WEB POSTED 04-11-2001

‘How do we know when God is present?’

God Almighty must have foreknown how long evil would live on His earth. His purpose for allowing evil to reach the position wherein it came to flourish must have a bearing on the kind of world He desired to bring into existence after the extermination of evil. Finally, it is more than reasonable to think that He will occupy the preeminent position for the removal of evil and the permanent establishment of righteousness during a specific time period.

The two most prominent records or books that we have, claiming to have the conclusive answers to the most vital issues concerning humanity, are the Bible and the Holy Qur’an.

These two books focus on a certain time when all of the most vital issues of life were to be resolved. The persons, called the prophets of God, were one in declaring that this world was to end and God’s kingdom was to be established at a specified period of time. This period of time was called by various descriptive names, among which was the Day of Judgment. Among the other names used to denote that period of time are: the Day of the Resurrection of the Dead, The End of the World, which is the time of the exposure and destruction of Satan and his hosts, the Day of the Lord and many other names.

These books describe the primary features or the characteristics of the people and the events of those days. These would be the most dangerous times in the history of life. A major factor making those days so dangerous would be the combination of the holding of God’s people as hostages by His enemies, who would by then have the means to destroy all life on the earth and to ruin it too.

Read the Old Testament. Get one that is easy for you to read. The language of the persons, known as the prophets of the true God, shows that the central fact in their description of the end of this world was the arrival of the Lord, God Almighty, Allah Himself, in person.

The writers of the New Testament also preached the coming of God at a time yet to come after their day—again, in person. If there was any truth in their preaching and writings, then one day, God would arrive. He would one day not be coming. He will have arrived, in person. He finally has. That’s why the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan teach the presence of God, in person.

In the church it is taught that God is a person, who was here 2,000 years ago. They teach that this person is due here soon. Many teach that this person has arrived. How will they know who he will be?

Many times, when he was going deep into his teachings, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad would ask, “How do we know when God is present?”

For over 40 years he gave the most complete and comprehensive answers, or arguments, that could be given. They constituted absolute and conclusive proofs of the truth of his message and positions. From 1977 onwards Minister Farrakhan has continued the presentation of those proofs.

In both cases, every aspect of their preaching and work were, and are, attended by verifications of their teachings. These verifications have come in physical as well as non-physical forms. They include the reactions of the people (both for and against) to their words and works; their accomplishments, despite the worst oppositions under the most severe and adverse circumstances and conditions; the quality of the positive affirmative statements made by the righteously wise, throughout the earth, as well as the admissions and confessions of the wickedly wise and by the most evil of the wicked opponents to the truth of their teachings and positions; the various reactions of the nations of the earth; the discoveries of the scientists of this world; the reaction of the forces of nature in support of their work. All of this forms complete verification.

Every one and thing I just covered in the preceding two paragraphs answers the question about “How do we know when God is present?” How is this so? When all that the prophets of the scriptures described would take place only when God arrives, actually happens, then, the conclusion is inescapable. He must have arrived or these things, just briefly cited, could never have taken place.

Master Fard Muhammad did not write the Bible nor the Holy Qur’an. So if all that is written in the scriptures has been fulfilled—from the circumstances of His birth, in 1877, right up to the latest occurrences in the work of Minister Farrakhan and the events taking place in your city and throughout the earth, as you read these words—if what has happened corresponds to what is written in the scriptures, you then have overwhelming and conclusive proof of the truth of the message and works of both the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan.

As Minister Farrakhan wraps up his mission, we are just about to the very end of what was written in the scriptures that we have. There is almost nothing that is really left to be fulfilled but the destruction.

The word “cram” is from a Middle English word, “crammen,” which is from an Old English “crammian,” which is akin to Old Norse “kremja” to squeeze. It has more than one meaning in Modern English. The meaning that applies here is: “to prepare hastily for an examination; to study hastily for an imminent examination.”

So, we had better hurry and help each other cram. The time—Surah 103; The Event, Surah 56—is all but on us! Make time and a way “to squeeze” in or cram for our final examination is all but here!

In Vol. 20, No. 1, I did not define the wisdom of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The reason was that the wisdom of God is infinite. This world’s scholars cannot define His wisdom. More about this in another article, as it bears on the example Minister Farrakhan has set for us.

In that issue I quoted what he said were Master Fard Muhammad’s aims, which was:

“Master Fard Muhammad aims to raise the Lost-Found (so-called Negro) into the knowledge and wisdom—the very ideas—of the Gods of the past. [Let’s call this stage one.]

“He also aims presently, to raise His people into His own ideas, in Himself, that the scriptures may be fulfilled: that those to whom He reveals Himself become the sons (and the daughters) of God … sons and daughters in the wisdom of God. [Stage two.]

“He aims not only to reveal His ideas for the present creation of the universe, [More of stage two.]but also to give to man the nature and the creative wisdom to produce creative ideas as The Father of Civilization. [Stage three.]

“He aims to make The Nation of Righteousness, who will rule in the Hereafter, with the potential knowledge of producing and bringing into action, or existence, that which He has been able to produce. We call this ‘ideas.’ He aims to make each one into a God.” [More of stage three.]

“Minister Farrakhan, offers the wisdom of the “Wise Man,” with whom, years ago, he has merged.” [He is an example of what can and will be done for the Believers, now and later, by God and His Christ.]

Master Fard Muhammad has fulfilled, and is yet fulfilling His aims to raise the Black man and woman “into the knowledge and wisdom—the very ideas—of the Gods of the past.”

Basically, “how” means “in what manner or way; for what reason; with what meaning; to what effect; to what degree or extent; in what state or condition; at what price.”

What did Master Fard Muhammad leave with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad when He departed? He left him with His interpretation of the Bible and the Holy Qur’an. This interpretation was/is, the perfect explanation of these books, from Allah’s perfect perspective, which was inclusive of the perspective of the prophets.

He left His servant with an ever increasing understanding of the best knowledge of mathematics; human nature; the laws which govern the whole of the universe and the wisdom of the scriptures—and how all of this knowledge related to all of the sciences of life.

By the time he departed, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had grown to be able to take the general natural laws of the universe and the laws of the nature of man and he demonstrated that it all bore witness with the truth he was taught by and of the all-wise Designer and Creator of the heavens and earth.

This fact of the wisdom and power of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, alone, conclusively proved the truth and the unlimited value of the aims and purposes of his Teacher, Master Fard Muhammad. By guiding the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to this position and power, that he did, He demonstrated the truth of His identity and the truth of what He taught His servant.

Consider Holy Qur’an 49:12, which reads: “O you who believe, avoid most of suspicion, for surely suspicion in some cases is sin; and spy not nor let some of you backbite others. Does one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You abhor it! And keep your duty to Allah, surely Allah is Oft-returning (to mercy), Merciful.”

In the case of Minister Farrakhan your suspicion is sin. Take it or leave it.

Take advantage of Allah’s mercy and do all that you can now to help Minister Farrakhan before all hell breaks loose!

Most of this article was written on March 11th. How have we used our time to cram as whatever date you are reading this?

More next issue, Allah willing.