[Editor’s note: The following article contains excerpts from a message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on the 24th Anniversary of the Million Man March and Holy Day of Atonement held at Christ Universal Temple in Chicago on October 13, 2019. This is Part 1 of a two-part article.]

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful. 

There are no creatures superior to the human being. The human being is the supreme of the creatures of God. In fact, the Bible calls us the Glory of God, but all of us have fallen short of the Glory of God and have not measured up to what God created us to be. Satan has made sure and has done his job, but his time is up.


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

We thank Allah for all of his prophets and messengers and the scriptures which they brought. We thank him for Moses and the Old Testament, Israelite Prophets.  We thank him for Jesus and the Gospel and the Apostles who gave us what is called the New Testament. We thank him for Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, the Great Prophet of Arabia, who brought into the world a final book to finish out the 6,000 year work of Adam and Adam’s progeny. 


But we’re entering into a new day now where God and his Christ have come to take over the rule.

The rule of the earth under the wicked has been a horrible nightmare. In the Bible, Jesus made a parable of the wicked husbandmen. The owner of a vineyard let it out to some wicked husbandmen; and he charged them to bring in the fruit thereof.  But unfortunately, they were not good.

And then the owner sent his son into the vineyard and they slew him. The wicked will always try to slay one who presents an example of what righteousness is. So, the wicked rulers couldn’t stand the son because a clean glass makes a dirty glass look just like it is.

So, they tried to kill the son and they did. So, Jesus asks a question. He said, “What will the Lord of the vineyard do when he comes?” And they answered saying, “He will utterly slay them.” So, the wicked now are running around trying to put it together. Poor things, because the end has come.  

Brother Ishmael Muhammad, as he was introducing me, said God had come to fulfill His promise that He would come and He would choose a people that were no people at all, a dead nation of a once great living people styled as the dry bones in the valley.



But He would choose them as His People, and He would be their God and He would raise them from a dead level. Some of the wise ones among us say “to a living perpendicular.” I said, “a wise one” says it like that. The foolish don’t know what a living perpendicular is. But it means taking you from living your life on a horizontal level. That means that you’ve never really grown up because babies come in the world and they’re on a horizontal level. And after a while, without any instruction, they look for something strong to pull up on and they start standing up perpendicular to the earth. That’s what is called “a living perpendicular.”


Now, you grow up into physical uprightness. But it’s so sad that we live our lives after the beasts of the field and the serpents and the snakes of the grass. We’ve fallen so low that we are considered by God and the prophets “lost souls.” Some so lost that some of them called them irredeemable. “Nothing can redeem them.” Well, you just haven’t met Jesus the Christ. You have not met Muhammad the Liberator. …

Twenty-four years ago we were in Washington doing an impossible thing. We called for one million men to come to Washington, not to picket, not to beg the government, but to atone to God for our failure as men to shepherd our families, to be the guides of our people, the guides of our family, the good husbands of our wives, good fathers for our children but we knew we had messed up. So, I didn’t want anybody coming to Washington thinking we’re going there to beg the government. Begging the government is folly today. Whatever you think you want from the government ask them can they produce it.

They’re broke, $22 trillion in debt, that’s why our dear president has put $750 billion into the military because America will say to the world that it owes, “Don’t even try to collect. I’ll blow you off the face of the earth.” That’s why he’s still making new weapons of mass destruction. He’s trying to frighten the world. He owes China over a trillion dollars, Japan, England, poor fella. But he’s keeping up a good show. But in a few minutes, the bubble is going to bust; and in a few minutes you will see how poor and raggedy America is.

God is lashing her now. As my great national assistant said, “Our teacher told us that the day was coming when the temperature one day would be between 80 and 90; and within a few hours, it would drop under freezing. Now it’s happening. This past spring 19 million acres of land failed to be planted because of weather. Those that got planted, planted late. So, it’s a late harvest for them now. But they’re expecting two feet of snow in the Midwest. So, what they thought was going to come out of the earth is buried under the snow.

The words of the Master are coming true. In the 24th chapter of Matthew, he talked about things happening: Wars and rumors of wars. Famine, pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places, nation rising against nation, and kingdom against kingdom and then he said, “This is only the beginning of sorrows.” 

Have you seen that the storm clouds of war are gathered not only throughout the Middle East but the whole earth is filled with war talk, war preparation? You can talk about turning your spears into pruning hooks. They’re turning their pruning hooks into spears. Food cultivation is taking second place to preparation for war. Where will you be? What will you be doing when war is declared? 

Iran figures big in it, so does Israel. But the scripture says, when Jerusalem is surrounded by armies, don’t go in the house, flee to the mountains. This is just the beginning of sorrows. 

Then Jesus says, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation. Every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” And if Satan casts out Satan, he’s divided against himself so how then can his kingdom stand? …


Audience listens to program at Christ Universal Temple.

Did you think that you were holy because you’re in church? Don’t deceive yourself any longer. The church is full of devils. The mosque is full of devils. The synagogue is full of devils. Stop it. Don’t argue with me because I have the truth. And, I’m going to hurl it at falsehood until it knocks out the brains of falsehood. So, if you want to hold on to the false idea that you are somehow holy, I’m going to finish that quickly. No. Nothing holy in here.  Aren’t you in here, Farrakhan? Yes, I’m in here. Aren’t you holy? No, but who supports me, who backs me, who covers me is holy, so I stand in His holiness to reach out to my fellow sinners.


Remember when Moses met God? God told him, “Take off your shoes. The ground where you stand is holy.” He didn’t say, “Moses, you’re holy.” The ground where you stand is holy because I’m standing here with you, Moses. So, what we have to do is get a closer walk with God. The more you get closer to God and walk with him, His holiness rubs off on you and me and His presence in our lives purifies us from the stench of Satan’s urine. Satan is like a snake and a skunk that has urinated on the human family. Wait, wait, wait, wait, Farrakhan. I’ve got a brand new suit on. I don’t care what you have on. See, the stink is not in the suit. It’s coming from what the suit is covering. You can’t cover up sin with suits.

You can’t cover up sin with white garments. You can’t cover up the funk and the filth of Satan’s world. He’s a skunk of the planet earth. So that’s why Jesus said, wash and be clean. Wait a minute. I’ve tried. You haven’t tried hard enough. We play with God and we play the Jesus game. Jesus is on first. I’m going to bring him home. But Satan is busy and Satan’s helpers are catching. You can’t bring him (Jesus) home. He knocks on the door of your mind and your heart and he’s asking us, “Let me in.” I didn’t say, “sing him in.” I didn’t say, “dance him in.” Time is up for foolish worship, which is disgraceful to God. It’s holiness that He wants. It’s righteousness that He wants. He knocks, will you let Him in?

Paul said, “Let this mind be in you.” What kind of mind, Paul? “The same that is in Christ Jesus.” What kind of mind is that, Paul? That’s the mind of God. What kind of mind do I have now? Look at the deeds of your hands, and the thoughts that we think, and tell me, whose mind do you have? The time for playing games with God is all over. He’s very disturbed. God is angry. As it is written in Revelations 8:18, “The nations are angry and thy wrath is come.” What kind of wrath is that? You talk about when you get angry, “don’t mess with me. You don’t want to put that over on me because I’m ready. I’m a bad Negro.”


The Minister’s Oct. 13 message was broadcast live via internet.

You about to get a whipping, boy. You’re not bad enough to hold God off from His chastisement of us for our failure to follow the Guidance of God. Well, wait a minute, I got on a white garment. Stop. Stop. Stop. Let’s not go to the white garment. Let’s not go to the bowtie. Let’s not go to the collar. Let’s not go to the cross that we fake with. Let’s stop a moment and say, “How can my garment become clean? How can I be purified on this Day of Atonement? What’s wrong with the words from my mouth? What’s wrong with the deeds of my hand? What’s wrong that I feel like I feel? I feel I’m a Christian. I feel I’m a Muslim. Well, stop feeling and start being.


All of us can be better than what we are. We’ve got a president that’s always talking about fake news. Either we are “fake Muslims” or we’re real. Either we’re “fake Christians” or we’re real. Either we’re “fake Jews” or we’re real because the world is totally messed up. So where are the righteous? Where are they?

We in church, but Satan laughs, “I got them.” Now, if our garments are to be clean, Jesus said, “though your garments be red like scarlet,” he will wash them clean in the blood of the Lamb. What does that mean? You can’t wash garments white in blood. There is blood that can purify the filthiest of garments, and that’s the blood of the Lamb. What is the blood of the Lamb? Jesus didn’t just offer us a word, he offered us his life. You can’t play with that. Muhammad said, “Two things I leave with you today. I leave with you this Qur’an and I leave with you my example.” Jesus said it like this: “Eat this bread. This is the bread of life. It’s the word of God. How many of us really ‘eat’ the word? I didn’t say read it. How many of us make the word a part of our daily diet?

The word has a purifying affect, if we accept it. Reading it and quoting it, that’s a start. We have too many readers, too many quoters, but not enough livers. We’re going to have a little “Come to Jesus, meeting.” Now, if it gets hot, just get a fan and fan wherever it is hot; and you don’t have to go to your brain because you don’t use that enough for it to be hot. I love being at C.U.T. (Christ Universal Temple). Dr. Johnnie Colemon was like a mother to me. I love Johnnie Colemon. I loved her preaching. I loved the way she worked the word and tried her best to live the word. That’s my Johnnie. I carry her in my heart. She’s Christ Consciousness.

If you’re not conscious of Christ, meaning you have him in your mind all the time. Jesus said, “You take this wine at communion and drink it. Drink it as oft as you can in remembrance of me.” You really took that serious. You drank it so much you forgot him. Drunk as hell and you are going to blame it on Jesus because he turned water into wine? Fake Christians. 

Muslims, we have some fake going on here watch. Is there such a thing as a fake Muslim, what you talking about? A world full of them. How could you tell me you are with Allah (God) and you have your AK-47 saying, “Allah-U-Akbar!” shooting at Muslims. The person on the other side is saying, “Allah-U-Akbar,” and shooting back at you. All those Allah-U-Akbar’s cancel God out. The blood of a Muslim is sacred. The property of a Believer is sacred. Why do you have a gun in your hand against each other?



It’s the example of Jesus Christ. How could you say, “I am the Way?” That’s Jesus talking. The way to what? You are on the way to hell on a rocket ship talking about Jesus is the Way. He isn’t on the way to the hell that you’re going through.


See, he’s the end of fake Christians, fake Muslims, fake Jews, fake religious practices that extol the virtue of God and the virtue of the prophets of God and yet you’re lying in the gutter like a cheap prostitute. “I am the way.” “I am the truth.” “I am the light.”

I’m trying to show these how to live. The rulers of this world don’t like Farrakhan and I don’t give a damn. Oh my God, he cursed. This is terrible. Jesus wept and Farrakhan cursed. He cursed like the Jesus I know who went into the synagogue and beat the robbers out of the synagogue who were using the synagogue as a place of money changers.  Somebody needs to curse the money changers. Somebody needs to curse the whores that prostitute Jesus Christ, prostitute Prophet Muhammad, prostitute the Bible, prostitute the Holy Qur’an and then walk around like they’re righteous people. 


Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon

There’s too little rebuke, correction, exhortation in the Name of Christ. We don’t even realize that the garment of the church is being spoiled. How is that, Farrakhan? Well, the mosque garment is spoiled, too. And the Jews church, it’s kind of messed up because you do so much evil. That’s why Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement) is so important because it allows a sinner to try to cleanse his or herself. We all need atonement. Aaron was something. He stood in the gap swinging incense. Get the funk out of here. I didn’t cuss. I did not. But we have to get the funk out of here, out of the mosque, out of the synagogue, out of religious houses and then get the funk out of the world, then go make the world a House of God.


Aaron, bless his heart, swinging the incense but our funk is so funky today, incense can’t take that funk away. I heard all the great presidential candidates the other night. They were singing the praises of LGBTQ-Plus. You can’t tell me that Jesus doesn’t love queer people. Otherwise what the hell did he come back here for as queer as we all are? Do you think you are not queer? It may not be queer like they think queer but it’s a queer thing when you are supposed to be right and doing so much wrong. People who want to be president: “I promise on the first day of my presidency, I will make sure that the beautiful, colorful flag of the LGBTQ-Plus will fly over the White House.” This is something. One man says, “If they don’t accept gay marriage, we ought to strip the church of being tax exempt.” Whoa. I mean they are punking the church. Let me tell you something. Now, you’re really playing with death. God killed a lot of people in the past and that’s nothing compared to how many people He is going to kill in the present. You mean to tell me as a government if my church does not celebrate gay marriage, I’m off the tax exempt status? You have exalted what God has condemned to the point where if I stand up for God, you’re going to tell me that you are going take tax status away?

Let me tell you something. I represent God, no ifs, ands or buts about that. I’m going to tell you what you are playing with. God doesn’t give a damn about killing you. He killed so many before you, but He loves you. Well, those things don’t go together, kill and love. If you love God, you kill wrong passions. Brothers and sisters, God loves our LGBTQ community. I represent the God. Well, I’m so glad, so glad he don’t represent my God. Because your god isn’t God.

I feel like the great prophets of yesterday that I’m going to ask you one day, “bring your gods out and let’s see if your god is as real as my God is.” And if you can’t produce your god, then maybe we’ll take you down to the river. You can’t play with God today. This is the day of justice and judgement. Every man and woman has to reap what you sow. God loves us with all our sins, all our shortcomings, the heaviness of our hearts because we are sinners. But God has sent Jesus into the world to call you. That call is mercy. The call is grace. “Come unto me,” he said, “all ye that are heavy laden.” When you don’t live right, you bear the burden of your sins. When you don’t know how to ask God for forgiveness, you don’t know how to come to him in a humble manner and lay your sins at the altar. What will you do if have to pay for what you’ve done? What will you do? Jesus calling: “Come. Come unto me. I will give you rest.” Say, wait a minute Farrakhan. I thought you were a Muslim.

You don’t know this kind of Muslim because you don’t know a real Christian. You have been faking it all the time. I’m a real Christian. That’s what my teacher told me and I’m trying to be a real religious person but not a hypocrite. I love Christ. I love Muhammad. I love the prophets. And the Jesus that I know, he says, “I’m about to go.” He says, “But there are two commandments that I want to give you. Moses gave you ten and you broke all ten. I’m going to give you two.” This is so beautiful of Jesus. He said the first commandment, “Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.” Stop. When you love God like that, it’s easy to fulfill this scripture. 

“If my people which are called by my name would just humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from your wicked ways,” He said, “then.” I like that then. “Then will I hear from heaven, forgive your sins and heal your land.” But it’s a deal we are making, “if my people.” But we have to turn from our wicked ways. We have to seek His pleasure. The things that please God are not a freak show. Shall I go there? Look, it’s not knocking us down. Stop thinking like that. We’ve all fallen short. I’m starting with myself. I want to be pure. I’m not quite there yet but I’m on my way. I’m trying to live the life that I preach. I’m trying to be an example and Christ is my example. People hear me preach and say, “He sounds like he’s a Baptist.” Yes. I have been baptized. You can’t run me out of anywhere where you are except the den of thieves and the prostitution house and the dope house. Houses of gambling and cheating, you can run me out of there because I’m not going to be there. But I’ll send a call in for you. I’ll call you from the whore house because I’m interested in what’s going on in the whore house.

Brother looked at me as if to say, “damn Farrakhan, you interested in that?” Yes. Some of the best people in the world are out there tonight selling themselves to make a dollar. They don’t know the value of womanhood. They don’t know their value, so Jesus would always stop by. I didn’t say go in. I said, “Stop by.” And while you in there busy, he’ll knock on the door and call you. How does he do that? Most of you know better than what you do and when you in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can get a call that says, “Hey, hey, hey. Get up from here and get the hell out of here. Get up. Throw the blunt down. Throw the little pipe down. Get up!” Something is talking to you.

So, the song says, “My God he calls me. He calls me by the thunder. I hear him call deep down within my soul. I know I ain’t got long to stay in the whore house. I ain’t got long to stay in the gambling den. I ain’t got long to go to the Iron Horse whatever the casino is out there near where the Minister has a farm. I ain’t got long. You don’t have long to keep up the foolishness that you are involved in and don’t say you’re not involved. Don’t even try to fight back with foolish, lying talk. Just shut up and listen. God is calling: Don’t you know I love you? This is the way Jesus is coming at you. Don’t you know I love you? Don’t you know I’m willing to pay the price of redemption to get you from where you are? Don’t you know that you’re bigger than what you’re doing, greater than the way you’re living, better than the way you’re acting? 

Family, Allah (God) is calling us. He does not want us to go down with the devil and the devil wants to take us all down with him. The Holy Qur’an says, “He makes evil fair seeming,” that you can use Bible, use the Qur’an to justify sin.