Questions and Answers to the Mahatmas Muhammad family on Mental Powers..




Does 1 have to strictly adhere to the dietary restrictions we have been given to gain the power of the Higher Faculties?



1 must adhere to these restrictions to fully grow,nurture and manifest the power of the hidden faculties properly. Everything that we have been given as instructions during the time of Master Elijah, The Great Khan, and now in this group was to help in the “GRADUAL PREPARATION” for the complete manifestation and usage of our God Powers which encompasses everything within Being of man.

Whenever we abort this process we weaken our ability to manifest to the full extent such abilities. We weaken our ability to absorb and put to good use those higher energies and powers that are drawn into the body giving us access to the Greater Inheritance of the Black Man of the Cosmos.

The Blackman by nature is endowed with a power of the highest kind. So he has and will always get glimpses of such powers throughout his life, again signaling to him or her what they are really capable of in times of great upheaval and distress but again the glimpses of greatness will never reach their zenith if the lower part of their being isn’t mastered and the higher part is cultivated with the right thoughts,right diet mental and physical, distilled water, and having the right mates.. Having the right mates is very vital because everything can be undone of cultivation inside of the man and the woman by poisoning the system of the finely built up body from the destructive sexual fluids and energetic vibrations of 1 who isn’t suited for such things. This again is why mate selection is of the utmost importance…

Your mate can make you or break you regardless to all of the previous sacrifices that has been made on the way to mastering the Science of Being.

enclosing ..

If you don’t have the heart nor the strength to discipline your stomach then chances are you don’t have the discipline nor the strength to control the higher forces that will come through by way of the mind into the brain which allows for the complete manifestation of our God Powers…

You just will not get away from that…..

That weakness will not only plague you but it will spill over into your blood and your sexual fluids and infect everything and everyone that has an intimate connection with you and the children that come from such unions..

May you find this response in peace and in truth

Chela of The Ayin Master Fard Muhammad ,Master Elijah Muhammad , and our Messiah The Great Louis Farrakhan