by Master Elijah Muhammad


         “ALLAH IS only one God. Far be it from His glory to have a
son. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in
the earth. And sufficient is Allah as having charge of affairs.” Here,
it is made clear that Jesus was only a prophet, as the Bible teaches
that he was only a prophet, in what we have of history of Jesus in the
Bible. In the l72nd verse of the same Chapter 4, it clears Jesus,

himself of not teaching the people that he was God and not a messen-
ger of God. “The Messiah disdains not to be a servant of Allah, nor

do the angels who are near to Him. And whoever disdains His ser-
vice and is proud, He will gather them all together to himself.” Here,

Jesus makes it clear that he was only a prophet. Note: Jesus was

called the Messiah or the Christ. Neither one of these names be-
longed to Jesus of 2,000 years ago, due to their meanings.


         TAKE, FOR instance, the name Christ. It is a name or at-
tribute belonging to the Son of Man that Jesus prophesied of coming

in the last days. It is the attribute of the One coming to crush or to
destroy the wicked world. Messiah and Christ are the names given to
the expected one that will usher in the Judgment (the resurrection of
the dead in the last days.) This, Jesus did not do in his day and time

– and could not do in his day and time, because it was not the time of

the resurrection of the dead. Allah has taught me that these scrip-
tures do not belong to the Jesus of 2,000 years ago.



         Even the imagery or ideals of some of the scholars on Islam is
that Jesus did not die in Palestine, but died in Kashmir, because of an
old grave the people of Kashmir said was the grave of a prophet who
came – or one they thought was a prophet – who came from the West

and died there. This is contrary to the teachings of God and the Gos-
pel (scripture) of Jesus, which claimed he died not. Allah taught me

that he did not die on the cross, but he was killed on the streets of
Jerusalem by a deputy sheriff at that time. The deputy sheriff brought
death to Jesus by stabbing him through the heart, and the sword pierced
all the way through into the timber or board that he was against, when
he gave up his life to the deputy sheriff, to take it away instantly
because the Jews wanted to torture him.


       THE BIBLE says that the soldier speared him through the
heart (ST. John 19:34). The soldier brought death so instantly to
Jesus, that it left him looking like a crucifix against the wall of a
vacant store. The deputy sheriff demanded him to stretch forth his
hands and arms as any man, or authorized officer, when they are about
to arrest, rob, or kill you. They demand your hands up so that you
will not use them against their intended work. Jesus’ death was so
instant, the Savior and God, Who Came in the Person of Master Fard
Muhammad, taught me, that the blood stopped circulating in his veins
that instant also. Therefore, his body was chilled so quickly by death,
that his hands and arms were left stretched in the same position that
the soldier demanded him to make. There is no such thing – as Jesus
was not killed and put to death in Palestine. He was most surely
killed in Jerusalem.

         Many of the Arabs Scholars believe in miraculous things, and

wish to make their understanding of Jesus’history and death to corre-
spond with their belief in a God that is not man. But, in every re-
spect, the Holy Qur’an teaches us of Jesus’history makes him noth-
ing but a prophet. And, if we believe God is something other than

man (an unnatural something), we have to prove it. Therefore, the

law of nature will not let us make God something other than man.


       Jesus could be no more than a prophet according to the Bible and
Holy Qur’an concerning his ministry and teachings as you have learned
from this writing and from the scriptures mentioned. There is much
more that you can read, yourself. What I have mentioned to you
gives you a better understanding of how to understand the history of
Jesus in the light of a prophet and not in the light of the God, Whom
he so beautifully said had sent him. In his own words he confessed
that he had not come of himself but that he was sent.


         THOSE OF us who hope to see him come to life and guide us
through the resurrection are gravely mistaking the scriptures and the
history taught of Jesus.

      Let us face the truth and believe the truth and speak the truth.
The Holy Qur’an makes him only a prophet. The Bible also, teaches
us he was only a prophet. other people have made us believe that he
was God Himself and that he was not sent.–That he was incapable of
dying–but did die… that God will forgive Israel and that Israel will
be reconciled to God as a people of righteousness. This is wrong. I
am sure that if you study his history you will find that he did not say
that he would die for Israel. Israel, by nature, was made wicked by
their father, Yakub.


         It would have been a foolish death for the Jesus to make, as
we see today, that God’s natural law is against anyone who goes against
his Law and will not submit to His Will–as the white race has done
for the past 6,000 years.

        ONLY a few white people who because of their belief or faith
in the truth of entire submission to the Will of God (Islam) have been
promised by God, Himself, the salvation of a prolonged life through
the resurrection and after the resurrection as a reward for their belief
and their attempts to live the life of the Muslim. Yet, by nature, they
are not one of the righteous. There are some here and there around
us and in a country such as Europe who are trying to practice Islam.
They will be rewarded for it. Their reward will be to live through the
resurrection of us, the mentally dead, Lost and Found Members of
our Nation.


        THE HOLY QUR’AN says that Jesus came in fulfillment of
prophecy. Chap. 4:17 l, 652. He was granted revelation, Chap 2:87,;
Chap. 5:110. I quote Chap. 5:171. “O people of the Book, exceed
not the limits in your religion nor speak anything about Allah, but the
truth. Jesus, the son of Mary, is only a messenger of Allah and His
word which He communicated to Mary and a mercy from Him. So
believe in Allah and His messengers. And say not Three… Desist, it
is better for you. Allah is only one God. Far be it from His glory to
have a son. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever
is in the earth. And sufficient is Allah as having charge of affairs.”
Chap. 5:172 “Jesus disdains not to be a servant of Allah, nor

do the angels who are near to Him. And whoever disdains His ser-
vice and is proud, he will gather them all together to Himself.”


        WE WHO think about the way the natural laws work among
us, can by no means justify our belief in what has been taught to us
concerning the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus. It is contrary to
the law in which nature creates flesh, blood and bone. Jesus was
created under the same law. Jesus was born and died under the same
law. Please get up off your knees praying to go and meet him. Pray
to meet the One whom he said would come after him–the coming of
the Son of Man, to whom all the nations of earth would submit-the
Supreme Being–having power and exercising that power over all of
us and with the heavens and the earth and what is therein bearing
Him witness that he is God and besides Him there is no other, Who
came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad To Whom praise is
due forever, God in Person.

THIS IS the end of a series on the birth, ministry and death of
Jesus. Thank you.


[Excerpt from Jesus Only a Prophet by Master Elijah Muhammad]