WEB POSTED 1-27-2000

Lessons in how the enemy seeks to undermine God’s man

A study of the scripture shows that whenever God raises a person to serve His aims and purpose (which always involves guiding the people into His ways), He always puts them under the obligation to help that man. This obligation serves more than one purpose; all of which are beneficial for each member of that people.

Whenever He raises a man, to announce His will for a people, there are always those who arise to oppose God, His will, His wisdom and His representative(s) for the benefit of the people.

These opponents come under many appearances. They come, as the Holy Qur’an puts it, from the right and from the left sides and from the rear and from before. Collectively, they come skilled in the use of every deceptive device in their opposition to God’s will for the people. Although brutality is part of their methods, when their deceit finally fails they then come with the most open form of total brutality.

Among the first obligations of those who accept God’s man is to study his teachings. The believers never have a full understanding of what they have accepted at first. With other factors considered, without study, of the right kind, the people cannot grow and develop along the lines God has deemed is best for them to grow. They can’t grow into the ultimate relationship He wants with them without their becoming knowledgeable of all that He wants them to know and do.

Without study, of the right kind, the believers cannot grow into the ultimate relationship with each other God deems best for them and for future generations.

Some do not study properly. Therefore, even after years of study they don’t show the degree of proficiency, or competence, or do not show the skill level that they should, or could, for the time and effort they’ve put into their studies.

God allows the opponents to further the growth of the believers—through their mutual interactions—which also provide opportunities for the disbelievers to likewise submit to His will. There is a time limit to this, however.

Improper study, or its lack, is a major factor, opening up gaps in the understanding of the believer’s knowledge and understanding of God’s word and the way He is guiding His man to guide them. The opponents of God seek to take advantage of these gaps, or weakness, in the believers, in their understanding of God’s revelation.

Whenever the wicked—especially the wickedly wise—see an opening in the believer’s armor, or shield, they rush to widen that gap in the believer’s understanding. They know that this gap represents a gap in that believer’s walk with the man of God. So they see this as a chance for them to widen the gap or gulf between the man from God and his followers and the people in general. If they succeed they widen the gap between them and God’s man.

They cannot use the truth because the truth is on the side of the man of God. So they use slander or that which is called “half-truths.”

So, as the Holy Qur’an teaches, Satan told Allah when he got through with God’s people almost none of them will prove to be grateful for His coming; His truths; His man or His servants in general.

Now let’s look at the response to the statements made by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, during his recent press conference. America’s media and others, who have already publicly spoken and written against him, have now come out as experts on Minister Farrakhan, his mission and teachings and all of what he represents.

As we look at this, let us remember, we are all living in the day of God’s judgment of this world. Now, how well did they do? What grade would the God Who backs Min. Farrakhan give them who have positioned themselves as experts on Min. Farrakhan?

I find Reverend Billy Graham’s comments respecting Min. Farrakhan very interesting, especially in the light of his book, “World Aflame,” in which he pronounced America’s doom at the hand of God for her evils.

His book came out around 1965. He had been considered the friend of American presidents before the publication of that book. He has continued to be the friend of each president since then—despite what he wrote.

Crack cocaine. There is a relationship between a specific aspect of the evil of crack cocaine and the secret conspiratorial half-truths that have ever been thrown against the Nation of Islam.

A few months ago, the latest barrage of lies, slander, libel and various assortments of half-truths began. This should not be strange to us, given the signs of this immediate time frame.

There is nothing happening of significance that was not divinely written of in advance. If you read these things, in the light of Min. Farrakhan’s teacher’s interpretation and accept it, then we have a chance of seeing into what is going on better than otherwise would be the case.

It seems to me that this is the final aspect of the flood mentioned in the 12th chapter of Revelation, now being spewed forth by Satan and his helpers.

The believers overcame the flood by means of two principles. The second of the two mentioned was their testimony.

Think over this. There have been and are persons who are highly intelligent, as this world measures that quality. They study the nature of the human mind and body. They learn what kinds of proteins are beneficial to and are attracted to the human brain for nourishment.

They then carefully design chemicals that resemble these beneficial proteins. They make it in such a way that it deceives the brain into absorbing the chemical as it does the beneficial proteins.

Theses chemicals are designed to produce a terribly deceptive “high” that destroys the natural functioning of the brain.

What kind of mind does a person have to have to take the time to study the nature of the minds and bodies of human beings, and then design chemicals that make slaves of others, with the destructive and tragic effects that follow? They make these chemicals to have the very effect that it does on people. For what? Money. But is that really the whole motive? No.

The Holy Qur’an points out a certain group of people who heard the words of Allah; knew these words were from Him and then changed them after understanding them. This group can be seen in the histories of all of Allah’s prophets.

It also mentions those who are made victims by this group. Primarily these victims are those who don’t really know the words of Allah but mainly guess at it. They put their efforts into forming conjectures rather than to the study of His words. So they become victims of the evil ones who have studied and have formed a sort of spiritual crack cocaine—the worst kind of lies and half-truths—for the unsuspecting.

If you’ll read this in more than one translation you can more easily see this from more than one angle and on more than one level. (Holy Qur’an 2, section 9.)

There are people who have, and yet, worked behind the scenes to figure out how to stop Min. Farrakhan. Far more often than not the ones you see in the public are not the wisest of the wickedly wise who form this wicked spiritual crack.

So some ask, while others state outright, that Min. Farrakhan has changed. Certainly he has. However, is the view of his critics superior to those of us who have walked with Min. Farrakhan for years?

Has his critics changed?

Has America changed since Rev. Billy Graham’s book, World Aflame, was published about 35 years ago? Is she more humane and loving to her ex-slaves?

Have you changed?

More next issue, Allah willing.