[Editor’s note: On November 4, 2007, live via a national webcast from Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan continued his series speaking to Black, Red and Brown youth about the plans and aims of the wickedly wise of the United States of America to destroy them, as well as the conspiracy youth have become caught in to aid in their own destruction. The following are excerpts from that address.]


We give Him praise and thanks for His goodness, His mercy and for His careful watching over a people that suffered the horror of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, who were robbed and spoiled by a vicious enemy and deprived of a link to Africa, to our culture, to our religion, to our God and deprived of a link to our own people that are all over this planet. So, the Bible refers to us as the Lost Sheep—the Lost Brother, that in the last days of the present world, God would find and raise from among us someone to give us the message of Islam, the message of the Holy Qur’an, the message of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), and the message of all of the prophets that would be Divinely put together to raise up a nation of people that are considered, both Biblically and Qur’anically, as mentally, morally, spiritually, intellectually, politically dead.


We thank Allah for His intervention and for giving us the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I greet you, my Brothers and Sisters, with the greeting words of peace, As-Salaam Alaikum!

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan


First, let me say how happy and thankful I am to be back in front of you again, and I’m very, very happy to see so many of our young Brothers and Sisters, particularly the young Brothers.

I want to start first with a scripture from the Bible and Holy Qur’an that makes it imperative that we get to our young people; to make our youth understand what is happening to young Black people, not only in America, but in the Caribbean, in Central America, South America and in Africa and all over the world.

Past, present and future: Pharaoh’s conspiracy to kill

The Biblical scripture that I want to keep reinforcing is Pharaoh’s conspiracy against The Children of Israel. There is no need to look back in history unless what we’re looking at historically has a bearing on what we are living right now. The Bible is not a book of ancient stories that have something to do with yesterday, but have nothing to do with today. If we preach the scriptures like it is all about yesterday and not about today, then we are not teaching the people as they need to be taught; as they should be taught; as they must be taught.

Everything in the Bible; everything in the Holy Qur’an is relative to the time period that we are living in. If you can just relegate God to yesterday, then what relevance does He have today? We are here today. We have real problems today. We pray today. We need help today. If the Bible and the Holy Qur’an are of yesterday and not for today, then why bother to read it at all? The Bible and the Holy Qur’an are the best books to read if you really want to see what is happening today, and if you can understand it, as we have a teacher today to give us clear understanding, you will be in on tomorrow’s, next week’s, and next month’s news events before it happens. So, when it happens, you will say, “Wow! I already knew that.” That is why the Bible teaches, “How can they know except they have a teacher? And how can they have a teacher except he be sent?”

The enemy is not going to send you somebody to lift you out of the condition that we are in—it has to be God that intervenes in our affairs in order for us to be truly saved.

In the scriptures of the Bible, Pharaoh saw The Children of Israel multiplying; they were having a lot of babies, and Pharaoh said, “Come,”—that’s an invitation—“let us deal wisely with them, lest they multiply, join on to an enemy of ours and come against us.” When Pharaoh said, “Let us deal wisely with them,” he is talking about The Children of Israel. When Pharaoh says, “Let us deal wisely,” he is not calling foolish people; Pharaoh is calling people of skill in various fields of endeavor to help him work the conspiracy or the plan. What is the plan or what was the plan? The plan was to kill all the boy babies. The plan was to kill all the young men of The Children of Israel and spare the females.

Why did they want to kill the males? Because they knew it was time for a Deliverer to come forth from the womb of a woman to deliver The Children of Israel from the harsh bondage of Pharaoh. So, the order went out, “Kill all male children,” and as you remember the story, Moses was floated down the river and he escaped Pharaoh’s wicked plan.

Here we are, 4,000 years from Moses, and we are living in a country where our fathers, your ancestors, didn’t come over on the Nina, the Pinta or the Santa Maria; we didn’t come on the Mayflower. How did we get here? We came in the holds of ships as chattel; as property to be made into slaves for White America. We can’t deny that this happened, because we are here—you didn’t have a passport from another country that gave you entrance into America. You were brought here as a slave to be the burden bearer of a new nation that needed our labor and expertise to build it up. At the same time, we were never to enjoy the fruit of freedom, justice and equality or the democracy that America promised to American citizens.

So here we are today, multiplying very, very fast. And our multiplication has sent shivers up and down the spines of rulers in this country.

An Executive Decision

The subject today is “Justifiable Homicide: Black Youth in Danger”—but I added three words to that, “An Executive Decision.” Young Brothers and Sisters, all of us in here are students. I am a student, and although I am not quite as young as you, every day I study because there is too much that God has put out here to learn for me to think that because I am an elder, that my days of study are over. If it is God’s will, I will die pursuing knowledge. What sets you apart from the lower forms of life is that the human has the ability to acquire knowledge and to act on the principle of that knowledge to secure benefit for himself, his family and others.

The words “Executive Decision” is a judgment made at the highest level, and it is concerning a person or groups of people or a branch of government empowered and required to administer law or policy. If the Pharaoh of yesterday said, “Come, let’s deal wisely with them,” and America, today, has said the same, “Let’s deal wisely with these Blacks because they are multiplying and becoming a problem for us,” an executive decision has been made. I’m going to expose the decisions made from the highest levels of the U.S. government to destroy you—Black men in particular, Black people in general.


Preachers and clergymen, this is the kind of message that you have to give to our people, that they may be aware of what is happening so that we can escape the wicked plans of our enemies. That is why you see on churches, “Jesus saves.” There is no way that anyone can save this people without the transferring of necessary, requisite knowledge.


What is happening to our young men? You know, it must be very troubling to young women who understand that in order for them to be happy and fulfilled as a woman, there has to be a man in their life. Today, the enemy is trying to alter the natural course of things by putting another woman in your life, but if we follow the natural way of God, a man should be put into your life that will compliment what God has given to you to give to him, and what God has put within him to give to you.

There is an article that I want to quote from, that says there is no longer a need for dire predictions, hand wringing or apprehension about losing a generation of Black boys. “It’s too late.” Since the 1960s, with the deaths of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, and the departure of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we have already lost two generations of young Black men, and we are about to lose the third. Young men, you are different than your parents—there is no question—and the parents have a great fear of what they see in you.

The article says that in education, unemployment, economics, incarceration, health, housing, and parenting, we have lost two generations of young Black men. The question that remains is will we lose the next two or three generations, or possibly every generation of Black boys hereafter to the streets? To negative media? To what is called “gangs” and drugs? To poor education and unemployment? To the absence of the father? To crime, violence and death?

I submit to the writer of such an article that it won’t get to three more generations, because the intent is to kill us all off within this century. I’m going to prove my point by bringing the government of the United States to the witness stand. If you see what the wise of this powerful United States government is doing to kill off an entire people, then you have to know that if we make it, it will be God that saves us and gets us through this, because none of our leaders are capable. None of them!

The Social Engineering of a people

According to statistics in a 2006 report by the Schott Foundation for Public Education, most young Black men in the United States don’t graduate from high school: Only 35 percent of Black male students graduated from high school in Chicago, and only 26 percent graduated in New York City. Only a few Black, young men finish high school, and of those that finish, only a few attend college. On a national scale, only 22 percent of those few Black boys who enter college actually finish.

What does that say for you young Sisters that are going to college and getting an education, when the Black male—who is your natural counterpart—has nothing to do with high school or college? This means he has no job and is being herded into a life of crime or the armed forces. In either case, you young Sisters have no security in a young, Black man if this trend continues.

Young, Black male students have the worst grades, the lowest test scores, the highest dropout rates of all students in the country. When these young Black men don’t succeed in school, they are much more likely to succeed in the nation’s criminal justice system, and are more likely to end up in the penitentiary.

It was discovered recently that even when a young, Black male graduates from a U.S. college, there’s a good chance that he is from Africa, the Caribbean, or Europe—but not from the United States. This is not an accident! I want you to see that these young Black men are not involved in shooting and drugging and killing as an accident. This has been socially engineered.

Black men in prison in America have become as “American as apple pie.” There are more young Black men in prisons and jails in the United States—about 1.1 million—than there are Black men incarcerated in the rest of the world.

Let me give you an idea of population, so you can see how drastic these figures are: There are approximately 40 million Black people in America. Do you know that people of color around the earth outnumber White people 11 to 1 (more than 4,400,000,000) outside of America? And there are more young, Black people in America in jail than all Black people all over the world combined?

Incarceration: Somebody is working, and we intend to expose them today. This criminalization process starts in elementary school, with Black male children as young as 6-7 years old being arrested in staggering numbers, according to a 2005 report called “Education on Lock Down.”

The rest of the world is watching and following the lead of America. Other countries, including England, Canada, Jamaica, Brazil and South Africa, are adopting American social policies that encourage the incarceration and destruction of young Black men. This is leading to a worldwide catastrophe, but still, there is no adequate response from the American community.

Who has failed  our youth?

What is worst of all is the passivity, the neglect and the disengagement of the Black community concerning the future of our Black children. We do little, while the future lives of Black boys are being destroyed in record numbers. And guess what? The schools that Black boys attend prepare them with skills that are short term; unusable skills that will make them obsolete before they even graduate.

During the Holy Day of Atonement activities in Atlanta, Georgia in October, I spoke at Clark Atlanta University, where I was shocked to see that this beautiful university campus is a plantation. Mothers work hard and put together what they can to send their children there, or children borrow money to go to school only to end up with an education that they can’t use. And the college presidents are not preparing young Black men and women to do something that is constructive in creating jobs. They allow youth to come out of college, begging the White man to give them a job, instead of training them to make a job for themselves!


In a strange and perverse way, the Black community has started to wage a kind of war against young Black men, and the Black community has also been engaged as a part of this destructive process of killing off our beautiful, young Black men.

Who are young Black women going to marry? Who is going to build and maintain the economies of Black communities? Who is going to anchor strong families in the Black community? Who will young, Black boys emulate as they grow into men? Where is the outrage in the Black community at the destruction of its young Black men? Where are the plans and the supportive actions to change this?

The article I quoted ends with asking, “Is this the beginning of the end of Black people in America?” That is a very good question.

The list of those who have failed young Black men starts with the government; with foundations, schools, media, Black churches, Black leaders—and even our parents. In fact, parents, today, are afraid of their children. Parents, today, do not know how to handle what they see in the young boys and the young girls that they have brought into the world.

It is difficult for me to tell Black children to stay in school, because I know what they are being fed. To tell Black children to stay there is like asking them to patronize the kind of restaurant that serves dead cats, rats and dogs on the menu. What Black children are being fed is actually garbage! Garbage! If teachers are going to teach this garbage to these young people that they, themselves, have been taught, then your days of teaching are finished—unless you get Higher qualifications. Don’t tell me anything about your degree! I know what you received, and the result of what you received is the condition that we are looking at!


This is a conspiracy that blows the minds of sane people. It is unthinkable that somebody would plan to kill an entire people. You couldn’t think like that, but don’t you think that others don’t think like that.

To be continued.