December 5, 2016  · The Diary notes of Gary Mahatmas Muhammad The Making of a Mystic under the tutelage of Master Louis Farrakhan Liberating yourself trom the Flesh & meeting your Light Body Face to Face As I continue to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Ayin Master Fard Muhammad, & his 2 Messiahs (Master Elijah Muhammad and The Angelic Figure Louis Farrakhan) I have crossed a threshold of experience that brought forth a Higher Understanding of reality that will never allow me to see life the same as I knew it. As I left my physical reality and body to meet much to my surprise my higher self ,the Greater me , my Higher Light Body , I was mystified down to the core of my spirit and being(or that which I was aware of at the time). I knew that I was about to have a life changing experience. This experience entailed an expansion of my understanding of life,death, and the limited amount of consciousness that is placed in a temporal body of flesh.

As I was swooped from 1 body to a place of Light, I was greeted by myself (another me) dressed in Golden Arraignment. My Light body emitted A light of the purest Kind soft to the eyes but lively to the soul. I was given an opportunity to see myself as I am, beyond the flesh. It was truly a sight to behold ..I saw none of the imperfection in the light body that I saw in my physical person. Everything was fined tuned and well proportioned exemplifying beauty and perfection in its finest splendor.This experience was to remind myself that YOU & I are greater than whats meets the eye and what exist on the material plane. I was given specific information to help in my continued growth and confidence in the sure reality of those things that exist beyond the flesh and to assure me that all of the knowledge that we gain from our long journey through out time is never lost and can be accessed anytime if we just free ourselves from our current temporal body and remerge ourselves into our more lasting Higher Bodies that keeps a record of everything that we experience and learn in our numerous manifestation throughout the infinity of time.This Higher Light Body is forever connected to and apart of the Supreme Mind of the Cosmos.

Some of you will ask How is it possible to see and communicate with another you in the realms of light? Answer: I would like to offer you this example beloved family Imagine a Beam of light coming down from the Sun. Imagine this 1 Beam being the Higher you ,the True you,but within this 1 beam is 7 Rays. This Beam if pushed through a Prism will shine 7 Rays.The 7 Rays are examples of how your whole(but limited) consciousness can be separated and placed into multiple physical bodies and made to function independent of each other even though they are of the same Beam(which is the greater you). Now take 1 of those Rays or 1 of those you’s and remerge it back into the Original Beam and you can see how the 1 Ray(which is the temporal you) can be brought face to face with the higher you allowing you to see yourself as you truly are. (smiling) Its the similitude of the raindrop being brought back to the surface of the Ocean from which it came. May you find this experience in peace and in truth ,the whole of it. Your Brother and Friend Chela of Master Fard Muhammad Gary Mahatmas Muhammad
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