lewis on television last evening.  Our people are so frightened ….  “Oh my God…We thought Hillary would be the first female president.”  It would have been beautiful.  Many of my friends voted for Hillary.  I tried to tell them, “Hillary was never your friend.”  Never.  It doesn’t mean she did not do some acts of kindness for you—for a reason, and a season.  Did you know that Joe Biden and her husband, Bill Clinton, were the architects of that crime bill that got most of these Black men now languishing in prison?  I mean, did you know that?  Well, didn’t that touch your heart, that a woman was so cold, that for just a blunt, or a little crack cocaine, you’re doing three to five years in prison, working as a slave; the 13th Amendment being used, now, against you?  Do you know how they did it?  You’ve always got to check the White man…

So, here comes Jesus riding into Jerusalem on the donkey.  And what were the people saying?  “Hosanna!”  They thought Jesus to be The Messiah.  And some of his enemies, the Bible said The Jews, were standing close by, and they said: “If we don’t stop him now, the whole world will go after him.”  What were they afraid of?  The truth in Jesus’ mouth was condemning them.


Do you have a Bible somewhere with a lot of dust on it?  I’m sure you do.  Because, you know, you’re too hip for the Bible. …  We sometimes go to our people and we want to talk to them, but they’ll say, “I don’t want to hear that [expletive]!”  They use a four-letter word, you know; because you know your parents got duped.  Poor preachers.  I mean, preachers are catching it today, because the youth see preachers as pimps, hustling grandma, and ma, but not really standing up for the people.  So whenever they (the enemy) kills one of us and the people want to rise, the preacher comes and calms you down, and [pleads], “We must be peaceful.  Oh, violence is terrible; we must be peaceful.”

How did you take the country, White man?  “We must be peaceful”?  No.  You saw something of value, and you took it.  Were you peaceful in Africa with our fathers?  You saw something of value in your plan to take Black men and women out of Africa.  That’s kidnapping, bringing them to America and stripping them of the knowledge of their name, their language, their culture, their religion, their God, their history, their country, and then hitching them to a plow to work for 310 years for no pay.  So our fathers produced the wealth that America had, from slavery and cotton, that financed the Industrial Revolution.  We did it … they did it on our backs. 

What do you have to show for it?  Oh, my dear brothers and sisters, look how many of you are playing ball in these wonderful institutions of learning.  And what did they give you?  “A scholarship.”  Oh.  What are you studying?  “Oh, hey, I’m playing basketball, man.  I mean, they’re giving me a little something to study, and I’ve gotta pass it because if I don’t, I can’t play ball.  And I’m only here to play ball!” 

Brothers and sisters, while you are in college, do you understand your role?  Why did Jesus want the colt as well as the ass?  What is the sign of the Democratic Party?  Is it not the donkey, which represents the unlearned masses of the people?  You have been used, like a donkey.  You can put books on the donkey’s back, but, if the donkey can’t read … and some of you got out of high school reading at a fifth grade level—but you sure can play ball.  And the White man scouted you, brought you in, gave you a scholarship; shows you the pretty girls, promises you fame. … Right.  And you get these silly courses:  You’re just getting a degree to please mommy and daddy, but not a degree to make you a nation builder?  See, I heard you talking “we’re a nation”:  Nations can’t rise on ignorance!  Nations rise on knowledge and wisdom!

A lesson on “light” (knowledge):  Just as someone can switch on or off a light—that’s always the problem when you have light:  The people that love darkness are quick to want to put you back in darkness.  See, you can’t have a revolution without light!  Here you are sitting, or standing on a planet that’s 196,940,000 square miles, 24,896 miles in circumference, 7,926 in diameter, with a weight of six sextillion tons, and there is the sun out there, 93 million miles away.  The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second; so for the light to strike the Earth, it takes 500 seconds (8 minutes and 20 seconds).  So when the light of the sun strikes the Earth, no matter the mass of the Earth, she starts spinning (revolution around the sun). 

That’s what creates “revolution”:  Not a gun.  It’s the Light of Knowledge.  And, that’s why the enemy wants to keep us away from light, away from knowledge.  And then when there is a man in your midst with knowledge, with light from a Light-Giving Son, they say:  “He’s a hater.  He’s anti-Semitic.  Oh, he’s, he’s homophobic!”—everything to turn you away from your brother. 


I’ve only been here 20 minutes, and do you know I could wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning, and teach and teach and teach and teach, and teach … .  And if you would Google “Farrakhan,” you can’t run out of the knowledge; there’s so much of it there.  No, I’m not looking for any praise; that’s foolish.  But they want to keep you from me, just like they wanted to keep you, in that generation, from Brother Malcolm.  Some of these hypocrites that say, “Malcolm was my man!”—but I was with him: I didn’t see you back in them days.  You same intellectual learned Negroes were running as fast away from Malcolm like you’re running from me.  You’re afraid of your enemy censuring you for even saying that you visited with Farrakhan.  Yes, that’s right: They are like Nicodemus. …   They treat the Minister like some prostitute.  You know how you do:  You don’t want your wife to know you’re going with the prostitute, so you sneak into the red light district under disguise.  So they come to me, “Hey, Farrakhan, how you doin?  You know I’ve been with you all the time, you know.  You’re really brilliant, I’m telling you. …  I need some advice.”

Disconnected, dry bones in need of
a ‘kick start’ towards uniting and doing for self

The moment Barack Obama became president, the same night after he was sworn in, members of the Republican Party met in Washington, D.C. in a home, and they decided they would never back his legislative agenda as though he’s not an American!  What should a Republican do; if a man in office is offering something good, what should you do?  You should help it!  You should strengthen it!  If the Affordable Care Act was weak, why didn’t you help to make it strong?  They hated that man; they called his wife an ape, a monkey.  Are you familiar with the way they dogged our brother?  What a classy man … what a brilliant woman.  They had to endure a lot.  More death threats on him than any president in history.  What was his crime?  He was a Black man in a White House.

If on the 20th [of January] my brother, and his beautiful wife and daughters, can get out of that with their lives … .  He is still a young man, brilliant—but he couldn’t work for us.  And many of you are disappointed he got gay rights passed; but that was a coalition of Republicans, with Democrats, that wanted gay rights over our rights.  They gutted the Voting Rights Act, did they not?  Then Hillary and Bill Clinton (and the crime bill):  On the 13th Amendment you are set free, unless you commit a crime; then they can put you right back in slavery.  So here’s how they do it:  “Stop and frisk”—which Trump seems to like.  Oh, but don’t you be afraid. … It’s your time.  I want you to think.  This man may be the best news for you.  “How could that be?”  Because you need a kick in your behind to start uniting, and stopping this foolishness of begging the White man for what you could unite and do for yourself. 

Trump is going to give you the kick, now; but it’s not because you don’t deserve it.  See, have you read in the Bible about the “dry bones in the valley”?  How many of you have heard the preacher talk about the “dry bones”?  Look at this:  The bones were disconnected.

Are we disconnected?  The different sororities, fraternities in the room:  Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, right?  Phi, Beta, Sigma, Zeta …  But these are letters of an alphabet.  How the hell can you talk on one letter?  How can you express yourself fully with just a letter?  If the letters don’t come together and make a word, and the words don’t come together to make a paragraph—and the paragraphs don’t come together to tell The Storythen all you’ve got is a letter, and you’re divided against your brother and sister!  That’s how the White man has got you so stupid …  are you Black? Are we in the same condition?  Are we the same people who’ve suffered the same hell?  Shouldn’t we want the unity of the whole?  Shouldn’t we want that?  Well, now we are at this point where the Son of Man is speaking to the bones, and the bones are talking to each other.  The bones are saying, “Our hope is lost, our bones are dried; we are cut off from our parts.”


“Give me the donkey, and give me the colt”:  I’ve been holding the Light a long time.  …  I have been holding this Light for 62 years, and White folks have been doing everything in their power to keep you from me.  So now, I don’t ask for any honorarium; just when you lend me your ear, that’s my honorarium.  I don’t need anything else but your ear, because once you hear the right word at the right time, it touches something deep within you, and you know when you’re hearing the truth.

It’s time for you to get up and take your education seriously.  Go back and look at your curriculum; look at what you’re taking.  If it’s meaningless, challenge yourself.  You are strong enough to master any course.  Don’t let your guidance—or misguidance counselor (yes, because they are there to misguide you).  You say, “Oh, I want to be an engineer!” and they will say, “Hey, hey, no … You know, we have a carpentry shop.”  They want you to take courses that they can make money off of you on your scholarships, but they don’t want you to be able to leave college and be a shining light in the liberation struggle of your people.  Go back, and if you can, change your course.



Engineering is vital and necessary.  How many of you saw the movie Hidden Figures?  I advise you to go see it.  Because a White man wouldn’t have been able to get to the moon if it were not for our Black sisters and their mathematical genius.  And look how long they hid that knowledge from us—I didn’t know anything about that.  My wife went to the movie and said, “You’ve got to go see this.”  And when I went, a young Black woman [Katherine Johnson], who was a mathematical wizard:  She had 30 of her sisters with her at NASA; and when John Glen was orbiting the Earth, she was the one that figured out the precise moment in time that that capsule should enter into the Earth and be able to come through the heat of reentry, and live.  A Black woman!  Oh sisters, you’ve got to know it’s no accident that they kept that from us; three generations have passed!  And if our girls knew this when it first happened, we would’ve been in college taking those kinds of courses, and 60 years later we would be putting our self in space.  You are a great people …  But how can you know?  You have to have a teacher.  …


You, college students, are the young colt, and the unlearned masses (the ass) out there are waiting for you.  You are going to lead them; you are going to guide their hands to build a nation.  You are going to do the things that will inspire the hands and the feet to walk toward liberation, true freedom.  I heard you talking about “a price to pay.”  We have to be willing to pay the price so that the babies that you will bring forth on this Earth will be giants from your breast, and from your lips, from the knowledge that you will gain in your studies.  All forms of engineering, we must get into it; and agriculture.  You can’t keep letting the White man feed you garbage.  They are killing us slowly; and, as McDonald’s says, we’re loving it!  This (your body) is the real House of God.  To go to church and tithe (is one thing), but the “House of God,” you’re in it now; the House of God is you.  The question is, “What mind is in you?”  “Let this mind be in you, the same that was in Christ Jesus.”  Do you know what that means?  The Mind of God is your inheritance.

Beware of the enemy scientists of evil

You are gods, children of the most High God.  The mind that you have is the mind of your oppressor.  He made us into himself.  He’s a devil and that’s why we’re always raising hell.  He made you and me into him.  And that’s why that master teacher, Elijah Muhammad, he brought Malcolm up.  He taught him.  “Oh, that man, he was an adulterer.  He was this.”  Stop. Stop. Stop.  You young men, how many girlfriends do you have on the campus?  You got these girls all upset with each other because she thought she was the only one and found out you were romancing two or three and you can’t do nothing for them.

See you’re playing with women because they outnumber you now, 9 to 1. See the more women that you have, less men, that is devaluing you.  You’re running looking for a man.  If you can’t find a man, you find another sister.  Wait a minute.  Don’t run away from me.  I’m not against you.  I don’t care what your sexual preference is.  I’m your brother, not your judge.  I love you but I know the enemy doesn’t.  And as long as you love each other you won’t procreate.  So that means it’s no more Black people coming.  And if he can make us as men love our men, then where are you?  Make you as women love other women, where is the future of our people coming?  We have a Nation to build.



So I don’t want anybody who is LGBTQ to think I’m talking down to you.  We’re not going nowhere without you. You are some of the most brilliant of our people, but the enemy is a scientist of evil.  Have you seen this commercial: “Have you taken this pill and you find out you’re developing breasts, stop taking it immediately.”  Just a pill, that’s chemistry for you.  These are masters of chemistry.  Now, wait, then they say, “If you take this pill and you find yourself having suicidal thoughts, stop taking that pill immediately.”  You mean a pill can influence the way you think?  Another pill with chemistry can create breasts among men. 

Now, I’m going to share something with you.  You know I’ve been a cancer victim and we won, and then recently the doctors told me with my PSA that the cancer was back.  They tested my bones.  They tested my lungs.  They tested my brain. They couldn’t find it.  But they gave me a shot called Lupron and this Lupron shot mimics what women feel when they’re at menopause.  You know how sometimes you’ll have these flashes?  They wanted me on it for a year and a half but I started developing some breasts. I said, “This is terrible here.”

I’m not embarrassed. I’m dealing with the chemistry of a scientist now that he can make you think you’re a homosexual.  He’s feminizing the Black man.  Just give me a few minutes, and don’t run.  How can you know except you have a teacher?  I’m not angry with you or hateful of you.  You’re all I live for and if I can’t teach you, it’s time for me to die. 

But look at this: This enemy, chemically, is producing something against nature itself.  Listen.  They put some estrogen in the water.  Did you hear me?  The male penis shrinking down. I mean you can laugh but it ain’t funny. Now they come out with a pill: “Hey, this will help you add some inches.”  See they took away what you had naturally then they offer you a pill from the pharmaceutical companies to give you back growth and then tell you in an ad: “She likes it more if it’s bigger.”

See, I’m telling you your sex drive is being used against you.  Then look now, he takes our young men, put them in prison. The old prisoner sees a round little buck coming in the jail.  “That’s gone be my b—h.”  Did you hear me?  I whispered it.  Next thing you know that person is raping a young boy.  The boy is ashamed.  They test you coming in to see if you got any disease but when you go out they don’t say nothing.  They’re experimenting on our children. You’re under genocide.  Who’s going to say it?  These punktified leaders who want something from the White man but won’t tell the truth. 

When has it ever been a problem with a Black man having an erection?  Great grandpa was 90.  I’m not trying to be vulgar.  “So look, we have Viagra and if you want three days of Cialis will help you.”  Some of you are having heart attacks because they didn’t tell you what it would produce.  This is what they’re doing to us. … 

Chemistry can change the way you think because you are a biological chemical creation.  Too much of this will produce that.  Too little of this will produce something else.  You are the guinea lambs of White experimentation. Do you want to build a nation?  I heard you talking about it.  Do you really want to do that?  Do you think they really want you to do that?  They don’t do they?  Then what will they do to hinder you?  Let’s deal wisely with them, lest they multiply and join on to an enemy and come against us.  This is the way they think. …  “Just take this pill and this will stop you from being pregnant.”  And then with abortion laws, you get pregnant and you’re afraid so you kill the fruit of your womb not knowing that that fruit that you just killed is an answer to some of your own prayers. …

How can we take control of the Black community and make it a decent place to live?  How can we do it?  We have to take control of the educational system. That’s where they’re killing us with their school system. Don’t you think we have educators that can develop curriculums rooted in our rich history that can make a better Black boy or girl than the public schools are doing?