[Editor’s note: The following article contains edited excerpts from Part 2 of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day address titled “Have No Fear for The Future’: The Future is Ours!” delivered live via webcast from Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois on Sunday, February 26, 2017.]



I bear witness there is no God but Allah, The Originator of the Heavens and the Earth, and we thank Him for intervening in our affairs in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, The Great Mahdi, Who was to come, has indeed come, anointed with the Power to sit down every tyrant and to set justice in the Earth. 

The Muslim world awaits The Mahdi; the Christian world awaits The Messiah.  They are here, now; and they chose not to come to those who had already received messengers and warners, who had rebelled against the great prophets that they received, but He came to a people to whom no warner had gone before.  He came wearing two hats:  One called “Mahdi,” the Guided One—The Self-Guided One, and one called Masih, or “Messiah,” Who would appear with Mahdi.  Jesus, the great one who came 2,000 years ago, was 2,000 years too soon to set up the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  Satan had 2,000 more years to rule; but when the Mahdi appeared, that was the clearest sign of the end of the rule of Satan, and the beginning of The Kingdom of Islam (or “The Kingdom of God”) on Earth. 

So He chose among us, members of The Original People of The Earth—that we had not seen our power in 460 years, we never saw what an Original Black Man looks like, although our enemy and our tormentor knew very well our ancient history. … The Wise Mahdi chose one from among us, a little man—but the biggest Man we have ever known.  A Black man from Georgia, Elijah Muhammad, acquainted with the suffering of our people; the son and the grandson of Baptist preachers.  But as he would listen to his father preach, he knew one day he, too, would preach, but he didn’t think he was going to preach what he heard his father preaching.

Min. Farrakhan delivers part 2 of his Saviours’ Day address Feb. 26 in Chicago. Photos: Michael Muhammad


In the city of Detroit, in 1931, he met with Master Fard Muhammad: His Name was spreading in Black Bottom Detroit.  A strange Man, among the worst of the people in Black Bottom Detroit: what was this Man doing in Black Bottom Detroit?  He looked like a White man, but He wasn’t bothering with White people. He had already been among them 20 years before He made Himself known to us, studying them, teaching scientists and scholars from among them under disguise.  But when He found His Elijah—and Elijah found Him—it was love at first sight.  Elijah Muhammad had studied the Bible; he knew nothing of the Holy Qur’an, but he knew that somebody was to come for us.  So this strange Man met Elijah in September 1931.  Somebody told Elijah that “there is a man down there teaching something we think you would like to hear.”  At that time, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said he was “so deep in the mud, only his eyeballs were coming out.” 

So don’t feel bad, brothers and sisters, that we are “deep in the mud,” because the mud, as we are taught, is a purifying agent.  That is why you sisters love to get those mud packs: it takes the impurities out of your skin; and the Holy Qur’an tells us that if there is no water, “betake yourself to the mud” because it is a purifying agent.  But we were in the depth of the mud of this civilization, and Master Fard Muhammad taught the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  And when it was time to accept the Teachings, Elijah Muhammad came from the back of the room and he had 10 cents in his pocket … he used to drink a lot like some of you do, some of us do.  But when he heard what this Man said, and he [stood up] to accept The Teachings, he said to Him, “I know Who You are: You are that One that the world has been waiting for.”  And Master Fard Muhammad pulled him close, and said: “Who else knows but you?  Just be quiet.”  And that was the beginning. 

For three years and four months, Master Fard Muhammad taught him, and made him a master.  And after three years and four months, He told him: “You don’t need me anymore.”  Elijah Muhammad said, “Oh, oh yes I do!”  He said, “Oh, no, you don’t.”  He said, “Oh yes I do!”  Master Fard Muhammad held his hand, and squeezed a piece of paper in his hand, and they embraced each other—Elijah Muhammad weeping; and he watched out of the window as his Teacher, his Friend, The Master, walked away.  And as He walked away, Elijah Muhammad looked at what was in his hand.  It was from the Psalms of David, the 23rd Psalm to be exact:  “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.  He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.  He restoreth my soul: he leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.”  And then he looked, and said:  “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.  He prepared a table for me in the midst of my enemies.  He anointed my head with oil; my cup runneth over. …”  Elijah Muhammad then began to work.  He thought he could get it over in a short time, the Resurrection of Black people—he didn’t know how difficult it was.  But The Saviour told him, “I have given you the hardest job of any man who ever lived.” 

You mean harder than making The Sun?  You mean harder than making The Moon and The Stars?  You mean harder than raising the mountains, and stretching the seas—you mean harder than that?  To raise this people that the enemy had destroyed from the grave of ignorance and mental death is the hardest job ever given to any man that ever lived. 

‘Don’t be quick to condemn’: Following a Wise
Man without ‘a comprehensive knowledge’ of things

Elijah Muhammad worked for 40 years.  He made many great students.  You’ve met some of them; you have been shocked out of your slumber by some of his students. … Brother Malcolm went to the 8th grade of school—but he met a Master, and Malcolm X shook the world.  Brothers, sisters, you are so proud of your slave master’s name—Johnson, Jones, Smith, Jackson, O’Reilly, Culpepper; White, Brown, Blue and Black, Stovehall and whatnot!  But when he, Malcolm Little, met Elijah—a man going around taking names:  Elijah took the name Malcolm Little and gave him “X,” and Malcolm took the “X” and destroyed Little, and became a bigbig man.  But unfortunately, he left his teacher.  Traveling with a Wise Man is not easy.

Audience at Mosque Maryam applauds message. Photos: Andrea Muhammad


In The Qur’an there is a section in the 18th Surah, “Moses Traveling with a Wise Man.”  Khadir was his name.  He told “Moses”: “You can’t have patience with me …”  Moses said, “Oh, yes I can!”  The Wise Man said, “No, you can’t have patience with me because you don’t have a comprehensive knowledge of things.” 

How many of us have a comprehensive knowledge of anything?  There is room in every discipline for advancement; even if you have the highest degree in that discipline, it’s still like the head of a common pin to what you could learn if you only you would be humble enough to stay as a student

As Brother Malcolm walked out, Brother Muhammad Ali came in.  Brother Malcolm was my teacher, he was my mentor; he was the first man in my life.  I loved him so; I would have given my life to protect his life because to me he was the greatest helper of the man I love.  But unfortunately, something happened.  In the twists and turns of following a Wise Man, you can stub your toe, you can stumble—and fall—because you don’t have a comprehensive knowledge of things.  And because you don’t, the Wise Man can do something that is so upsetting to you, because of your lack of a full knowledge, and then you condemn the Wise Man.  …

Now, you are not born with patience; the Holy Qur’an said “man is made in haste.”  It doesn’t take long, you know, in the act of procreation; just a little time.  And that’s such a big thing, to make a wonder called “new life,” and it’s so easy, so fast.  And when the child comes, when it’s hungry, it doesn’t say, “Oh man, I’ll wait.  Warm the bottle up, Ma, I’ll be right here,” that baby starts screaming.  … It’s so desirous of food or a change, or something is wrong, that the anger that’s in it causes the face to turn red, and the baby is screaming.  Then mama has to come and pet it, and give it the breast, or change the diaper.  You are not born with patience: That is a virtue, and a characteristic of God.  He is The Most Patient of those who have patience.  He is The Most Merciful of those who show mercy.  He is The Wisest of All who have wisdom.  So if you want to wear one of The Names of God (SabirSabur), those are Great Names!  Well, when you have an Attribute of God you should strive for degrees of excellence in that Attribute. 


The Honorable Elijah Muhammad looked at me one day and he said:  “That’s not talking about ‘Moses’:  No prophet of God  follows God like that.  That is talking about my followers, and how they follow me with doubt and suspicion.”  Because when all of your leaders have been liars and thieves and robbers, who have taken advantage of the ignorance of the people, you don’t know a good man when you see him.  So Jesus said, “all that came before me were thieves and robbers.” 

Elijah Muhammad was no thief!  Elijah Muhammad was no robber!  But you had to have patience with him, because he was The Wise Man—and we did not know how difficult it is to follow wisdom when you are such a fool!


On February 26, 1954, Elijah Muhammad was teaching about “a saviour born for us.”  And in the lecture he said, “I am looking for my little helper to come.”  And February 26, 1955, I was a Saviour’s Day Gift to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  I was looking for Elijah Muhammad all the days of my young life; looking for somebody who is going to stand up for us, somebody who could bring us out of the condition that White America had put us in. 

hated America … .  I hated America for what America had done to us.  I would say to Barack Obama:  You should have stood up for your pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who was your pastor for 20 years, and married you and your wonderful wife Michelle, and baptized your children.  You should have stood for him.  What did he do wrong?  In one of his sermons, he said:  “God damn America!”  Well, look at the context.  You didn’t see that:  You didn’t know the context of what the Reverend had said.  Barack could have, with his brilliant mind, wrapped his mind around the words and defended his teacher, but his desire to be president took precedent over character to stand up for those who stand up for you.

I could say, “God damn America!” and I would dare any scholar to ask me to apologize—I’ll whip you, by the Grace of God, into the next century.  “God bless America,” but if America is the New Pharaoh that’s got a whole people in bondage, and refuses to let us go … .  If America has murdered the Native Americans, taken their country and driven them westward into reservations and practiced chemical warfare, then it is not I who is saying “God damn America,” it is The God of Justice that is plaguing America now with the Ten Plagues that He put on Pharaoh.  Because Pharaoh, now, has to let the Black Man go, and give him justice, or they will be destroyed.


As I shared with you in my Saviours’ Day address:  When I sat with President Obama (he was Senator Obama then), he said these words to me in the National House:  “Brother Farrakhan …  The Black vote in Chicago caused me to win Chicago, but the downstate (White) vote is what made me a U.S. senator,” and he said, “I am not going to do anything that would disturb, or cause me to lose, the downstate vote.”  And I said to my brother, “Your reality is not mine, and we will never ask you to do anything that will cause you to lose the downstate vote.”  He went on to become the president of the United States of America. 


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, the wicked witch of The West:  She was on the program Meet The Press in a debate with him, Tim Russert was the moderator.  We had just had our Saviours’ Day, and I spoke kind words about my brother, and, like the devils are:  If you’ve got a glass that you’re pouring water in, and the glass is (crooked) like a snake, the water takes the shape of the glass into which you pour it!  White folk can’t ever keep the word straight!  I am with Trump:  That the press has been an enemy of the American people!  “How do you know that, Farrakhan?”  Because when God visited America, The Great Mahdi, He came with a thought in mind:  To give America grace to see if she would change, and to give time for our resurrection.  So, because I spoke a kind word to my brother, she said: “He’s an anti-Semite!” What have I ever done to harm the Jewish people?  But I have done something: I had the courage to tell the truth.


I never lifted my hand, nor did anyone that followed me lift their hand against the Jewish people!  The truth that you are going to have to learn, and maybe the hard way, is they have never been your friends.  Never.  Every Black leader that wanted self-determination for Black people, they called them “anti-Semitic.”  Check the record; they say, “You have to denounce Farrakhan; renounce his support!”  …  

Barack could have told Ms. Clinton, which he tried, “I’m not in the renunciation business.”  Then they pressed him, and he gave in.  One of my West Indian friends in an apartment building that we had an apartment in said he wasn’t going to “vote for that man at all.”  I said, “Don’t blame him.  Blame the Jewish reporter who said they were going to apply the ‘Farrakhan Litmus Test.’ ”  And if he didn’t pass it he wouldn’t have been our president, so he did what was expedient (“I renounce Farrakhan”).  And what did I do?  I came right back to you; I said, “Don’t any of you say one negative word against that man,” I said, “If you (want to), go out and vote for him, because I’m going to vote for him!”—and me and my wife went out 5 o’clock in the morning, and voted for him.  We were proud, all of us!  Weren’t you proud of him?  Weren’t you proud that at last a Black man, something we never thought would happen, became president? 

But guess what?  That was one of the great “lying wonders” of Satan, the master deceiver.  Why is it a “lying wonder”?  Because God has not come to integrate you into your 400-year-old enemy.  This is the time that the enemy must pay for his evil done; that’s not for you. That’s God’s Judgment … but God is so patient with a foolish people:  You’re trying to make God a liar.

‘Evil personified:’ The true nature of Caucasian people

Dylann Roof: I’m going to talk about him. This is evil personified.  Now, this is a young man—but he is a study.  Look at him:  This boy studied the history of Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner, and that church (Emanuel AME in Charleston, S.C.), so he gets a weapon, puts it in his pocket, and goes to the church, not to worship …  See, he never would have got away with that at Muhammad Mosque.

(L-R) Mugshot of Michael Thomas Slager North Charleston police officer who shot and killed Walter Scott. | Dylann Roof, who killed nine people in a 2015 massacre at a historically Black Charleston, South Carolina church. | Darren Wilson, former Ferguson police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown.

Here is a man who went to church.  And you, Black people, so unmindful of your 461 years of history with this people:  You are so happy that a White man showed up at your prayer meeting, and wants to come in and pray with you.  You want to show White people how magnanimous you are.  No.  How much of a damn fool you are.  You are a victim of misunderstanding and mis-teaching of the real teaching of Jesus Christ.  To all preachers: You’ve got the right name and the right man, “Jesus,” but you don’t have the right understanding; and that’s why you’re weak in the face of your enemy rather than strong in the face of your enemy. 


Dylann Roof came in, he sat down, he listened to the whole bible class.  He never had anything to say.  But in the end, while they were praying, he reached in his pocket and he shot as many as he wanted to, reloaded and shot again.  And let some live so that they could tell the story, because he wanted a race war.  His brother, Michael Slager—his brother shot a man (Walter Scott) running away from him, eight or nine times.  He’s (Slager’s) such a liar: “He tried to take my taser.” 

The Devil is a liar and a murderer.  This is what they call “hate teaching.”  Let me tell you something:  If you point out the footsteps of a murderer and a deceiver, so that justice can catch up with him, are you a “hater,” or a seeker of justice?  Darren Wilson, the White policeman that shot our brother (Michael Brown) in Ferguson … .  I want you to see a pattern here:  LaQuan McDonald, walking down the street; Sandra Bland, just questioning a White man.  But none was more vivid than Dylann Roof; but, they all have something in common: murder comes easy.  Remember the little boy (Jordan Davis) and his friends that pulled up in a gas station, playing loud music.  A White man pulls up; tells him, “Turn that loud music down!”  If it was White boys playing loud acid rock, after having an afternoon of acid, you would come over and say calmly, “Oh, son, come on, now.  Don’t you think you’re playing that music too loud?  Could you just tone it down a bit?”  But not to us.  We are not Americans, we are your niggas.  And then he (Michael Dunn) shot all in the car, and drove off … he didn’t enquire, “Did I hit anybody?”—he didn’t care!  He went and sat down with his girlfriend, and had a burger

How do you kill a human being, and sit down and have a burger?  Dylann Roof shoots nine people; and when the police catch him:  “You—you must be hungry!  I know it took a lot of energy out of you to pull the trigger so many times …  Let’s go have a burger.”  And $4 million (in donations) came overnight to defend a murderer, a cold-blooded murderer.  How could that happen?  What kind of people is this?  You have denied Elijah Muhammad, and The God that taught him, for the last time.  Because I’m going to lay it out for you today, and if you reject it, I’m telling you: death is going to follow you—and you will deserve to die.


‘I’m going to place a ruler in the Earth’, and the Angels said, ‘We extol Your holiness: We know You are holy, Allah!  We know You are righteous, Allah!  But why would You put a ruler in the Earth that’s going to create mischief and cause the shedding of blood?”  (The Holy Qur’an, Surah 2, verse 30)  Now evidently, the Angels knew what the new ruler was going to look like; otherwise, they would say, “What kind of ruler?”  But they told God, “What You going to put in the Earth but something that’s going to create mischief and cause the shedding of blood?”  And Allah’s answer was, “I know what you know not.” 

This book, Qur’an, and the book that you read out of, pastor, called “Bible”:  These two books are books, but yet they are scriptures, which mean they are a part of a Writing that is greater than these books.  So Master Fard Muhammad taught us, “Who makes Holy Qur’an or Bible?  Will you tell us why does Islam renew its history once every 25,000 years?”  What?  You mean your scholars didn’t tell you about that, did they?  I know they didn’t because they never heard it before.  See, this is what The Saviour revealed … .

The reason we want you to see Dylann Roof’s picture, and we mention Michael Slager, Darren Wilson, the cop that shot LaQuan McDonald, and the cop that dealt with Sandra Bland:  I saw a police chief the other day, and somebody shot one of his men; the police chief broke down on television.  I’ve never seen you break down for none of us that were killed by your people.  What is it about us, that you can kill us, and go have a meal?  Here is a Black man getting drunk with four or five White people in Texas—Mr. James Byrd, in Jasper, Texas; and after they’re getting high, they take the brother, tie him to the back of a pickup truck, and drive down the street, with his head hitting the pavement until he was decapitated.  … Now, here is what we said of Mr. Trump:  He is peeling back “the onion” of White civility—and every layer that he peels back, he is getting down to the raw nature of the Caucasian.  You can take this, or let it alone:  The nature of White man is different from your nature.  And, you keep making mistakes in dealing with them because you think you are the same as they are.  

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