Universal Family

by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following text is excerpted from Minister Louis Farrakhan’s
Saviours’ Day address delivered Feb. 17 at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles.]

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

y subject matter today is Healing the Wounds to Bring About a Universal Family.” The whole human family is wounded. There is no segment of the population of the Earth that is not scarred from wounds self-inflicted and inflicted by others in a world that the Qur’an and Bible say has been ruled by Shaitan or Satan. None of the wounds that we suffer from are without the possibility of healing.

If you believe in Allah (God), faith is the vehicle on which He rides to heal whatever affliction humanity suffers. America is a great nation, but America is also wounded and in need of healing. September 11 was a day that America shuddered and was horrified to see that 19 human beings who lost their humanity, so angry at America that they would seek to destroy the symbol of America’s military might, America’s economic might. And were it not for the courageous people on board that fourth plane, that plane might have been headed for the U.S. Congress or for the White House.

This was America’s first taste of what nations in the world have felt—having their countries destroyed, their cities destroyed, their people destroyed. America has been spared what other nations and people live with daily when their nations are racked with civil war, civil strife. And this nation has been involved in the destruction of other nations and the bombing and destroying of other capital cities.

The Book of Revelation talks about a mystery Babylon that was like a golden chalice, meaning it was attractive on the outside, but on the inside there was filth and abomination of every kind. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that ancient Babylon was a sign of that mystery Babylon. That mystery Babylon had a people in it like ancient Babylon, a people whose names had been changed; a people whose religion had been changed; a people whose language had been changed; a people who were styled as gold and silver vessels of God, but wine and strong drink had been poured into that vessel to corrupt it, to make it unfit for the service of Allah (God).

America, a mystery Babylon, but the Scripture says: “Babylon is fallen, is fallen.” Why is she fallen? It is because she has become a habitation of devils and a hole for every unclean and hateful bird, a cage. What does that have to do with great America? Is America going to fulfill her destiny as the foundation of the Kingdom of God on Earth, or is America going to fulfill prophecy? Not a good prophecy, but a prophecy that America would be like ancient Egypt, like ancient Rome, like ancient Babylon, like ancient Sodom and Gomorrah. America does not have to go that way. America can be America the Beautiful, but she must have a good shepherd.

The leadership of America can either take America to hell or can lead America out of this ugliness and make America good so that Allah (God) can crown that good, where, as Martin Luther King saw it, that his little Black children could walk with little White children and Protestants and Catholics and Muslims and Christians and Jews could walk together as brothers. That’s not real right now. The children of Abraham are a disgrace to Abraham. Abraham would be displeased to see Muslims, Christians and Jews who claim that father, yet there’s so much hatred between them. So much hatred has manifested out of religion that there seems to be more love and more brotherhood outside of religion than we find manifested in religion.

I wrote Mr. Bush, and I don’t know whether he got the letter or not, but I was telling him that I’m writing you from my prison. What prison? A prison not of bars, but a prison constructed for me out of my passion for truth and justice. I’m labeled as anti-American, anti-White, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-gay, and that propaganda has put me in a prison. So I wrote him like Joseph spoke to Pharaoh, out of prison. I know this pharaoh doesn’t only have troubling dreams; he has troubling realities. But, I wanted him to know that we (Blacks) have paid a price. We don’t feel that we’re out of place to speak truth to power because this is as much ours as anybody’s, since the blood of our fathers soaks the soil of America and we have died on every foreign battlefield to preserve a freedom that we have yet to enjoy.

I didn’t want my letter to become public, because sometimes people write to the President and make it an open letter for their own vanity’s sake. I wanted this to be a private communication between myself and him. I wanted to counsel him, and I wanted to warn him that God had shown me what was in his mind. I was telling him what I know of his future plans and what the consequences would be if he pursued what he has in his mind.

But my friend Jude Wanniski called me one day and said, “Minister Farrakhan, I did not ask your permission. I put [the letter] up on my website, and I sent your letter to about 300 journalists and we’ll see, because some [people around the President] may not like certain things you said in your letter, and they might not even give it to him. By making it public now we feel he might get the message.” Now that it’s been made public, I feel I can discuss it.

I’m going to make a few brief statements on why I feel President Bush and the United States of America are in the greatest position of any leader and any nation that has ever been on Earth. Not since Adam has one man or nation held sway over the whole Earth. Today America holds sway over the whole Earth as the only remaining superpower. But power is a heady wine, and one must be careful. The greater you become, the more humble we should become, the more our face should be in prostration to the Almighty God, the One, the Only, without associates. When you become so immersed in Him, then He gives you more power to do more good.

I said to President Bush very respectfully, “Sir, you are in the position of the vicegerent of God.” The word vicegerent in Arabic is like the word “khalifah.” He’s over everybody. He has power. But there’s somebody over him. And that’s what, in drunkenness, he can forget. Pharaoh forgot and you see where he ended up. I said to the president, there is no Muslim leader on this Earth who can call for a Holy War against America. Not one. I don’t think there’s any Muslim leader on this Earth that can summon 1,800,000,000 (one billion, eight hundred million) Muslims to a holy war. I said, “But on the other hand, President Bush, you can summon the whole Muslim world against the West by how you handle this war on terrorism.”

I told him, if you go after Iraq, your coalition is going to fall apart, and it’s falling apart right now as we speak. For [the Bush administration] to send Secretary of State Colin Powell to Congress to tell the members of Congress that [the U.S.] may have to go it alone, stop it right now. In good conscience, fearing only Allah (God), I cannot allow them to use the American soldiers, Black, Brown, and poor White to fight a war that is unjust and wrong. You can give the soldiers higher pay. But Mr. Bush’s daughters are not going there. Mr. Cheney’s not going. Neither his family. But these little Black babies that couldn’t find justice in the streets of America were asked to be all that they could never be and join the U.S. Army. And now you want to send them to topple the President of Iraq. “Well, he’s a bad man. He’s trying to get weapons of mass destruction.” Who said so?

You’ve been in his country for over eight years looking for weapons of mass destruction. You haven’t found them yet. I heard the Secretary of State [Donald Rumsfeld] today threatening Iraq. Is America saying that no nation on the Earth should have these weapons, but America, England, France, and Israel should have this? Are you saying it’s right for you, but wrong for North Korea? It’s right for you, but wrong for Pakistan? It’s right for you, but wrong for China? Right for you, but wrong for India? You want the rest of the world weak so you can dominate them and hold a threat of nuclear weapons over them that they cannot fire back at you? I don’t think any nation should have weapons of mass destruction, including America, England, France, Israel and anybody that has them.

The soldiers are patriotic. They love this nation, as we should. We don’t like the things about our nation that are not good, but I don’t want to live anywhere else. I want America to be made right. I don’t want to see America go the way of Rome and Babylon and Sodom and Gomorrah. But she will go that way if the men of religion and the women of religion keep silent.

I said to the President, you could have access to whatever you need from the world. Nations would give you access with joy if you would be fair with them and allow what you get from them to get a decent price so that they can improve the quality of life of their people. Colin Powell said, “the war on terrorism must fight against poverty and disease, because poverty and disease breeds the terrorist.” That’s half-true. Certainly we must fight against poverty and disease, but it’s not just poverty and disease that breeds terrorists. It’s the policies of a nation that allow other nations to be poor and we rise to richness at the expense of the peoples of the world. That is not right.

America has come to a crossroads. You must understand that power is linked, in world politics, to oil. And as the greatest industrial nation on the Earth, America has an insatiable appetite for oil. When coal was the number one energy in the world, Great Britain ruled the world. She had the greatest deposits of coal. But when the power to move engines moved from coal to oil, England and America began vying for control of the places on this Earth that produce oil.

Who are the rogue states that America says she does not like, and let’s see how oil is connected here. I want you to consider Libya in North Africa. This little desert country where most of the people live along the coast has the sweetest crude oil. There’s a song we sing: “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.” Where’s Tripoli? “We will fight our country’s battles on the land and on the sea.” What are you doing over here? Did these people bother you? No. They have oil. America had military bases here. For what? Oil! They had a king named Idriss and Muammar Gadhafi, as a young man in a bloodless coup, overthrew the king and then kicked the British out, the Americans out, and nationalized the oil. Now he could raise the standard of living of all the Libyans, and with money left over he could aid the liberation struggle of people all over the world. America got very upset with that. “You’re messing with us, Gadhafi. You’re a terrorist.”

Iraq has a lot of oil, and next door is Iran which has lots of oil. In Iran, there was a man by the name of Mohammad Mossadegh and he nationalized the oil. He wanted to use the oil to raise the standard of living of the Iranian people.

What’s wrong with that? There’s nothing wrong with that to our eyes, but something was wrong with that to the eyes of the rich and the powerful. So they organized a coup and overthrew him and placed a man on the throne called the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. As that was their man in Iran, they gave him weapons, modern planes, but he was a Muslim, but he was not deep in the religion. So under him, the religion suffered. So the people that wanted their religion to come back to purity started organizing. The leader of that was Imam Khomeini.

Look at a map of the Middle Eastern part of the world. In Saudi Arabia, there is a whole lot of oil. President (Franklin Delano) Roosevelt struck up a good relationship with the king, and Aramco (Corporation) had access to all this oil. The kings lived well, they did well for their people, but there was no democracy. America doesn’t care anything about that, just keep pumping the oil.

Every one of us has somebody in our family that is a victim of drugs. There’s something about a drug addict—if it’s your son, if it’s your daughter—they become artful liars. They can make up the fanciest stories just to get money to get to the drug. If you don’t give them the money, when you turn your back, your fur coat is gone. When you turn your back this is gone, that is gone. They become thieves and soon, if they get real bad, they become murderers.

America is an oil junkie. She doesn’t care how she gets it, she must have it.

Did you know that they found the largest deposit of oil anywhere in the world? Guess where they found it? In the southern Sudan. And what America is trying to do is foster the revolution to break off the southern Sudan from the Islamic regime in Khartoum so that America can have access to the oil. But they say it’s them Moslems killing Christians, making slaves out of these people in the South. America sent arms to Eritrea and Ethiopia and Uganda. So all along the border of Sudan, war was started with the Sudan. But something happened. Eritrea started using her weapons against Ethiopia, and vice versa. So (Eritrea and Ethiopia) couldn’t give the Sudan the trouble that America wanted.

You don’t know these things because you don’t travel. You don’t know these things because you’re not interested. You don’t know these things because foreign policy is not for the common American. And that we have to change. I believe that if the American people knew, foreign policy (would reflect) that which is better in the American people.

Let’s go to Nigeria. There’s some sweet oil here. Do you know what America tried to do? They tried to separate the eastern region and call it Biafra, which started a civil war in Nigeria, causing thousands upon thousands of lives to be lost because of American foreign policy. Let’s go back to Afghanistan. Do you see this place called Baku? Oil has been coming out of this area for years and years. But the Soviet Union had control of the oil in Khazakstan, in Uzbekistan and in Tajikistan. All this area the Soviet Union had.

Have you ever heard of Zbignew Brezinski? Zbignew got us in trouble. He was the national security adviser under President Jimmy Carter. Guess what? Show me Afghanistan. Did you know that in the city of Kabul, some 20 years ago, the Muslims, women were in government, they were in school, they were in medicine. But something was wrong with Afghanistan. Do you know what was wrong? The government in Kabul leaned more toward the Soviet Union. They were Muslims but they had a socialist leaning that America didn’t like. So Zbignew Brezinski and American policy sent money into Afghanistan to destabilize the government in Kabul. When they brought up and paid for opposition to the government in Kabul, Russia, the Soviet Union, sent their troops into Afghanistan and the war began.

When the war started, Osama bin Laden was in Arabia growing up. He loves Islam, he loves Muslims, he sees the Soviet Union taking over Afghanistan and there’s war in Afghanistan to get the Soviet Union out, and America says, “We’re going to back those Muslim mujahideen.” So American money and American weapons trained them and they drove the Soviet Union out after ten years of war, which left Afghanistan in ruins. Then they looked to America to help them, but America backed out and left them in that condition and a civil war broke out in Afghanistan. The country is already in ruins, now a civil war. Then you have the Taliban that comes to power. And they want a pure Islamic state.

I read a book written by two Frenchman called, “Osama bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth.” And they said that early on in the Bush administration he was negotiating with the Taliban and he said [the Taliban] were a source of stability. Why was he negotiating? Let me tell you. All of this, Khazakstan, Uzbekstan, this is oil. And guess what? A company called Unical owns 75 percent of the oil up here. And what they wanted was a pipeline to come down through Afghanistan into Pakistan into the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, as an outlet for the oil of that area. The Taliban didn’t agree.

Back in July, an American representative met with the Taliban, sometimes in the UN, sometimes right in Peshawar in Pakistan. The representative said either you accept a carpet of gold or we will bury you under a carpet of bombs. This was in July. Then came September 11, and now it’s Osama bin Laden. The government didn’t know anything about any terrorists the day before. But on September 11, 12, and 13 they have 19 faces in the paper saying these are the guys. When did you learn that? How did you learn that? Something is wrong with this picture. Muslims and Arabs got all the blame and they went immediately to the Congress beating the drums of war.

Do you want to know why people in the world hate America? You don’t understand the dirt that goes on in your name. And that’s why the American people have to be awakened. Am I upsetting? I’m not trying to upset you. But now that they’ve destroyed the Taliban, Mr. Hamid Kardzi, whom America set up, he now will get the carpet of gold and let’s see if that pipeline won’t come through Afghanistan. It’s all about oil and power.

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