[Editor’s note: The following article is based on excerpts from an address delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, “Jesus Is the Key,” on March 1, 2020 at the Nation of Islam’s Mosque Maryam in Chicago. It was a continuation of a keynote address delivered the previous Sunday in Detroit to close Saviours’ Day, the national convention of the Nation of Islam. We urge readers to get the full message.]

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

I bear witness that there is no God but He, the One the Incomparable, the Mighty, the Wise. 

We thank Him so much for the privilege of coming to birth in a Book of Truth, the universe created by Him for the benefit of every soul that walks or comes to birth on this planet. There is so much for us to learn.

It is a shame that so many of us leave the earth not having learned what the Creator intended for us to learn.


I thank Allah, the Most High, for His intervention in our affairs, in really in the affairs of the whole human family, but starting with us. That He would not send a prophet, He would come Himself, come out of His hiding place to make Himself known to us and through us to the entire planet.


Why? Why wasn’t God known?

The Original People created all of this wonder that you see. 

It wasn’t made by a spook, wasn’t made by spirit.

It was a human being who is all Wise, Omnipresent and does as He pleases but He’s a human being.

How could you and I be made in the image and likeness of God—and we are humans with brain capacity to master what God has created for us to master.

We are so far from the way we once were in terms of the power that we exercised before coming on a Westerly course into what is called the United States of America, you were a different kind of people.


But the God came because it’s time. People have worshipped some of everything for God. That means they know someone was responsible for all of this. They called Him by many names, and they named Him by many things.


And they worshipped many things, thinking they were worshipping God. But He came and He chose America to make himself known.

He chose America because the wicked rulers of America and this current world placed us in a condition that only God could solve.

In His coming, He helped raise America to be the greatest power on earth, that America could threaten the human family that she had enough nuclear weapons that they could kill the entire planet of human beings several times over. That’s a powerful man. Would you say that?

He’s a human being or a reasonable facsimile. He’s human in that He is an imitation of the real. He’s human in that He is made in the image and likeness of the Original Man who is the Black Man of Asia, the Original People of our planet.

If we were not here, there would not be any Brown, any Red, any Yellow and certainly no Whites.

But because we are here, He has always been among us. He chose the best part of the planet for us. We could say when the moon was split from the earth, it was like a new earth. So, the original people searched the earth for the best part, and we chose the Holy City of Mecca in Arabia and that area of the world, the most fertile, minerally rich part of the earth. We chose it as the home of the Original People, a spiritual home.

But when He came to America, He saw that America had undone, unraveled, broke apart the Original People of the earth.

So that presented him with a problem. How do the people recognize God? Well how do you recognize an electrician if all the lights are out?

A man comes and does something that only an electrician can do. And you say, “Oh, the electrician is here.” How do you know? “All the lights are on.”

God respects the White man because He permitted him. Notice the words I used. He permitted him, gave him form and expression and gave him a limited time, in our infinity of time, to rule for 6,000 years. But in that 6,000 years this man has worked, nine tenths of our planet are under his rule.

Now God comes. What did you come for? “Well, I intend to sit the imposter down and establish my own King on a throne and I intend to make a new heaven and a new earth. So that all of you that live will know that I’m present.”

“And then I’m going to allow you to see me as I am.”

This is God talking. Will he be in this form? What other form?

All intelligence is not confined to this form, but the Supreme Intelligence on our planet is found in this form.

Allah said in the Qur’an that he gave us the best form. So, this body is almost magical, if you let it be itself, it will heal itself.

It is a magnificent vessel in which the Spirit of God can reside. 

But Satan has so corrupted this spirit, last Sunday I had to say that the prophets were right when they said America has become a habitation of devils.

You might say, “well, I live here.” Yes, we know. Everywhere you go, you raise hell. Let’s talk about it. He (Satan) made us into himself, little Black devils hanging out with the White devils. But the Brown ones are devils, the Red ones are devils, the Yellow ones are devils because you all have been made by Satan to rebel against the law of righteousness. So, look at what God said he was coming to do.

He’s coming and he’s going to set the big bad wolf down. “You mean he’s coming in this man that has all power? He (the White man) got all this weaponry but God in human form is going to sit him down?”

He’s going to sit him down but he’s such a weak foe. He’s not personally going do it because this would not give the world any credit for the Lord of Creation to bother himself with this Johnny Come Lately to His planet. So, here is the plan. Now, God allowed us to come into his hands. Have you ever thought about God allowing the enemy to do this to us? He couldn’t have done it unless God gave him permission.

If God gave him permission to rough us up like this, beat us down like this, turn us inside out like this. “Why did you do that God?” He said, “Just be calm. You’ll understand it better by and by.” Here’s how wise God is. To show you his power, He comes with three hats on. One hat is his own. And He doesn’t show that. But He has hats for two men. He’s going to use two of the people that the enemy destroyed. Two negros. Two that were suffering on the plantation under White rule. They whipping the hell out of us not knowing that one day God would make the bottom rail come to the top. God would make the last become first and God would take the tail and make it the head. That’s why he came to North America by Himself. He didn’t need any help. He sat the angels down, “Y’all cool out, I got this.” The Mighty God talking, “I got this.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, God sent prophets into the world. Some they beat. Some they killed, some they imprisoned. But they were prophets warning the rulers there’s a day coming that you are going to have to reap what you have sown.

Now White folk when they were doing us evil, they already knew something about our future. Some of you are Masons, Shriners studying the secret wisdom of God in your lodges. Your lodge is a little different from the White folks’ lodges. They allow you to have what they were given by Muhammad the Prophet, they were made to study from 35 to 50 years before they can call themselves a Moslem Shriner or a Moslem son. And some of you don’t even want to be a Muslim though that’s what you are. I don’t care what you call yourself. You can call yourself anything as you have done and as the White man has done. He called you n—-r, called you Negro, called you coon, called you shine, called you all kinds of names.

But your real name is God.

Yes, the Bible tell you there are lords many, gods many. But Allah is the One, the Mighty, the Supreme. So, they have all these gods in America and turned us out. So, anything that the White man is and is about and permits, he led us into it.

You know how you do when you have a hit record? Only the White man can help you make a hit. Now, some of you have done it from your trunk, made a little money too. That shows you how tough you are. You take nothing and make something out of it. Like what God does all the time.

So, God says, “yes, I’m going to take the bottom rail and bring it to the top. I’m going to find my sheep that is lost. I’m going to find him. I’m going to bring him again and settle him on the mountains of Israel. What is this Israel business? Jacob was a pretty tough fellow in the Bible. He wrestled with the angel and he won. So, God knew he (Jacob) was going to win because He was going to permit him. You know how you know cards where you play it and then you let your son beat you in checkers or beat you in chess. And, when he gets a little chesty you have to show him daddy is the winner baby. Have fun while you can.

So, the White man had us all bamboozled. Can you see yourself in old movies? “Yassa, yassa boss.” “Hey boy, come here!” “Yassa boss.” Our people played the role man. Our poor women, lord have mercy. He had a field day with you, went in and out of you like foxes go in and out of the holes that they make. We had children like this beautiful Black sister down here. Children with hair so nappy. (Smile) Looks like dried raisins. Then you got some curly-headed ones, even a little straight-haired ones. So, he made us all up into Himself and since the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, God said he is the real Devil. “Now wait a minute Farrakhan.” The only reason you are in hell is because you are with the devil. The devil is the master of hell and you didn’t know it. Maybe some of you do know that you are you one of the devil’s helpers and soldiers. “Not me I’m a disciple of Jesus the Christ.” So, you say, so you think, the master deceiver has made us think that we are followers of Jesus Christ. It gets worse than that. The master deceiver makes us think we’re followers of Moses and the Israelite prophets. We are the real Jews. But to put the icing on the cake Satan took over Mecca. He made Jewish devils, Muslim devils, Christian devils, Hindu devils, Buddhists devils. Look at the world. Don’t tell me you are righteous. The world is in hell because Satan has become your master.

So, God shows up. He comes without observation, like a thief in the night. How could he come without observation? There is an old saying prepare me a body that I might go down. Well a body was prepared that looked like him (the Caucasian) but was not him. He had a White mother from the Caucasus Mountains and a jet-black father. He was a master when he came here.

He came as Isaiah the prophet said with dyed garments on, that’s what this suit is. Most of the holy people in the East they don’t wear dyed garments. They were white.

But He came with dyed garments on without observation. He came in and out of America for 20 years. From 1910, visiting White people, visiting presidents. He got to know White people pretty well. You’ve been living with them—not with, under—big difference between with and under. Any woman that lives with a man knows the man. We lived under him (the White Man) and some of us never got up into high places. But you up there today, it’s real talk. No Black man becomes great in America without the help of the Jewish people. You don’t become wealthy in America without the help of White people. Jewish people have helped you up and you can’t deny it. That’s why you’re so angry with Farrakhan. “I wonder what’s wrong with Farrakhan always talking about the Jewish people?” Like I’m some sick man.

Some of you think like that because you don’t know the assignment that God gave to the two men that were qualifying for their hats.

Now, the Bible tells you many are called but only a few chosen. But it seemed like Elijah Muhammad had a class full of giants. You study under him in any short amount of time to this world they call you a heavyweight.

So, Brother Malcolm, as I said over the weekend, studied 12 years with Elijah Muhammad and his place in the class was aborted. He was aborted. I don’t know whether you’ve ever seen an abortion. It’s not a pretty sight. Because an abortion is when you don’t let a thing grow to term. Some force, some disease interferes, and the growing living thing dies, and it never came to full term.

Malcolm never reached his potential fully. He only went to the eighth grade of school but under Elijah Muhammad he beat-up college professors. I was with him at Harvard. And they brought out a champion Negro you know how they do.

And they sicced their champion on Brother Malcolm and he ate him up for lunch and spit the bones out for some other hungry people to eat.

He frightened White people. “What are we gonna do about Malcolm X?” Did you see the movie “Who Killed Malcolm X?” How many of you saw it, raise your hands? If you haven’t seen it go see it, interesting study.

Brother Malcolm, when you watch him teach, the ears of Black people, I’m talking about the common Black man were open for Malcolm. More so than Dr. King, more so than any of the civil rights leaders because Black people were angry and fed up with White folk. So, they needed somebody to wake them up and Malcolm’s voice was the voice of Elijah.

And something happened, you know.

When I was a young Muslim, listen to this. I gave up my show business and got a job in the garment section of Boston, Massachusetts.

I was a little fella and the Jewish person who owned the business, I was just eating one meal a day, one day she came to me. She said, “Louis are you trying to develop a hernia from picking up these bolts of cloth so that you can sue us?” See, a devil is always looking for somebody that’s going to do some harm to them and  this was a strange Negro because I didn’t eat all day.

There was a Jewish man that used to cut the fabric on the table after I brought the big roll of fabric. One day there was a Black man that they called “Snow.” You know how they do. See the beautiful singers back in those days, the quartets. One the most famous was named by White folks called the Ink Spots. This cat, he keeps laying stuff on us, you know?

So, while I was picking up the bolts of cloth, my Jewish coworker had a conversation with me. And he said, “You know, you’re very smart. You could be the leader.” I’m just in the Nation a few days. And this man is telling me that I could be the leader because I seem so smart. And that’s the way the devil creeps up on your ego, and makes us think we are more than what we are and then we try to show out and get busted.

So when he dropped that on me, I said, “Sir, when you and your people were in the hills and cavesides of Europe” (when you talk like that they know you know something)—I said, “which one of you cavies could be the leader over Moses in your condition?” that was the end of it, the man knew he was meeting a little master that he could not master.

You think about that, I’m just coming in the class.

The IRS came, “we want you to come downtown.” Sure. “We haven’t seen any report on your income.” I said, “oh, I don’t have any income.” Nobody teaching me, this is just me in the way God made me. “No, I don’t have any income. Income is money given for service rendered.” I said, “my job is making the blind see, making the deaf hear, the dumb speak and raising my dead Black brothers to life. You ain’t got enough money to pay me for that. So, God promised me a reward so if you’re still around when I get my reward, maybe you can try to tax that.” “Get out!”

That’s the wisdom of my teacher and they are trying to abort me from such a class as that. I’m trying to show you what kind of classroom Malcolm and Muhammad Ali and all of us were in.

I was just a little fella in the class and the White man was trying to make me rebel against my teacher. So, when Brother Malcolm didn’t follow the instructions of the teacher who told him, “no, no, no, the president is dead. Don’t make any statement about it.”

Now a negro who doesn’t have a teacher, you would laugh at John F. Kennedy’s assassination because you don’t see the bigger picture. Malcolm knew the bigger picture. But he was blinded by his own feelings that he could handle it. “Well, it was a case of the chickens coming home to roost and I’m never sad when chickens come home to roost. In fact, I’m glad.”

Next day, same night: “Malcolm X, the heir apparent of Elijah Muhammad and the Black Moslems, was joking and laughing at the assassination of our president.”

Now, I’m in Boston, the Irish Catholics run the town. You a wise man. Do you go in the face of the enemy and the Messenger told you, “No, no, no, no. Don’t say anything.”

My brother, his tenure in the class was interrupted, and he decided he didn’t like the punishment that his teacher gave him, and he left the class. See when you leave the classroom of God then you flunk life’s lesson. Then death follows.

Muhammad Ali shocked White people and you loved him because he had the strength and the courage to challenge White people. You know that. “I am the greatest of all time,” he said with his handsome braggadocious self. He would tell them what round they were going to fall on and knock them out in that round. Only God could speak like that. “Well I’m going to take you down in two.” When the dude goes down in two, he says, “damn, this man knew what he was gonna put on me.”

See Malcolm, Muhammad, we were practicing gods. Just think about practicing wisdom and making the enemy run away from you. We were practicing some lessons that we learned in our class.

Let me get to the point here: God was going to use some Negroes to bring the enemy down. One from among us, He’s going make him so powerful that he would be able to control the weather. See, God does that all by Himself. But he’s going to take a Negro and fix it. You say, “Man come on stop lying like that.” That’s how little you think of your potential. Every day in your life when you do wrong, you create storms in your life.  You can’t handle the storms that you created. All of this is a part of God’s preparation of those that He would use to raise us up and bring the enemy to naught.