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An associate members account allows you to gain access to various private areas of the Mystic Masters Ashram website. These private areas further facilitates the growth for those seekers who show a more serious dedication to their own inner spiritual awakening and the work of the Ashram by donating/subscribing for such membership. This membership gives you access to private exoteric satsangs, articles, audio recordings, practices, videos and the crown jewel called Ashrallah Radio!

  • Private exoteric satsangs  that are accessed by the associate members, you will read excerpts of past conversations and  explanations of some of the deeply occulted and metaphysical topics that are given to the students from various questions that are posed to the Masters and the Hierarchy of Angels and the Mahatmas Muhammad family.
  • Practices  will provide you with exoteric exercises that you can do in the privacy of your home to better your quality of life and deepen your spiritual experiences as you progress on your journey of self-discovery.
  • Private Audio recordings of  personnel experiences and communications given to the Mystic Masters Ashram  for further spiritual clarity and understanding.
  • Videos that we have chosen to further enlighten and substantiate the talking points of topics that we discuss in the Ashram.
  • Ashrallah Radio is the crown jewel of the associate membership because it serves as the Clarion Call broadcast center to hear ultimate divine truths, knowledge and wisdom from Gods divinely risen and chosen representatives to the world and other complimentary speakers, shows and programs that are notable contributions to the truth that’s being sounded in the world today and its connection to paranormal, ufo, occult and metaphysical information . Such speakers will include but not limited to Master Louis Farrakhan,Master Elijah Muhammad, Mother Tynnetta Muhammad , Bro Jabril Muhammad, Sis Ava Muhammad, The Mystic Masters Ashram founders and other well-intended persons who desire to enhances the positive psychological analytical ability and vibrations of every listener while instilling courage, hope, optimism, and willpower to have a brighter future.

Ashrallah radio gives the listener an opportunity to hear 24hrs of uncensored voices and perspectives on various truths, occult, paranormal and metaphysical topics that always interest the true seekers !

The Clarion Call will ring for as long as you have the spirit to hear!

To gain access to all associate members sections of the website please donate for an associate members subscription.

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  2. All donations go to the further maintenance of the Site and the various private sections that are offered to the associate members

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