December 28, 2016 at 6:43 AM

By Gary Mahatmas Muhammad 

Marriage: What Price are you willing to pay to achieve Happiness?

The quality of our Marital lives is the result of the type of Islam we live. We just can’t escape that truth. You show me a person who has experienced many injustices and I’ll show you a person whom has exhibited many injustices in some way shape form or fashion. Even if this injustice was against their own soul by marrying someone that is undeserving of you.

(I know thats a hard pill to swallow I had to swallow a bottle or 2 myself) smiling

The Married couples in the Nation of Islam must 1 day make a conscious decision to embrace the totality of our Islam versus cherry-picking through the do’s and don’ts that secures our Happiness.

We have to truly want to exemplify the principles in every aspect of our lives and with every human being, we have established a relationship with. Those of us whom truly desire to live Islam have to demand this of everyone that is within our circle or remove them from our inner circle less they poison the fabric of freedom, justice and equality among the righteous people by spilling this over into our families, children and then our Nation.This law is given in the story of why we make a Muslim Son study for 35-50 years our way. Everyone in Islam hasn’t grown to that point of truly wanting a totally Islamic Life or society nor do we desire to live that type of Islam. This in truth is the “SOURCE” of why so many of us live less than happy lives in our marriages because we are found constantly violating the laws of true happiness with each other.

I remember Master Fard Muhammad communicating with my family and saying to me 1 day:

” Ohh Brother ……Now that you have this type of wife it will allow you to be yourself. It will allow you to be happy..(paraphrasing)
I said to myself what does marrying the type of wife I have – have to do with me being myself? How can marrying such a woman pave the way for me to achieve happiness? (these are questions that every man and woman must truly ask themselves)


My wife’s thinking and actions truly exemplify Freedom, Justice and Equality. She is truly a protecting friend, a lover of my person, a progenitor of righteous children, who are loyal to me and my cause. When a man knows that he has this type of wife IT ALLOWS HIM TO BE HIS RIGHTEOUS SELF because the woman by his side doesn’t do anything that will draw out of him the “DESTRUCTIVE FORCE” of peace. She’s a true aider in Allah’s affairs by keeping her husband surrounded in the rays of righteousness that shines from the purity of her heart, mind, and actions.

She is a jewel that has no equal…

The Men of the Nation of Islam must find the jewels of our women and begin wholesome relationships that will spawn the birth of a righteous Nation.