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The .’. M.M.A  is a metaphysical organization that teaches the aspirant of mysticism the unadulterated Ancient Wisdom of the Original people of the planet earth and the forgotten Theurgic Sciences (divine ways of ascension ) that have come down through the various cycles of time from unequalled Masters, Avatars, Guru’s, Nath Yogi’s, Adepts, advanced souls and enlightened beings . The method for  dissemination of such information comes in the form of home “Excursus lessons & Discourses “. These lessons are separated into thirteen sections or spheres of learning .



1. Ontology (The study of the nature of Being )

2. Psycho-Pneumotology ( The interaction of mind,body and soul )

3. Mysticism (The inner experiences and unveilings to become one with God )

4. Ancient Medicine ( Healing and its various facets)

5. Theology (The study of God and gods)

6. Occult Philosophy (The study & love of the most sacred and heavenly wisdom [sophia] )

7. Ancient Planetary and Cosmic History

8. Alchemy (The Transmutation of base material )

9. Worship (ways of devotion)

10. Art of Living (Meditation,Environment,Breath,Diet,etc)

11. Divine Scripture (Holy Quran,Bible,Vedas etc)

12. Theurgy (The mystical application of the Highest Scientific Knowledge to bring man into oneness with God)

13. Cryptology (The science of deciphering and application of symbols )

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1st Degree Excursus Lessons

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The 3 principled powers

of the .’. Mystic Masters Ashram

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The .’. M.M.A lessons are structured to help the seeker investigate these ancient teachings as well as taking you step by step into unfolding theunfolding the hidden potential and power of the Human Mind also known as the Science of Being . This unfolding allows you to become a greater vessel for establishing the divine will of God among man, while also rendering the student a better quality of life as you perform your unique and distinct service to Humanity. The entire process is guided and overseen by the Ayin -Master Fard Muhammad and specified members of the Angelic Hierarchy of his choosing.

Theurgy means “divine-working”. The first recorded use of the term is found in the mid-second-century neo-Platonist work the Chaldean Oracles (Fragment 153 des Places (Paris, 1971)

William Henry;

The term theurgy means not only “divine work” but also perhaps “god- making” or “making gods of men”, and was intended as a contrast to theology, which merely talks about the gods, and theoria, the purely philosophical intuitive contemplation advocated by Plotinus

Keith Thomas:

“Spiritual magic or theurgy was based on the idea that one could reach God in an ascent up the scale of creation made possible by a rigorous course of prayer, fasting and devotional preparation

The Coming of the Mystic Masters Ashram and the establishment of Theurgic Sciences

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad


   We are standing on the threshold of another phase and cycle of our programmatic Teachings from the Master. This new phase will focus on advanced training and re-education that will take us into new fields of knowledge with higher mathematical and scientific truths to be revealed in order that we as students can master our Assignment.

William Henry

“Jesus and Mary Magdalene were theurgists (from theo, ‘God’, and ur ‘light’). Theurgy, according to R.T. Wallis, “is a system of ritual purification based on a magical view of the universe and derived from the Chaldean Oracles”. Mainly assembled in Alexandria, Egypt two millennia ago, theurgy contains elements of Persian, Greek, Babylonian and Egyptian religions mingled to form a new elixir for the soul. It was taught in Athens until the fifth century AD.These specialists in the holy initiated students in profound secrets that led to the soul’s salvation. The stairway to heaven and the doorway symbolized salvation. They wielded supernatural powers to influence events and to reunite followers with God or Ultimate Reality. ‘Mystic’ was the term applied to those who had made this ultimate cosmic connection. Jesus became the embodiment of the “way,” or “path” or “door” to enlightenment and the example, or target, of the “perfected man”. He achieved the goal of all human psychophysical and psychospiritual evolution.

The sleeping powers within man, who is commissioned to awaken them ?

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan: 

 ” God allows you to get hints of your powers; sometimes you can see an occurrence before it happens or hear something that you know you were not present to hear. The real ear and eyes are not physical. When your mind is lit with the light of God, you see beyond the eyes and hear beyond the ears. You are naturally endowed with those powers, but those powers have been put to sleep because we are following a people who live diametrically opposed to the way of the Creator. “

Supreme Wisdom & 13 Moon Calendar Technology

Valum Votan (Jose Arguelles)

   “The Law of Time can now be demonstrated within the Supreme Wisdom Lessons of Master Fard Muhammad in order that the Lost Found Nation of Islam may move to its next most glorious and brilliant stage, the Triumph of the Religion of Truth”

Jose Arguelles on his interaction with Master Fard Muhammad and the Angelic Hierarchy

“But most specifically, for the elevation of the world soul and for the awakening of the world mind, I have had very specific spiritual guardians. These spiritual guardians are Pacal Votan, a very mysterious person named Master Fard Muhammad, as well as different Tibetan masters”


Master Elijah Muhammad

“We are in a day of learning. If you don’t learn, you are left behind.”


              (communicated 3-19-2013 from behind the veil)

   When I was among the people teaching, I told you to seek knowledge wherever you find it. The knowledge of the Sirians, and the other guardians of the heavens is growing in its value everyday as we come closer to the “destruction” of this present world. Many will not yet be able to understand the actual magnitude of such wisdom because they are yet “little babies”, but the first lesson of the student enrollment says that the Black Man is the original man, the maker, the owner, cream of the planet earth god of the universe. I did not say god of the earth, I said the universe. So in order to become the gods and the rulers of the universe we must have knowledge of all of it. YOU CANNOT RULE OVER THAT WHICH YOU ARE IGNORANT TO. We are being prepared not only to endure the fall of this world but to be rulers and gods of the next. There is no truth that is not in line with the teachings of Islam for they are the teachings of the universe. Allah is all knowing and all wise. Why should his children not strive to learn all that is around them? It is disrespectful to Allah not to seek wisdom and understanding of that which you have been blessed to behold. Purify yourself and let Allah do His work through you. He will give you what is yours to give to the world.


                 The Ayin – Master Fard Muhammad :


    The Time is ripe for us to Re-claim our own, which is knowledge, understanding and a high civilization. We all are equipped physically and mentally to accomplish the said, above, with little study—young, old, men, women and children

” Each Student must qualify his or herself for Positions awaiting them. Assignment of Office will be made immediately after Examination, and on Completion of his or her Labor Course. Consideration for the Laborers of Islam will be taken, and Analysis, in the near future, by ALLAH! “

” Big fields are awaiting for the wide Awake man to work out. Arise the Dead by the thousands! The dead Nation must arise—for the Time is at hand. Look in your Poison Book. Work cheerfully and fear not! You are the Righteous, the Best and the Powerful! “