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“Healing” is to make healthy; to make whole or sound; to restore to health; to free from ailment. To repair is to heal. To reconcile is to heal. To settle your differences is to heal. To free from evil, to cleanse, to purify is to heal. To effect a cure is to heal.

But you can’t have a healing without medicine, and you can’t have medicine without a doctor. If the whole world needs a healing, where is “the medicine,” and who is “the doctor”?

The Human Family’s wounds from a ‘White Supremacy’ mindset

The world of White people, by The Power and Will of God, was permitted to rule the nations, peoples, tribes, and the families of the earth. Since their way of rule was not to be in accord with The Nature of God and His way of rule, then a new pattern of rulership was established with the coming of this new people on our planet. This new basis for rule was on the premise of “White Supremacy.”

White Supremacy introduced racism in the most negative form, and White Supremacy (or “White rule”), as an ideology and a philosophy has governed human relationships. International relationships have been based on the premise of White Supremacy. White Supremacy has governed social, economic and political relationships, and has affected even our relationships within religion. Because of this, no darker people on the Earth could get justice, fairness, and equity under the principle of White Supremacy.

Those Whites who have a greater knowledge used their knowledge and subsequent power to inflict wounds on other Whites of lesser knowledge and privilege in an effort to obtain material possessions that they all were taking from the darker peoples of the earth.

hem_n_hmlf.jpg The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

White people today suffer from wounds that they have inflicted upon themselves and others with their doctrine of White Supremacy. Every White supremacist is a wounded soul; every White man who suffers with that mentality is a wounded soul. There is no way that Whites, as a people, can see a New World based on equity, justice and the true brotherhood of man unless they accept the total destruction of White Supremacy as a philosophy, ideology and principle of rulership. In the simple words of Jesus, “You cannot see The Kingdom of God except you be born again.”

That mind of White Supremacy has inflicted on all of the darker people a sense of inferiority when we come in the presence of White people. I must say to all of the darker people, and to Black people in particular: You will never see The Kingdom of God thinking you are something less than what God has made you.

The medicine to effect a healing has to break up the mind of “White Supremacy” and “Black Inferiority” so that we can come to terms as equal members of the human family of the planet, and then never again shall we be judged by the color of our skin. As Allah (God) says in the Holy Qur’an: “The best of you is not the whitest of you or the blackest of you, but the best of you is he who is most careful of his or her duty to God.”

‘Wisdom’: The purifying healing agent sent through God’s messengers, prophets

The Nature of God is the nature in which He created the universe. The law under which He created the universe is that everything submits to the law under which it is created. The only time we get in trouble is when we rebel against the natural and divine law that Allah (God) has given us all.

Have you noticed that polluted streams cleanse themselves if they keep running? Have you noticed nature heals itself? In nature, the sun draws polluted water up from the earth; but the sun purifies the water as it draws it closer and closer to itself. That which in its original state was dirty and corrupt: The sun purifies it. It is inevitable that from all of our traditions, whether that is the Native Americans, Chicanos, Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs, Olmecs, African traditions or the teachings from Abraham to Muhammad, nature, or The God of Nature, will ultimately effect a healing on The Human Family of the Earth. In time, we will all be made whole.

Just as there is an agent throughout nature through which healing comes—whether it is the constant flow of the river; or whether the sun, as an agent of purification, draws water up forming clouds—so does God send Light and Guidance to the people in the form of a prophet, a messenger, an apostle or just a wise man or a sage. The wisdom from that being’s mouth is a purifying healing agent.

The problem is that the healing brought about by prophets, messengers, wise men and sages has always been interfered with by false medicine men. If the right medicine was being ingested by us, we wouldn’t even need to talk about healing.

The Black Man Suffers

The Black people of the earth have suffered the worst in these times of wounding because all other colors have ruled since the Black man has had his day.

Black people have been made to believe that we have not contributed anything worthwhile to the advancement of civilization. White supremacists, in spreading their doctrine of supremacy of Whites, have made the Yellow, Brown, Red and all mixtures in-between to look down on the Black man as “subhuman” and “inferior.”

Beloved “Bloods” and “Crips,” the “red” and the “blue” (which represents gang affiliation): There is nothing wrong with that. Those are just colors. We jumped all over White folks for mistreating us because of our color, why would you now kill your brother because he wears the wrong color?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said there is a blue and a red star that appear once every 50,000 years. They don’t appear separate, they appear together. A blue and a red star appears every 50,000 years; and when they appear, it signals universal change. So the blue and the red (Crips and Bloods) must come together. The Black, Brown, and Red must come together and bring about a universal change.

The world looks for healing; the world looks for Messiah

There is a man who wants to come to provide a healing; a man who the Book says would have “healing in his wings.” If I hold open the Holy Qur’an, the book looks like what? Wings. “Healing in the wings” means He is coming with a Knowledge that would heal the wounds of the whole Human Family.

He is called, from the Jewish perspective, “Messiah.” He is called from the Muslim perspective, “Messiah.” He is called from the Christian perspective, “Messiah.” Messiah is a man—a real live human being in whom God is present. He is a man born of a woman.

Isaiah the prophet said that unto us “a child is born,” unto us “a son is given,” and a government shall be upon his shoulders, and He shall be called “Wonderful Counselor,” “The Mighty God,” “The Prince of Peace,” “The Everlasting Father.”

He is a man born. What is His name? How are you going to recognize Him? The Bible teaches: “I will send my Messenger from before my face and he will prepare a way before me.” The Old Testament, or the Torah, closes with the Book of Malachi, which means “My Messenger”; and in Malachi it reads:

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”

‘From Jerusalem to Jericho’ (Peace to Confusion), and The Work of The Good Samaritan

The New Testament (Book of Matthew) opens with a virgin conceiving a child: “And his name shall be called Jesus and he will save his people from their sins.” The Work of Jesus is this Work of healing, restoring, reconciling and making whole.

I met a man who taught me and I am not the same old Negro I once was. I am a man now with healing in my wings, and yet I am a student of another man.

Your Bible speaks of a man who was traveling “from Jerusalem to Jericho,” and on the way he fell among “thieves who hit him in his head”—wounded him and left him half dead in the road. The priest came by and what did the priest do? He passed by on the other side. The Levite came and looked at him, shook his head, and kept on moving. But the Good Samaritan, traveling in that same direction, saw the wounded man and poured oil in his wounds, bandaged his wounds, and took him to the innkeeper.

Even though he was wounded, he needed care; he needed time to “get himself together.” The man that heals (Samaritan) told the innkeeper to keep the wounded man, and the Samaritan gave him (the innkeeper) some money. The Good Samaritan said that if it is more than what he had given the innkeeper, he would repay the innkeeper on his return. What does all that mean?

Jericho was a “city of confusion.” Jerusalem is a “city of peace.” When you go from peace to confusion, you don’t go “up,” you go “down.” Black man, when you were living in the East you were living in a state of peace. Your nature is founded in peace.

When we left Africa and came into America we didn’t go up, we went down. What happened to you? Somebody hit you in the head. Something is wrong with your head and nobody has poured oil in your wounds. And “the priest walked by on the other side”: When our fathers were in slavery, the church was here, the Pope was here, but nobody healed the wounds of the slaves. The church walked by on the other side. “The Levite” (that’s the priesthood of the Jews): They came close to you and looked at you, but they shook their heads. And although the Jews know the truth, they have never taught the Black man the truth.

But the Good Samaritan, he was coming from Jerusalem—coming out of the East to the West—like the Book says: “even as lightning shines from the east even unto the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.” He’s coming out of the East. Why into the west? Because that is where the Prodigal Son is; that is where the wounded soul is, in the West. He came and He found Elijah and He poured oil in his head. As David the Psalmist said, He poured so much oil till his cup ran over.

The Doctor Whose Medicine Heals the Black Man’s Wounded State of Mind

Elijah met us and he found us wounded. Everyone that you know who went to the mosque to hear Elijah Muhammad; or to hear Elijah’s student, Malcolm X, Jeremiah X, Abdul Rahman, or Louis Farrakhan: Wherever you heard a student of Elijah, we had healing with us. You came in one way and you went out a new individual because a healing was there with Elijah.

Elijah left and The Nation went down, and your brother, Louis Farrakhan, by The Guidance of Allah, decided that he was going to rebuild his father’s house in his name.

I started off with just two or three people. But what did I have? I had a Word; I had “oil,” and I had a wounded nation in front of me. I went “pouring oil” in the colleges and universities. Maybe you didn’t join the mosque, but every one of you that heard me: The word from my mouth affected your life, and you began to change your life for the better.

We have got to give credit where credit is due. I met a man, and that man is a doctor—and he doctored on me so that I could doctor on you. And that man is Elijah Muhammad.