WEB POSTED 6-27-2000

Healing, reconciliation and Min. Farrakhan’s heart

The Muhammad Ali translation of the Holy Qur’an, 3:54 reads: “When Allah said: ‘O Jesus, I will … exalt thee in My presence and clear thee of those who disbelieve and make those who follow thee above those who disbelieve to the day of Resurrection. Then to Me is your return, so I shall decide between you concerning that wherein you differ.’ “

Geoffrey Parrinder translated this passage, in part, this way: “Recall when God said: ‘O Jesus, I am going to bring thy term to an end and raise thee to Myself … .”

Mr. Ali translated verse 55 to read: “Then as to those who disbelieve, I shall chastise them with severe chastisement in this world and the Hereafter, and they will have no helpers.”

Allah promises the believers a great reward in the next verse.

Yusuf Ali translates verse 55 to read: “Behold! Allah said ‘O Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to Myself and clear thee (of the falsehood) of those who blaspheme; I will make those who follow thee superior to those who reject faith … .”

A. Maududi provides us this English version of 3:54 with: “(It was to carry out His secret plan that) He said, ‘O Jesus, now I will recall you and raise you up to Myself and cleanse you of (the uncongenial company and the filthy environment of) those who have rejected you… .’ “

This and more is from Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive? It referred to what had and was going on, when it was written, in 1976. It refers to what is going on now and to what is soon to come.

What each person saw, felt and came away with, after the videotaping of Sister Shabazz, Mr. Mike Wallace and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was done, depended on the condition of their hearts.

Millions in the general public were naturally at a tremendous disadvantage when they viewed that television program on May 14. They could not possibly grasp the setting, the context, nor the beauty of the spirit in which Minister Farrakhan interacted with Sister Shabazz.

The following is essential to getting a clearer view of what happened that day. Minister Farrakhan has the extraordinary ability—more than most any other human being you will ever meet—to empathize with others. Empathy is a power that includes all that sympathy contains and more. It is the power of a person to literally place his or herself into the overall circumstances of another, to the extent that the person experiences the very nature of the state of being of the other.

Those who have shared enough space and time with him have witnessed this fact in the makeup of his being. Minister Farrakhan is one of those rare human beings, in this evil world, who has demonstrated the capacity to enter into the mental and emotional content of the experiences of others—whether they be happy or sad—so thoroughly that he literally identifies with the state of being of the other person. This is what enables him to so deeply understand others and the nature of circumstances or situations that a great many others, quite frankly, very often miss. This is a major factor which enables him—with Allah’s help—to heal others; to transform human life, for the better. This is what makes him such an unusual orator; in short, a very unusual human being.

Minister Farrakhan was seeking to relieve Sister Shabazz of her pain and to bring closure to her. Furthermore, to me, as he spoke he was literally sacrificing himself to save and satisfy the deep yearning of his Sister, and others through her, for understanding and healing.

It was out of the purity of his heart that he spoke the words that he did. His use of the words “complicit with my mouth” was his empathetic or heartfelt effort to take into himself her agony, her pain, in short, the whole of her trauma, in order to heal her.

Minister Farrakhan was in no way admitting to being in anyway directly involved in her father’s death. The more you know about this entire matter, the more you will agree that the real nature of this entire, complex matter, which started several years ago, requires time and study. Moreover, it mustinclude the full and unobstructed views of Minister Farrakhan, if clarity on this matter is to be gained.

If you heard and saw all that I (and others) saw that day, then you would naturally be in a better position to grasp that significantly dramatic moment in which Sister Shabazz finally sought what she did from Minister Farrakhan, into which he spoke the words that millions saw a small part of via “60 Minutes.”

I believe Sister Shabazz, on the one hand, knew that the Minister was innocent of the death of her father before the interview. However, I also believe she came to that interview holding the Minister somewhat vicariously responsible, but in a way not all together clear to her, for the agony she and her family has experienced. She, therefore, holds him “complicit.” I don’t say she was thinking with that word in her conscious mind. But I do believe that word, to a large extent, contained her sentiment towards him.

Now, the segment of the interview that the public saw (via CBS) came towards the end of that long discussion. Sister Shabazz’s cry for relief from her pain intensified towards the end of that long discussion. Minister Farrakhan responded by extending himself almost beyond what was reasonable not just to comfort but to heal her.

Minister Farrakhan entered deeply into her spirit and picked up and identified with the very nature of the spirit in the content of her heart. It is out of his profound understanding of and love for her that he expressed the sentiments that he did. This is the root out of which he used the word “complicit.” He was drawing out of her spirit that which needed to come out of her for her to heal. He did it at a cost to himself. That’s the price he has and is paying to redeem others.

A week before this significant event, Minister Farrakhan showed me the letter Mr. Mike Wallace sent to him concerning his view of the significance of this event and why he (Mike Wallace) wanted to do it.

It was clear to me, from his letter, that Mr. Mike Wallace saw the prospects of this upcoming event (with Sister Shabazz and Minister Farrakhan) as of greater significance than even the previous interview he did of Minister Farrakhan about three years ago. Back then two segments of that interview were shown to the American people. Yet, the final product in this instance was but one segment. Why?

Whether the CBS persons who are responsible for the misrepresentation of Minister Farrakhan will ever come clean and tell the truth on themselves about their evil motives—time will tell. But I am convinced that Allah’s hand is over this entire matter. The wicked will not be successful. I expect open division among them. Minister Farrakhan will be vindicated! In fact, as it is written, his vindication has already been in the workings long before these events!

There was not the least hint, on the faces, or in the demeanor of anyone, in that room, during the discussion/interview, that Minister Farrakhan confessed or admitted to direct involvement in Malcolm’s death.

After the discussion/interview concluded, we all went into Minister Farrakhan’s dining room, where the discussions were very pleasant. There was not the slightest hint, during the two hours, when we were all together, that anyone thought that Minister Farrakhan made any kind of admission, in the planning of the death of Malcolm, beyond what he has already said for many years.

I do not believe that Sister Shabazz would have acted as pleasantly as she did, after the taping, if she had heard Minister Farrakhan say, to her face, that he admitted that he was directly involved in the murder of her father. I cannot imagine her believing that in the light of what I saw in her behavior that day. We all would have been stunned if he had made such an admission or anything near to that!

I’m convinced that Sister Shabazz was satisfied with what she sought, which was a high level and sincere apology, from the heart of the one who sits in the seat of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Again, it reminded me of what the Pope recently did in his apologies. He did not take any personal responsibility for the evils done by Catholics. But, as the head of the church, he took some vicarious or symbolic personal responsibility and did offer apologies to those hurt (or to their descendants) and requested from God mercy and forgiveness for all so involved in that which was not right.

That is what Minister Farrakhan did. Now, let’s look at two incidents in Minister Farrakhan’s life that illustrate his unusual power to empathize with others.

More next issue, Allah willing.