Conversations between Master Fard Muhammad and the Mahatmas Muhammad family


Master Fard Muhammad is lovingly telling me that Men must try to involve themselves in the study of the Nature of the Woman and the woman that he is married to. Many of the problems that we run into that seem unsolvable by us as men is because we have failed in our MANDATED OBLIGATION to study the nature of the woman. To see the woman as a Person versus an object of pleasure and a tool to serve his every purpose and whim.

(This conversation ranged over many months, days, and nights as Master Fard Muhammad always imparts to me certain truths that can help us as men and women to better our relationship with each other.)

We as men are failing to do our part to see the woman as the 2nd self of his person. We are failing to treat the woman as we would treat ourselves and when she becomes tired of our mistreatment and acts outside of the laws in which we are given that guide our conduct we become dismayed not realizing that in many cases we have played a part either it be actively or for a lack of action in how the turmoil has come about.
The men must be about the Father’s business of reading the operation manual on how to treat, care for and observe the delicate nature of what has been placed in our charge.