WEB POSTED 09-27-2001

Hypocrites serve as trials for Believers

“Surely they see it far off, and We see it nigh.”
(Holy Qur’an 70:6, 7)

Were it not for Yakub, the father of this evil world, in making this world’s rulers, who enslaved our fore parents, this most virulent, malignant disease, which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad called “hypocrisy,” could not have ever been thoroughly and finally manifested.

This type of people and rule never existed before a bit over 6,000 years ago. Their descendants enslaved us starting in 1555. There never were a people made like the type of people into which they made us. No people were ever put into the mentally dead condition into which they put us.

The Supreme Being recently visited us. He raised the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, through whom followers were and are being produced.

Hypocrites were inserted among the Believers. Some were paid to enter the Nation of Islam. These self-hating spies, or stool pigeons, were sent with orders to make mischief among the Believers.

Satan uses and despises such people.

Now, others believed what was taught, but reached “a plateau of learning” (as explained by Minister Farrakhan in Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive?) and their growth stopped. Some remained. Others left.

Some who reached “a plateau of learning” were hypocrites. Others were not and are yet Believers, but they are “stuck.” Minister Farrakhan can un-stick them, if they will listen to him. He has proven this.

“Only those accept who listen.” (Holy Qur’an 6:36)

There are other paths through which people became hypocrites. Believers, regardless to their condition, are different from hypocrites?

We all enter Islam sick. So a Believer may be sick. But the illness of the Believer is not the same as the hypocrite. The hypocrite really doesn’t believe the truth. As for the cure, there are differences in the dosage, the amounts and the methods of administering it, but ultimately, the medicine for both is the same.

If we are serious about understanding, we won’t only ask a bunch of questions, but we will really be what we ought to have been all along-true students.

Let’s do as Minister Farrakhan constantly urges. Let’s stop wasting valuable time. Let’s really look into the bad as well as the good of self, with God’s word and finally get it all together.

Hypocrites oppose the Divine Supreme Being. They reject Allah’s supremacy. They disbelieve that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan are from Him. They hate God’s truth, ways and guidance.

Allah often states, in the Holy Qur’an, that He could have guided everyone to the faith. He doesn’t. Well, one might ask, “Why does He allow hypocrites to make mischief, sow seeds of discord and confusion, among Believers in Him?”

Hypocrites are agents of Satan. Yet they serve God’s purposes. They serve as trials and make tests for the Believers. And, in the process, most of them may yet come to faith, although this will happen after Allah’s chastisement.

From the book, Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive?, we read:

“What is a test? What makes a test a test? What is done with a test once it is either failed or passed?

“When you test something, or someone, you use some means to evaluate. Underlying the means or methods used are some kind of rules or principles. You are trying to determine qualities.

“Any good dictionary will give the following ideas about the word ‘test’: examination or trial; any critical examination or decisive trial; means of trial; subjection to conditions that show the real character of a person or thing in particular; absence is a test of love; such and such is a test for color blindness, the tuberculin test for tuberculosis; that with which anything is compared for proof of genuineness; any series of questions or exercises or other means of measuring the skill, knowledge, intelligence, capacities, or aptitudes of an individual or group; to have one’s inner self or strengths, abilities, etc., shown or determined by means of a test; the means by which the presence, quality, or genuineness of anything is determined; the means, methods, or forms for assessing, evaluating the performance and capabilities of; … a way of eliciting responses for use in measuring the traits, capacity or achievements of; the process of detecting the presence of an ingredient in a substance, or of determining the nature of a substance (or a person or group).

“A test is something stronger, more specific than a trial. It is a trial under approved and fixed conditions, or a final and decisive trial as a conclusion of past experiments. In a test you determine something. A test settles a controversy. A test is a decisive trial. A test is a way of establishing something or reaching a convincing conclusion.

“Like the word ‘trial,’ ‘test’ carries something of the idea of the separation of the good from the bad in a person or thing. Therefore, these words stress not so much the conclusion reached, but the process by which the guilt or innocence of a person is definitely proved; or a thing’s genuineness or falsity; its worth or worthlessness; or its degree of strength or validity is definitely established.

“So from the above, that comes from dictionaries, we can see that ‘test’ is the putting to decisive proof, through whatever means or methods are fitting, or the subjecting of a thing (or person) for the sake of such proof or a determination of the facts.”

Hypocrites serve as trials for Believers. They test them every day. Hypocrites network better than Believers. But this is changing. The primary tool of the hypocrite is his/her slandering mouth and/or pen, including their clever use of half-truths. But this too will become ineffective as Believers grow to do more of what Minister Farrakhan asks us to do and become mature in our ability to spread and defend the Minister and God’s truth.

There are profound laws at work in the fact that hypocrites mature faster in their hypocrisy than Believers do in their faith.

There is nothing our enemies have ever stated or written, or ever will state, whether good or truthfully uncomplimentary, that was not already written of us in the scriptures. The hypocrite’s perspective is from Satan.

The scriptures defend us. This has and can be proven to be the truth. Look, for example, in the book of Acts and in the New Testament writings of Paul and others. Properly understood, this gives us part of the prophetic picture of us, warts and all, from Allah’s perfect perspective.

My articles, from Vol. 20, No. 40 to this one were intended to stimulate worthy thought on a serious problem. There is still more of great importance to state.

Study the hypocrites, who fought the prophets of Allah. Read of them in the history of Muhammad and the first four Caliphs.

This is the third day of The World Conference Against Racism, in South Africa. It’s a sign of this world’s end.

Did President Bush promise to tell the American people the truth of the so-called “U.F.O.s?”

More next issue, Allah willing.