Instructions to the Muslim; Fathers and Mothers of Islam

in North America:

How to care for pregnant mothers and their unborn babies,


Given June 7, 1936By The Honorable Elijah Muhammad


Last Messenger of Allah

Dear Father’s and Mother’s, of the lost-found Nation of Islam, in the wilderness of North America. Whom our dear Merciful Saviour, have chosen to exalt above all the Nations of the Planet Earth.

In the days of our ignorance, before the coming of our Saviour, we were very savage to ourselves, also to our wives and little children. We did not know how to treat our poor pregnant Mothers and her little unborn babe., Who was to be our future generation.

Yes, we were very foolish people, and rearing up foolish children, wicked, sickly, drunkards, murders, adultery, robbers, gamblers, game-makers, deformed, ugly, and some come with the mark of strange animals, or fowls, cross-eyed, bowlegged, uncircumcised.

All of this could have been avoided if we only had known. Now that we know, and our long awaited deliverer have come, and made Himself known to some few of us. And we whom he have made Himself known, is now made examples. By our accepting or by our rejecting His teachings.

Dear beloved ones, let us be not like the former people Noah, Lot, Moses, David and Jesus. The people rejected these Prophets, and received a terrible punishment for their rejection.

Now we are being greatly blessed in many ways. But one of the Most Greatest of these Blessings is the Increase of Our Nation. Allah; opens the womb of the righteous, that their offspring be many in the land of the Living. As it is written; The children of the desolate woman

is more than the marriage woman, and again; Thy children is like olives plants around the Table. P.S. 128;3.

I remember in 1932 on Chene street in Detroit, Michigan, at brother Cecil and Sister Albertus Bey’s home. The first Captain and Secretary. And Sister Bey was the first Captain of our M.G.T.&.G.C.C. Also Treasurer and Bookkeeper.

The Blessed Saviour said to me and Sister Bey and a few others that was present, that within ten (10) years there would be a great improvement in the increase of children among the Muslims. We see His word coming True. There have been around 60 new babies born unto the Mother’s and Father’s at number one Michigan alone in about six months. PRAISE THE NAME OF OUR SAVIOUR.

If the lost/found will not believe, He (ALLAH) has POWER to rear up to the Muslims a righteous Nation that will obey, as it is written; I will rise up children from these Stone to Abraham. (Lost-found).

Seeing we are greatly Blessed and is fully aware that we are the fulfillment of prophecy from Genesis to Revelation; in plain words we close the old world, and spring anew with the new world of Islam, whom our Saviour (ALLAH), will bring forth at his coming.

The Muslim’s Life

The Father should be most loving and pleasing to his Wife while she is impregnating. The Mother’s must not be made angry, and must not look at undesirable objects.

She must not look at wild animals, or go around shows, and places of excitements. She must not sit and think evil thoughts. But think Righteousness, eat pure foods, fresh at all all times, no animal meat should she eat, if meat must be had eat fresh fish (Live) or small chicken or pigeon (Young Pigeon).

Not no kind of strong drinks, not even one spoonful of Wine; She must be active as long as she can. And must be extremely clean. A committee should be assigned to watch the family to see if they fully obey all instructions.

And the baby should not be fed solid food but once per day after it is weaned from its Mother. Milk every morning. The meal at noon or between noon and evening.

No one should bring sorrow upon the pregnant mother at no time. The Husband should keep her very happy at all times, as her desire is to her husband more at that period than ever.

The father who has a good child bearing wife should avoid all foolishness, and assign himself to Wisdom. The desire of other women should never affect his mind.

Avoid all uncleanness, be perfect in all his actions. And if you and I will strictly follow the above, and keep up prayer, In Remembrance of ALLAH OUR SAVIOUR. Our little children will come into the World Righteous; As it is written; Every one that sees them will call the the children of the Blessed. The planting of the ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH ALLAH: OUR SAVIOUR. PRAISE HIS NAME.

May our seed be as the Stars for ever and ever. And long may our Saviour feed them with that food that perish not, and give them good Shepherds who will give themselves no rest until they see the lost found sheep lay down in safety in the fold without fear of the Wolf.

If we strictly obey, ALLAH OUR SAVIOUR, Before you ask he will give us, and while we yet call, He will answer. PRAISE BE TO THE NAME OF OUR GOD, AND SAVIOUR FOREVER AND EVER.

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