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Applicant (Seeker) is admitted to associate membership in the outer court of the Mystic Masters Ashram upon submission and acceptance of submitted application and approval by the Board of the 7 Rays. Due to the cost of the material used in the application process we ask for a helpful contribution of $7 which can be given directly to the link below and must be sent at the time of the request for an application . The $7 dollar contribution is non-refundable.

Once the application contribution is received along with a request for application and your home address, we will forward an application packet to you for thorough completion and to be return to the mailing address stipulated. Upon approval, you will receive an additional letter informing you of your good fortune or denial. If accepted there will be additional instructions for your 1st payment of $35 to receive your introductory packet, 1st months lessons and following months scheduled payments.

Upon successful completion of the Seekers Degree, you will be given an opportunity for full membership & to advance into the inner court of the Mystic Masters Ashram. The seekers Degree will take an approximate 12 months to complete if the aspirant keeps pace with the schedule of lessons and payments. Upon entrance into the inner court there is additional requirements that will be rendered to those found worthy to enter the inner precincts of the Ashram. All published lessons forever remain the property of the Ashram ,being only loaned to the student . All lessons must be returned to the Ashram and its offices at their request & if membership is severed for any reason.

Denied Applications

If the application was denied for whatever reason then there can be 1 written appeal to the Temple Attendant who will re-examine the application ,the reason for denial and the appeal for further review.

Application/Dues contribution


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