Gary MahatmasMuhammad

May 23, 2013

As-Salaam Alaikum beloved Family, Friends and Members of The NOI….

I have a small message from Master Fard Muhammad concerning


This was in regards to a post that I read in the Allah Team Study Group that brought great grief and sorrow to my heart…..It brought such grief that I couldn’t help but think of you all (The readers of such a posting, The Nation as a whole and the destruction that can and WILL BE DONE IF SOME OF YOU CONTINUE THE COURSE THAT YOU ARE TAKING).

I noticed that many of the attendants of Islam are starting to purchase their 1-way ticket to death…(As Minister Farrakhan has already warned us by Master Fard Muhammads & Elijah Muhammads instructions and Guidance to him…..)

This 1-way ticket is your reliance and desire to seek refuge in guns versus The Master of all Forces and Powers in the Cosmos and on the Earth The Champion of War Master Fard Muhammad…

As I wrestled with my thoughts Master Fard Muhammad (if my memory serves me right) came right in and said to me…….

Bro Whats wrong!!!!!

Something is on your mind……What’s bothering you……?

(I knew he would find out because you can’t hide anything from him)

I paused for a moment……because I didn’t want to trouble him with this topic at this time……..

(but as we all know when Master Fard asks a question we immediately give an answer)

And I informed him of a post that I had read and the signs that I see in the language of the people that is a cause for great concern…..It was a movement building to become more reliant on Guns than on Him and this was being disguised as a Military maneuver…..
making evil fair-seeming

He Master Fard Muhammad seeing that I was in great pain because of the Death that I see coming to those who have this in their mind responded as such………

(Master Fard Muhammad Speaking to me Gary Mahatmas Muhammad))

Why do you think the enemy created weapons?

(Gary Mahatmas Muhammad Response)

To destroy one’s reliance on him

(Master Fard Muhammad response)

It was to diminish and destroy one’s faith and belief in God. They ( the people) end up taking their guns as a God if you understand. Why do you think they make toy guns?

(Gary Mahatmas Muhammad response)

Silence!!!!!! (I didn’t know what to think at that point I was awaiting his profound answer to such a question)

(Master Fard Muhammads Response)

It causes a deep fascination and desire for them ( the children, male children especially) to have a gun when they grow older.

He Master Fard Muhammad was saying that it starts the children off at a young age depending on weapons and not on God so when the child becomes grown his reliance upon God is very little…..

He Master Fard Muhammad continued the conversation on the following date

Message From Master Fard Muhammad

5/22/2013 (Gregorian), Spectral Moon of Liberation Day 21 (Day of Blue Galactic Storm, Kin 99) Year of  Blue Resonant Storm.

Brother(Gary Mahatmas Muhammad), tell the people if they just tapped into the higher powers of their mind, they could easily harm anyone that attempted physical harm upon them without the use of weapons. Tell them that they could generate a force so strong and powerful from their mind that they could disarm/and or knock their assailant out all from their God-given mind power.

Thank you brother

end of dictation

As I pondered on his words I majestically came across the words of Louis Farrakhan on the topic of things that Elijah Muhammad had said in his day and time that was not and still hasn’t been properly viewed as it should be..and Ill repost The Arch Angel Michaels (Louis Farrakhan’s) words for all to see…….

“The word of God that came to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a word that was designed to fit the condition of our minds at that time but a deeper study of that same word would disentangle us from a limited understanding of what we thought we understood when we first heard that word.” -HMLF

Now I have posted this because some have cited certain statements of Elijah Muhammad giving the appearance that it was ok to posses Guns as long as they were in the homes and not on their person…….but as I have gotten it directly from Master Fard Muhammad himself…….IT IS NOT OK HE also mentioned to me that the people who desire to do this don’t believe that he can protect them…if you understand………

Minister Farrakhan has warned us time and time again about us owning Guns and having them period…..he told us NOT TO HAVE ANY GUNS….. So the “TRUE” followers of Louis Farrakhan should already be in COMPLIANCE with his instruction and the rest who refuse to comply has already purchased a 1-way ticket to death…….and has manifested themselves to be of the doubters and disbelieving among the people…..
The rest of the people who have rejected the guidance and the divinity of Louis Farrakhan now must ask themselves the question of the current message that I have published DIRECTLY FROM MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD ON THE SITUATION……..will you too reject these instructions and words of pure guidance from your Lord and my Lord……?
and if you all do what does that say of you…….?

What is the penalty for rejecting every message of instruction that has been given by Master Fard Muhammad through the people of his choice……

Ohhh beloved Black Man of The NOI……please seek refuge in Master Fard Muhammad Our Allah…..and let him evolve us to use the infinite power of our minds as a means of defense and to aid us with the help of his ever watching Angels in times of severe danger……and if the enemy comes with his weapons May Allah allow us to come into possessions of their weapons and to use on them what they intended to use on us…….

May this message of concern and love find you all in peace

Your servant and little Bro and Friend Gary Mahtamas Muhammad….

(telepathically communicated at the close of me typing this letter )
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