Master Fard Muhammad sometimes talks to me about Dianetics. He often says that many of our spiritual problems and marital issues where our character is concerned and inability to handle each other properly are from childhood -early adulthood traumas that become restimulated in similar occurrences in the present moment of time. We are living out our past in the present. We can be healed and save many of our marriages, relationships and overcome many failures if we adhere to the guidance that HE is giving us through their DIVINELY chosen Servant the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan !

Who will listen and live ?

The people have refused to adhere to this guidance because we inwardly don’t see the value of what such technology can and will do for us and all that comes from us such as our children, grandchildren and materialized ideas that have their inception in the mind which is aided by the use dianetics. This improper view of the technology and the man that gave the instruction has caused many among us to become stamped with the humiliating shame of this world which is a lack of success in all that we do and manifesting the behavior patterns that show we are a destroyed people.