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Learning the truth about ‘UFOs’

(The following is from a chapter in an unpublished book, titled, “Where Is The Honorable Elijah Muhammad? Is He Dead or Physically Alive?” That chapter is titled The Wheel: Is It Real or Reel?)

There is an ever-growing number of people, in America and the world, who are convinced of the reality of these unusual planes. Many who read this book may have had close encounters of some kind with these so-called UFOs. However, unlike many millions who are convinced of the reality of these planes, I am among those persons who take their view about what are called “UFOs” from the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which has been substantiated one hundred percent.


No one has spoken on the subject of the “UFOs” with the clarity, the authority and the depth as has the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He has said and written quite a bit on this subject, not just on the physical side, but he has explained a great deal about its spiritual significance. Because of the vast nature and implications of this subject, this chapter can only serve as a summary of some of what he has taught on this giant wheel-like plane in the sky. I say some, as I know I have not heard nor read all that he has set forth in the public. Nor do I know all of what he has told others, as he spoke to many over the years. Perhaps others will share their experience on this subject in one forum or another, including for the book mentioned above, which I hope to publish one day soon, be it the will of Allah.

The questions that have and will be raised in this chapter, about these special planes, are not being raised as if the answers are not known by many thousands, or maybe the number is in the low millions, I don’t know. Certainly, there are many who don’t have the truth of these matters from the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. However, they may have materials which bear witness, in a very potent way, to what he has said about these planes. Meanwhile, there are many many millions, in America, even billions of people on this globe, who simply don’t know the truth of it all.

Hopefully, this book will reach a few of that great number and perhaps they will think deeper into this subject, in relation to the whole body of the message of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that they may gain a better appreciation of the mission of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan before those planes become more frighteningly visible. Perhaps others, especially those who oppose Minister Farrakhan from among Black people, will take this subject more seriously than ever. I hope these Brothers and Sisters will benefit, or at least be stimulated to think deeper than ever, from this brief summary of what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught on this vast and vital subject.

This chapter includes a little of what has been publicized, by many knowledgeable people, other than what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan have said about the “UFOs.” I wish to emphasize that what I have included is but a tiny speck of what has been made available to the public by a large number of people. Part of my purpose in including what I have is to indicate that Satan’s attempt to keep up the greatest coverup ever perpetrated: the coverup of God after He has come and begun His work won’t work.

Isaiah 28:20 tells all that this won’t work today, after He has come, “For the bed shall be too short to stretch out in, and the cover too narrow to wrap in.” (NAB)

The expression “so-called” means “commonly called; incorrectly or falsely styled or termed.” So my use of this term, in connection with the “UFOs”, earlier, is due to the fact that these objects, or planes, are really known. That is they are not mysterious to everybody. For instance, those flying in these crafts know what they are flying in. These planes are not unidentified to them. Nor are these planes unidentified to those persons who conceived, planned, financed, built, tested, and launched them. Nor are they mysterious to those who command and who people them. And certainly they are not unidentified to their Supreme Commander!

However, there are several instances for the sake of brevity, where I’ll use the expression “UFO” in the sense of “commonly called.”

In an article I wrote for The Final Call, on December 13, 1992, I wrote:

“Former President Jimmy Carter was interviewed last night on the Larry King Radio program. At one point a caller reminded him of his campaign promise to have all government files relative to the ‘UFO’ phenomena released to the American people. The caller indicated that he did not believe that Mr. Carter had kept that promise. The caller ended with these words: ‘When you were elected, what stopped you from fulfilling that promise?’

“What follows is a transcript of an excerpt of the interview, which contained his words, in response to this question.

“Mr. Jimmy Carter: I presumed they have all been released. I wasn’t aware that they hadn’t. I became very famous about that because I saw a UFO back before I got involved in politics, and so I’ve been in all the UFO magazines and so forth. But so far as I know during my administration they were released.

“A moment later Mr. Carter described his encounter with the ‘UFOs’.

“Mr. Carter: I was with a group of about twenty people in a little town called (unclear), getting ready to go into a Lion’s club meeting. I was the district governor of Lion’s Club. And we saw this strange light coming from the west—a very small light—and it was getting bright. So we watched it approach and it came in between the trees. It got close enough so it appeared to be about as big as a moon. And it changed colors from green to red to white and it stayed there for a while. We were aghast and then it just moved to the west and it disappeared. It didn’t do anything. It didn’t have wheels on it. It didn’t have windows or people in it. But it was an unidentified object that was certainly flying.

“Mr. Larry King: The way you describe it, you can still see it?

“Mr. Carter: Yes I can, in fact I went back home and wrote down what I saw. The whole crowd of us saw it, it wasn’t just one person hallucinating.

“Mr. Larry King: But you don’t know what it is?

“Mr. Carter: No, I don’t have any idea.”

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