In Search of the Messiah EXPLORING A NEW WORLD OF THOUGHT In The Cultivation of the ARTS AND SCIENCES OF CIVILIZATION by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad

“And that thou set thy purpose towards the Religion uprightly; and be not of the polytheists. And call not besides Allah on that which neither benefit thee nor harm thee; for if thou dost, thou shalt then be of the unjust.”– Holy Qur’an, Surah 10, verses 105 &106

In 1972, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated in The Theology of Time Lecture series that the history of Jesus, and his mother including Joseph represented a special study for the members of the Nation of Islam in America and for our people in general that when properly understood, laid the basis for our understanding of self and our function in this life and in the Hereafter, which is only an outgrowth of the world we are in. He added upon another occasion that the more advanced we are in the present world order, the more advanced we would be in the Hereafter. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was the first born of that New World who has literally swallowed up death in victory to emerge as the god-like Scientist that has survived to reveal it at the proper time.

One of the very little unknown subjects that he taught us concerning Jesus, Mary and Joseph is that each had the ability to read thoughts and to tune into that frequency without the use of mechanical devises and that one day we would be able to do the same once we removed the rust (clutter) that has corroded our brain cells preventing us from being able to send our thoughts out and receiving a response telepathically. In fact, he taught us that one in every 100 persons in the East can tune in on the thoughts of each other.

During that particular lecture, he informed his audience that the process of tuning in required concentration and most of all being in a state of righteousness. He also stated that many of us would be able to tune in within about 20 or 30 years from that time in 1972. Exactly 19- years-ago, a major development took place which triggered another vital stage in the process of tuning in. In 1991, the time of the great solar eclipse of the millennium, came the introduction of the New Calendar Time through the study of the Mayan Calendar and the New discovery of the Law of Time by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles. The basis of this study was on the number system 0-19 of the Mayan Counting System, inherited from the ancient Olmecs, an Aboriginal culture of African descent.

My writing efforts during this dispensation will be focused as much as possible in furthering my research and educational efforts, as a student of the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and as a helper of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, to strengthen our base of Knowledge which is beckoning us to take up the challenge of sharing greater information to our communities both in America and abroad in exploring our world in the context of a new universal expression of a culture of Peace and Righteousness. The Day of this Great Truth has come and we are being called upon to participate on the information Highway of this New Computer Age as clearly advised by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in his impacting address delivered at the Million Family March on October 16, 2000.

In my last several articles, I wrote about the happiness and joy that our Brothers and Sisters along with myself experienced during my 40 days and 40 nights in Washington D.C. This total experience captured, in essence, the expression of the meaning of the harmonics of 4th-Dimensional Time. It is the Happiness and Joy that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad described that we would experience in the New Life of the Hereafter. Living in the Fourth Dimension expresses time as an unending activity drawn from the Thought Worlds of the past, the present and the future combined in a perfect timing frequency of the Present Moment of consciousness.

As I was departing for The Final Call newspaper office in Chicago to submit this current article, I received a package from Sister Jennifer Muhammad from Washington, D.C., which contained a missing glove which was lost and later found on the premises of the Smithsonian. A message was enclosed in her card which contained a photo of a rose, which is impressed in the background of this article as symbolic of the beautiful flowers of the field and how they grow with their pleasant aromas and colors of beauty and harmony expressive of how the New World Kingdom will evolve and grow, hopefully is the experience that we will all come to realize in our lifetimes.

During this same period of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan’s recovery following his surgery, I experienced an increased desire to acquire the best quality foods available from special holistic markets, and to participate in their preparation and cooking myself. This accumulative activity included special body care and treatments of aromatic baths made with mineral salts from the dead (live) sea imported from Palestine. To this was added the fragrances of lavender, bergamon and Eucalyptus preparation added to lit candles and pure shea butter from Ghana added to almond oil as rubbing massages for the skin and hair. With each step and with each passing day we were brought into higher and higher states of spiritual consciousness and rejuvenation. Once again, I thank those members of the Hebrew Israelite Community who joined us in our concerted efforts to share information on Health and Spirituality to our joint communities in the exchange of knowledge needed for our survival.

As we began this process spontaneously, we energized our environment in a unified force field of activity which influenced our behavior and etiquette for the greater achievement of group unity in which we all benefited with a general overall sense of well being. Basically we were able to sustain a practical everyday application of our M.G.T. and G.C.C. (sisterhood training classes of the Nation) in an invigorating outreach program extended to our Community participation at large.

It was in the home of Sister Ruth Muhammad where the mobilization gathering and organizational strategies came to life in just the right atmosphere. Food preparation and delivery took place from there which included my own home made bread and other cooking recipes from bean soup to whole grain brown rice and other vegetable dishes. We also shared the cooking of Sister Ester Muhammad, one of the teachers of the M.G.T. class. Day by day, all of our activities were synchronized in one perfect moment of Time.

I wish to thank my host, Sister and Friend, Ruth Muhammad, whose spirit and organizational skills in handling protocol, business details and the photography thumbnail sketch of our daily activities, added to her administrative duties working for the District of Columbia division for special education, lent her time and space in being a conscious and activated conduit in this extraordinary experiment in 4th-Dimensional Time.

“And if Allah afflicts thee with harm, there is none to remove it but He; and if He intends good to thee, there is none to repel His grace. He brings it to whom He pleases of His servants. And He is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”
—Holy Qur’an, Surah 10, verse 107-

To be continued-

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